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Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired

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Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired
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Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired

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  1. Broadened Horizons Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired Disability is only differential ability. We enhance personal independence through communications, transportation, & recreation to enable those with upper extremity mobility impairments to live more as equals within society.

  2. Broadened Horizons "Power Grip" External Power-Actuated Wrist-Hand Orthosis Kit

  3. Who Who Those lacking hand grasp and sufficient tenodesis splint-enabling wrist extension strength • Some C-4, most C-5, and some C-6 SCI • Brachial plexus injuries and possibly other? Independence & integrity by providing indispensable ability to pick up and hold things • Eating with normal silverware or a sandwich & drinking without adaptations (cups, bottles, & soda cans) • Pushing buttons, opening doors & drawers with stiffened fingers • Writing, painting, soldering, moving papers, retrieving lighter books & magazines, handling money • Putting on or adjusting a cap, eyeglasses / sunglasses • Shaving, brushing teeth, putting on makeup, even scratching

  4. History History Designed, tested, refined, & personally utilized for more than 1.5 years by quadriplegic engineer with extensive experience in development & quality verification • Commonly available in various configurations in the 1960s & 70’s primarily for quads from polio • Lots of research into various control & actuation methodologies (electric, pneumatic, mechanical) • Received bad reputation due to poor reliability, complexity, or control simplicity • New design based on learning from the past and addresses all these concerns

  5. Features Features Easy to don/doff with no tangles! Lightweight power actuator mounts directly to splint with only one wire easily routed through users shirt sleeve to controller. Safe! Just the right amount of pressure and speed to provide good grasp function without damaging fingers that lack sensation.   Solid Grip! Infinite finger positioning with no detents (such as with a ratchet splint) so objects grasped do not slip out of hand.   Easy to use! To grip an object, simply holdof button to close fingers until actuator stops running. Reliable & Maintainable! Readily available components that can be quickly switched out and replaced without special skills.  Wire and plugs which receive most wear and abuse easily and inexpensively replaced for less than $5!

  6. Versatile & Upgradable • Myoelectric control improvements estimated available in late 2006 as option or upgrade. Same proven advanced technology used in prosthetic hands! • New custom-designed controller can support up to 2 power actuators (both hands or hand & elbow) • Supports any standard adaptive switches with 1/8” jack (or even custom)

  7. How to Obtain • Therapist identifies & recommends client and helps identify most appropriate switches for control (myoelectric when available). • Orthotist orders kit from Broadened Horizons, builds and fits splint to client, and bills insurance. • Therapist should see client for training, mounting switches on wheelchair, adapting eating utensils if necessary, etc. Kit can be mounted to most available ratchet or tenodesis based wrists-hand orthoses by any experienced Orthotist.

  8. Cost • Coverage by most funding sources through existing Medicare insurance codes! • Coverage for Myoelectric controls under investigation but expected.

  9. Switches Designed to meet the rugged needs of wheelchair users. Waterproof and dust proof, ideal for rugged users in any environment. Tash “Trigger” Switches Standard Other popular switches EMG Muscle Switch is operated by small controlled muscle movements. It has adjustable sensitivity levels, and is commonly used on the brachioradialis and/or trapezius. AbleNet Spec switch Tash Rocker switch

  10. Other Solutions • iTalk Voice Controlled Mobile Phone System • Manual Transfer Sling for Travel, Recreation, & Evacuation • 3rd Hand Mounting System • Mobile Power System for Battery-Operated Wheelchairs & Scooters

  11. iTalk Hands-Free Speakerphone System • Mounts to back of wheelchair providing invaluable independence for those with limited dexterity unable to pick up a phone or hold it to their ear for an extended period of time.   • Provides safety in the ability to call for help whenever needed - even away from home.   • Makes completely hands-free voice controlled calling & answering possible** for those unable to press a button on their phone!   • Safely answer or place calls while driving with hand controls! • Advanced design helps to eliminate feedback, allowing for simultaneous speaking and listening. • Sensitive, noise-canceling boom microphone • Crystal clear, volume-adjustable speaker • ** Requires Sony Ericsson phone with “Magic Word”

  12. “Comfort Lift" Manual Transfer System • Manual Transfer Travel, Recreation, & Evacuation Sling • Designed for someone with limited upper extremity strength unable to transfer themselves who requires assistance from others • Travel: Aircraft, Train, inaccessible Bus or automobile, bed, & even stairs (be carried up or down separate from wheelchair) • Recreation: Sit Ski (water or snow), Arm Bike, Speed Boat, Sailboat, Kayak, Canoe, Lake or pool to swim, even amusement park roller coaster! • At Home: Recliner, Couch, Standing Frame, Bed,etc. • Emergency Evacuation

  13. “Comfort Lift" Manual Transfer System • Benefits • Safer with less chance of individual being dropped or injured • Comfortable for individual being transferred, less chance of being lifted in a painful manner by shoulders, etc. • No more torn clothing or embarrassments from accidentally dislodged or disconnected urinary collection devices • Only 2 individuals required to assist with transfer • No special skills or training for those assisting with transfer required • Saves backs or other strain injuries of those assisting with transfer • Features • Easily slipped around and removed from under individual while seated in wheelchair or any other seat • Lightweight & folds up for compact, easy portability such as in exterior pocket of carry-on luggage • Super Strong & Durable - made of top-quality materials foryears of use • Machine washable

  14. “Mobile Power" For Wheelchair Mounted Accessories For battery operated wheelchairs & scooters Kit provides 2 standard 12 volt automotive style power outlets (commonly known as a cigarette lighter adapter) to run low-power consumption devices from your wheelchairs batteries. Intelligent battery manager increases range & triples battery life! Saves money, paying for itself twice with the first set of batteries! Be ready for an emergency – charge your chair or scooter from any automobile! Never worry about charging multiple components again!  If you're wheelchair or scooter is charged, you're ready to go. • iTalk Hands-Free Speakerphone System • Power Grip Powered Wrist-Hand Orthosis • Mobile Cell phones, MP3 and DVD Players • PDAs, Laptops, &Tablet PCs • Assistive communication devices for those with impaired vocal skills • Any other devices designed to use in an automobile (light at night)

  15. "3rd Hand" Wheelchair Mounting System • Rubber torsion balls provide infinitely adjustable resistance through 360° of motion • Easily attached and removed from wheelchair • Does not add width to wheelchair for easy passage through tight doorways • Pre-molded Solutions ranging from approximately $100-$400 to hold: • Assistive communication devices for vocal impairments (i.e. Dynovox) • Laptop or tablet computer • PDAs, Mobile Phone, GPS • Drinking Cup • Reading Stand • Fishing Rod • Crossbow • Easily interchangeable between one or all of the above mounting needs!  Simply change the docking unit. • Portable Kit designed for quick & easy use by occupational therapists

  16. Need More Information? 952-223-3108 Innovative Solutions for the Mobility Impaired