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This is AWS American Welding Society PowerPoint Presentation
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This is AWS American Welding Society

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This is AWS American Welding Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is AWS American Welding Society. a visit with the world’s premier organization dedicated to welding and allied joining processes. AWS: Beginning at the Beginning. Welding gives outstanding performance in readying WWI war and transport ships for U.S. Emergency Fleet Corp.

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This is AWS American Welding Society

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    1. This is AWSAmerican Welding Society a visit with the world’s premier organization dedicated to welding and allied joining processes

    2. AWS: Beginning at the Beginning • Welding gives outstanding performance in readying WWI war and transport ships for U.S. Emergency Fleet Corp. • Post war sees merging of Emergency Fleet Corp. and Nat’l Welding Council into new society • Its research arm evolves into today’s Welding Research Council

    3. A Rose by Any Other Name • Society’s publication is titled the Welding Journal in 1940 • Welding Journal offers peer review, feature articles, late-breaking news, book and product reviews, and advertising on cutting edge products • Its 60+ awards include the Editorial Excellence Award from Folio magazine

    4. Strength Through Sections • First Section was Philadelphia, chartered in May 27, 1920 • Today, there are 22 Districts housing over 170 Sections including 19 overseas: Manama, Bahrain; Regensburg, Germany; Kingston, Jamaica; Manchester, England; Panama City, Panama; Lima, Peru; Helsingor, Denmark; Taipei, Taiwan; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Caracas, Venezuela; TelAviv, Israel; and Chennai, India

    5. The AWS Welding Show • The AWS Welding attracts thousands of professionals from all over the world , along with the Who’s Who of sister associations staging their special events from this annual AWS gathering which has assumed truly global status • The AWS Welding Show is the only annual Vertical Market Welding Exposition in the United States

    6. Bulletin No. 1 • From inception, AWS was organized into committees for writing standards • Its first standard, “Standard Tests for Welds” was Bulletin No. 1 (1921) • Today, AWS has more than 170 ANSI-approved documents at some point in their standards cycle, requiring the know-how & work of 1,500 volunteers

    7. Consensus Building AWS’ unique value to industry is that it is an unbiased forum for the exchange, consideration and discussion of ideas and proposals

    8. The Flagship Standard • D1.1 has had a 74-yr evolution, keeping pace with the design, inspection and workmanship requirements for safe, modern structures • D1.1:2002 Now Available

    9. Fabricators Discover D1 • A comparison between 1986 users of D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel and 1996 users, showed a 25% increase in use by fabricators — a growing trend among the QA/QC minded • Sister standard, D1.2-97 Structural Welding Code — Aluminum has been revised • All AWS standards are integrating SI and U.S. Customary measurements

    10. If You’re Good Enough Part 1 • AWS certification program launched in 1976 with Certified Welding Inspector • 36,000 professionals worldwide have been certified to AWS QC1 Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors • Reciprocity exists between U.S. and select programs of other countries • Certified members receive Inspection Trends magazine

    11. You’re Good Enough Part 2 • AWS Welding Engineer • Senior CWI • Customized welder certification

    12. The Soul of the Profession • Welding for Communities - AWS’ national public service campaign launched 5 years ago • Wins recognition from American Society of Ass’n Executives in 1997 April 6-12, 2003

    13. To Recognize Excellence AWS Extraordinary Welding Awards • Historical Welded Structures • Outstanding Development in Welded Fabrication

    14. To Recognize Excellence • Recent Historical Welded Structures and Outstanding Development in Welded Fabrication Award Recipients include • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame • USS Cavalla • The Pentagon • Trans-Alaska Pipeline System • USS Wisconsin Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    15. AWS Online • 50,000 user sessions monthly on • Search back issues of Welding Journal • AWS JobFind • Buy at the E-Store • Secured electronic transactions • Free hyperlinks for Sustaining Members • Free Section website service • Online Buyer’s Guide

    16. Membership Growth

    17. Who are we?

    18. The Intangible • Membership means “I’m professional” • I’m one of the nearly 50,000 engineers, educators, researchers, welders, inspectors, execs, and sales associates from all over the world who’ve joined AWS • My society is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the science and technology of welding

    19. Don’t miss the best & largest fabrication show in the world April 8-10, 2003, in Detroit, Michigan • Cobo Hall • 800 exhibitors from over 60 countries • Technical talks from basics to R&D • Make the right contacts • Apply your networking skills

    20. The mission of the American Welding Society is to provide quality products and services to our members and the industry, which will advance the science, technology and application of materials-joining throughout the world. “Thank you”