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Bamboo Polyhouses

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Bamboo Polyhouses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bamboo Polyhouses. Bamboo Polyhouses. How to Construct?. Time to assemble a polyhouse?. 3 weeks to construct 1 acre polyhouse. How to Construct?. Method to assemble a polyhouse?. You can do it yourself with simple equipment. How to Construct?. Where can I get training and other help?.

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how to construct
How to Construct?

Time to assemble a polyhouse?

3 weeks to construct 1 acre polyhouse

how to construct3
How to Construct?

Method to assemble a polyhouse?

You can do it yourself with simple equipment.

how to construct4
How to Construct?

Where can I get training and other help?

Thousand Petals provides training on site.

how to construct5
How to Construct?

Where can I get the required material? Bamboo etc

We will provide guidance.

how to construct6
How to Construct?

Will you do a quality inspection?

Thousand petals provides inspection.

how to construct7
How to Construct?

Is there any guarantee for 10 years against pests & wind?

NMBA, GOI approved methods guarantees preservation against Pests for minimum ten years.

how to construct8
How to Construct?

Do you provide this equipment on rent? If yes what is the cost?

Not necessary as equipment is inexpensive and easy to procure.


What is the cost per sq meter compared to steel polyhouses?

Almost half the cost of conventional steel polyhouse.


What is the breakeven?

Half of Steel viz. 2 years for roses.


Does NHB offer subsidy to it?

Yes, Same like any other polyhouse.


How is Bamboo polyhouse better for vegetation?

Temperature inside is almost 2- 4º c less than conventional polyhouse, hence better!