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Project Green. A Business Development Strategy for rural Ireland. Why do we need Project Green ?. The days of high paid jobs from multi-nationals are numbered

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project green

Project Green

A Business Development Strategy for rural Ireland

why do we need project green
Why do we need Project Green ?
  • The days of high paid jobs from multi-nationals are numbered
    • The amount of foreign direct investment into Ireland fell again in 2004. FDI was down from over €20 billion in 2003 to almost €9 billion last year.
  • Economy based on Foreign Exports
  • Small scale agriculture and food production in decline – rural Ireland in trouble
  • Can’t be lowest cost producers
  • Government policy favours “Knowledge” economy, may ignore traditional industries
small scale farming
Small Scale Farming
  • Small Farms are the norm
  • Euro/world drive to commodities, mass production
  • Doubtful future for small farmers
  • Off farm rural jobs limited
  • Lifestyle choices less available
  • Rural communities in decline
  • Rapid expansion of towns and cities
food processing
Food Processing
  • Scale and muscle are essential for survival
  • Market controlled by supermarkets and multi-nationals
  • Specialists have gone or are going
    • Local Abattoirs, Bakers, Butchers, Dairies, Greengrocers etc.
  • Middle Class reaction is gathering pace:
    • Higher values being placed on ethical production, organics, GMO free, craft, nature products.
small scale tourism
Small Scale Tourism
  • Reputation for being expensive
  • Weather
  • Reality doesn’t match the ads.
  • Dublin focussed
  • Budget Hotels
  • Mixed marketing messages
    • Fishing ?, Golf ?, Rural Life ?, Dublin ?
so what can we do
So what can we do ?
  • Keep our Foreign Investment and High Tech jobs
  • Keep our commodity farming and food production


  • Put more effort into traditional industries
    • Small scale farming
    • Small scale food production
    • Small Scale Tourism
    • Ethical, higher added value production
the opportunity
The Opportunity
  • European Consumers
    • Cash rich – Time Poor
    • Rise of health consciousness
      • Ethically prepared foods
      • Free range, GMO free, Additive Free, Organic, Traceable
    • Supply still fragmented
      • No one country identified
      • Ireland The Food Island is well placed to capitalize
ireland the food island
Ireland – The Food Island
  • Market opportunity for Ireland to be the benchmark for quality, natural foods and Tourism
  • Market opportunity could be exploited by building a collective brand
    • That develops a wide range of Irish food products
    • That avoids the supermarket channel
    • That gives small producers and farmers a big brand through which to market
    • That markets a tourism “experience”
what is ireland the food island
What is “Ireland – The Food Island”
  • A brand that defines a resource, a source, a location from which good things come
    • Green and unspoilt, the unpolluted part of Europe
    • Ireland = “real” food - like France for Wine, Holland for Flowers, Scotland for Whisky
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Concerned about healthy eating
    • A place for relaxing with family
what could a brand do for us
What could a brand do for us?
  • Agricultural policy
    • Fits well with CAP reforms
    • Sweat the Farm Asset – investment cash available
    • Willing farmers encouraged
      • Additive Free, Free range, GMO free, Ethically farmed, Organic
    • Higher price achieved
    • Capable farms could extend to tourism
      • e.g. Italian Agri-Turismo model
      • Live the brand experience
project green1

Project Green

Developing a new international collective brand through franchised routes to market

the collective brand
The Collective Brand
  • Small producers need to achieve “critical mass” – lack of capital prevents this. Branded route to market is limited for most.
  • Franchisee protocols set mandatories for Irish-sourced content, brand growth.
new routes to market
New Routes to Market
  • On-line brand plus geographical supply areas franchised under the master brand.
  • Retail outlets under the franchised brand given geographical exclusivity.
  • Branded Farmers Markets
  • Agri-Tourism experience
project green2
Project Green
  • Small scale food processors and growers get security under the collective brand
    • Identify products for building through the brand
      • cheeses, jams, yoghurts, ready meals, bakeries, fresh meat, game, country butter, vegetables
    • Grant aid start-ups / expansion in rural towns
project green3

Project Green

So many routes to market, from Ireland The Food Island

branded farmers markets
Branded Farmers Markets
  • Licence granted to national operators
  • Licensees negotiate with local authorities and local operators
  • Bord Bia provides central resource to market new brand
branded internet distribution
Branded internet distribution
  • Model:
    • Order Monday - Pick/Pack Tuesday - Deliver Wednesday/Thursday
  • Territories Mapped
    • E.g. Greater Dublin, Manchester, Leeds etc/
  • Regional franchisees take responsibility for sourcing, pricing and fulfilment
  • Bord Bia provides central resource to market new brand
  • Bord Bia to develop and own website
branded tourism experience
Branded Tourism Experience
  • Marketed as
    • Upmarket short break destination
    • Natural, traditonal idyll, family values etc.
  • New Product – Family Farming Holidays
    • Programme like sail training programme for families
    • Families take part in day to day running of farm
  • Villages / Towns take pride in their production
    • E.g. “Midleton – Proud home of Ballymaloe Relish”
    • Gourmet tourism – visits to local food producers
irish branded retail outlet
Irish branded Retail Outlet
  • Tender among premium Irish retailers for U.K. and Irish franchise rights
    • E.g. Donnybrook Fare / Avoca / Meadows & Byrne
  • Grant support to develop franchise model
  • Bord Bia provides central resource to market new brand
an irish collective brand an urgent necessity
An Irish Collective Brand: an urgent necessity
  • This is the only way to secure survival and growth of small producers and to encourage higher value-added farming
  • Essential that Bord Bia involved – private collective has too many difficulties
  • This is a long term strategy
  • It does not impinge on the fast-lane activities
  • It’s not an either or
  • It is realistic – it will work