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AVIAN INFLUENZA. a WHO/MZCC informational leaflet for people living in Avian Influenza affected areas. Is an infectious disease of birds caused by the influenza virus Influenza strain H5N1 has been transmitted from poultry to humans through direct contact , causing deaths since 1997.

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a WHO/MZCC informational leaflet


people living in

Avian Influenza

affected areas

Is an infectious disease of birds caused by the influenza virus

Influenza strain H5N1 has been transmitted from poultry to humans through direct contact, causing deaths since 1997

Avoid Contact with

Domestic or Wild Birds

unless it is Absolutely Necessary

World Health Organization

Mediterranean Zoonoses Control Centre

ATHENS, Greece


Edited by Dr. N. Charisis

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H5N1 virus (CDC Public Health Image Library)

That’s why vaccines should be adjusted continuously



So the health of you and your family depends on


hygienic habits

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whyAvian Influenza virus is so…. dangerous?

mild illness


  • Mutates rapidly, (=can be adapted to other

    animal species;)

  • Can cause severe disease in humans;

  • The disease in poultry may be “mild” with ruffled

    feathers and reduced egg production, thus going

    undetected by the owner.

  • Surviving birds excrete virus for at least 10 days

The Severe form of the disease is (highly contagious and fatal)

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  • It is transmitted easily from poultry to poultry or from poultry to humans

  • through:

  • a) mechanical ways,

  • - contaminated equipment,

  • - vehicles,

  • - feed,

  • - cages,

  • - clothing

  • b) inhalation of desiccated infected poultry faeces……..

  • Can survive for long in the environment,

  • especially when temperatures are low.

  • Therefore Refrigeration of infected meat

  • and eggs doesn’t protect anyone from the virus!!


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SYMPTOMS IN MAN poultry to humans

Clinical Picture

Typicalinfluenza-like symptoms

Fever (>380C),

dry, non productive cough

sore throat,


muscle aches


Eye infections,

severe respiratory distress,

viral pneumonia,

other complications

Duration of illness: Average: 13 days, Range: 5 to 31 days

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How to protect yourself ! poultry to humans

  • Don’t let domestic or

  • wild birds entering the

  • house

  • Protect food from insects or

  • rodents

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  • Keep children away from poultry

  • In case of sick or dead birds, “ask

  • the Authorities for ADVICE”

  • Wash handscarefullywith hot water and soap after:

  • contact with live or dead

  • poultry, faeces or feathers

  • before you eat or touch

  • cooked food, fruits or vegetables

  • (Remove jewelry before hand washing: Jewellery makes hand-washing less effective)

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  • Use poultry to humans long trousers, shirts, boots, gloves and masks

  • when you collect the eggs or work in a hen-house.

  • Consider always these cloths contaminated and keep them outside

  • of the house. Wash them regularly with boiling water and soap

  • or detergent

No !


  • Useprotective cloths (masks, gloves and goggles)

  • for slaughtering poultry

  • Burn or bury at a depth of 1 meter dead

  • carcasses, faeces and feathers after slaughter in

  • infected areas

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  • REMEMBER poultry to humans : “Only Heat can KILL influenza virus”

  • - Cook Poultry meat at + 700 C (no pink meat or juices should

  • be observed)

  • - Cook eggs for 5 minutes at + 700 C

  • Don’t prepare or eatdishes

  • containing raw or undercooked

  • eggs, (home-made mayonnaise,

  • sauces, mousses) For mayonnaise, sauces should be cooked for at list 5 min. in 700 C

+ 70 C

  • Eggs for children should be boiled for 5 min

  • Keep raw food

  • separate from cooked food

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No !

  • Do not store raw and cooked food in the

  • same container

  • Don’t cut raw poultry and other meat or food

  • on the same cutting board (or wash it well after

  • you cut chicken)

  • Reheat cooked food to at least 700C!

  • Proper reheating kills microorganisms, which may have

  • developed during storage. This rule also applies when

  • freshly cooked food is added to leftovers.

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Thawing poultry to humans


Drips may contaminate

surfaces or other food

  • Discard all liquid accumulated during

  • defrosting of meat and poultry

  • - if refrigerator shelves, table tops or utensils are

  • soiled with it, they should be thoroughly washed!

  • These liquids may contain disease-causing micro

  • organisms

  • Don’t eat sick or dead birds !

  • Don’t let People with Influenzasymptoms to handle, cook or work near of

  • any kind of food

  • Don’t buy live birdsfor replacement (from

  • unknown source!)

  • Before you replace your dead or culled poultry

  • ask the Authorities for permission!