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Banner 6 What’s New??? Minimum Requirements Oracle JInitiator - Pentium 90 mHz or better processor - 12 MB free hard disk space (recommended 20 MB) - 32 MB system RAM minimum for running Oracle Developer applications Minimum Requirements…..

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Banner 6

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banner 6

Banner 6

What’s New???

minimum requirements
Minimum Requirements
  • Oracle JInitiator

- Pentium 90 mHz or better processor

- 12 MB free hard disk space

(recommended 20 MB)

- 32 MB system RAM minimum for running Oracle Developer applications

minimum requirements3
Minimum Requirements…..

Platform Internet Explorer 5.5 Navigator 4.x

Windows 95 X X

Windows 98 X X

Windows ME X X

Windows NT X X

Windows 2000 X X

Netscape will not be used. We have standardized on Internet Explorer.

new look
New Look
  • The opening confidentiality screen has been updated
  • Use Direct Access by typing in a known form name where it says Go:
  • The icons on the toolbar have been changed to be more user-friendly.

The Site Map Icon from the Main Menu, will take you to a different type of menu for accessing the forms. Click on an item from the site map. You will then be taken back to the hierarchical menu within the section where that form is found.

new look5
New Look ….
  • The form search feature under the File menu item is now available as a Search icon next to the Go: box on the Main Menu page.
  • The Product Links line has a few options not visible on the screen. Click the right and left arrows on this line.
  • A one-frame hierachical tree-like menu structure replaces the Banner 5.x two- frame blocks. You can access each item by selecting its link.

- CLICK the plus sign (+) to the left of a menu to expand the menu so

you can see the objects it contains. or you can DOUBLE CLICK the


- CLICK the minus sign(-) to collapse it.

- You will see all the menus but you will only see the forms to which

you have access once you open the Menu.

new look6
New Look ……
  • The UIS and UNOS buttons, originally on the left vertical bar are now on the icon bar at the top of each form. They are not currently available in Banner 5.
  • The Data and No Data icons have been improved. There are samples on the form SGASTDN.
what s my banner
What’s “My Banner” ?
  • The Personal Menu feature has been renamed “My Banner”. It appears at the top of the new menu structure. To set up My Banner use the Personal Menu Maintenance Form (GUAPMNU):
  • Highlight an item you would like to include. Hold down the SHIFT key as you highlight the items if you would like to select more than one. Click the right arrow to move them to the right-hand window.
  • When the item appears in the right-hand window, you have the ability to select it and overwrite the description. The text you enter will appear in the title bar of the form. We recommend that you not change the title of the forms.
  • Save your changes.
  • To see your changes, you must log out and log back in.
forms information
Forms Information
  • The GUAABOT form has been updated
  • GUAABOT is invoked by selecting


About SCT Banner

  • This screen will tell you the name of the form, the current release number, your User ID and Session ID

as well as the release numbers of all other Banner modules.

  • This information is helpful to SSR staff should you experience problems with Banner.
medical form
Medical Form
  • There is a new Medical Information form GOAMEDI
  • GORMEDR – Medical Disability Rule Form

has also been added

  • The GOAMEDI form replaces SPAMEDI and PPAMEDI. These forms are no longer available.
alternate identification
Alternate Identification
  • GUIALTI (Alternate ID Search Form) was created to allow users to search for a person's ID when they know only the name or Social Security Number. This will become important when the SSN is no longer the student’s ID.
  • By choosing the appropriate button at the bottom of the form, you can make your queries case-sensitive.
  • You can query on all fields (SSN, ID, Entity, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Birth Date, or Change Indicator).
  • GUIALTI can be accessed from many of the forms within the Banner modules.
what is a data extract
What is a Data Extract?
  • Beginning in Banner 5, an extract data function became available which allows users to move Banner data to a spreadsheet. You can extract detail data from the current block with or without data from the key block.
  • Once Banner data is in a spreadsheet, you can easily use the graphing feature of the spreadsheet.
  • SCT delivers the extract feature on all validation forms
  • SCT also supports the extract feature on a limited number of rule, application, and inquiry forms where the feature has been tested. See the release guides for your system in Banner or contact a Banner User Coordinator.
data extract
Data Extract……
  • You can access the Data Extract feature by



Extract Data with Key or

Extract Data with No Key

If the Extract options are grey, it indicates that the extract option is not available for the form you are currently viewing. However, if you would like to extract from a form which is not yet activated, contact the appropriate Banner User Coordinator.

banner s new security rules
Banner’s New Security Rules

The new rules apply mostly to students.

- The rules are published at:

- If a student is not able to access Banner, check that all the rules are met before contacting the Help Desk.

banner password expirations
Banner Password Expirations

Effective immediately BANNER passwords are set to expire.

After 180 days you will be required to change your password. This is the equivalent of approximately one semester.

Use the form GUAPSWD to change your password when you receive the message from Banner.

Your default Banner password is P_pinnumber

banner performance
Banner Performance

What to do if Banner is slow?

Slow is defined as longer than a 5 second wait.

Check to see if other applications are slow such as Word, Excel or other browser searches.

-Use CTRL-ALT-DEL and check Task Manager to see if your machine is working too hard.

Determine if other people in your office are experiencing the same performance degradations.

Contact the Help Desk to report your problem.

  • Form FPIPURR – P.O. Query Form and
  • After entering a purchase order and pressing Next Block, select the Options List.
  • Notice that 2 entries begin with the letter ‘D’
  • When using the key stroke Shift-D, you are only able to get to the first option. In order to get to the Document Text option, you need to use your arrow keys.
  • The problem has been reported to SCT.
Bugs …….
  • Form SGASTDN – General Student Form
  • Notice that 7 entries begin with the letter ‘S’
  • When using the key stroke Shift-S, you are only able to get to the first option. In order to get to all other options beginning with S, you need to use your arrow keys.
  • The problem has been reported to SCT
Bugs ……
  • IF you begin a query which runs a long time, such as searching for every person in the database on form SOAIDEN, the Cancel Query button does not work.
  • If you wish to end the query, you must close the Internet Explorer grey window to stop Banner.

Be careful not to stop an Update process!

  • The running bar, which tells you the query is running (in addition to the hour glass display) is hidden by the START bar.
banner too small
Banner too small?
  • If Banner appears very small on your screen, then check your screen resolution:

Right Click anywhere on the desktop.

Click Properties

Click the Settings tab

Set the resolution to 800 X 600

From within Internet Explorer

Click the View menu item

Click Text Size

Medium should be selected.

useful web addresses
Useful Web Addresses
  • Banner Shortcuts
  • The Data Standards Manual
  • Banner Support
banner shortcuts
Banner Shortcuts
  • Banner Production

  • Time Entry System

  • Banner Test

data standards manual
Data Standards Manual

The Data Standards Manual is located

on-line at:

This manual defines terminology used and standard ways to maintain data in the Banner system.

banner support web page
Banner Support Web Page

The Banner Support Web page is located at :

This web page currently provides help for New Users, Department Chairs and Budget Administrators

More will be added as time permits.

links at your fingertips
Links at your fingertips
  • Within Internet Explorer you can place links to pages you visit frequently at your fingertips.
  • Use the Links toolbar. Here are the steps.

Unlock the Links toolbar

Click View, Toolbars and make sure there is no check

mark in front of Lock Toolbars.

Click the Favorites Folder

Find the Links Folder

Move any saved URLs to the Links folder

You can also place other folders in the Links folder

Now your most used URLs will be at your fingertips!

the microsoft shortcut bar
The Microsoft Shortcut Bar
  • Click Start
  • Click Programs
  • Click Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar
  • Then just drag anything from the desktop to the bar and you always have it at your fingertips.
  • To remove an icon or rearrange icons:

Click on the Shortcut Bar icon

Click Customize

Click the Buttons Tab