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Press F11 for a full screen view. Click on the button to enter. An information book about …. CATS. Use the buttons below and the page numbers to get around. Contents. Page 2. Follow the underlined links to the glossary. The Cat Family.

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An information book about …


the cat family

Page 2

Follow the underlined links to the glossary

The Cat Family

The Cat Family is made up of 35 of the most carnivorous of the carnivores. They feed almost totally on vertebrates. The cats are divided into big and small cats. Small cats can purr, but cannot roar. Big cats can roar but cannot purr.

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the lion

Page 3

Click on the button below to see what I look like

The Lion

Lionslive in groups, called "prides."These prides have up to 25 lions in them. The lion is know as the “King of the Beasts” because of its great strength. The females do most of the hunting. The male protects the territory. Lions are nocturnal (more active at night). They live for about 16 years in the wild. They have 1 to 4 cubs (baby lions).

Eating Habits

Lions hunt antelopes, zebra, giraffes, buffalo and other large, herding animals.


Lions live on grassy plains (savannas) in Africa and in some parts of India.


looks the lion

Page 4

Looks – The Lion

The Male

The Female

Long mane of hair on neck

Sensory whiskers

Tan coat

Long tufted tail

These golden-coloured felines grow to be up to 1.3 metres in height.

They weigh between 150 and 250 kg.

the tiger

Page 5

Click on the button below to see what tigers look like

The Tiger

Tigershave excellent eyesight and hunt prey mostly at night. Tigers like to live alone. Unlike most cats, tigers like the water and are good swimmers. Tigers live for about 13 years.


Tigers are carnivores and eat badgers, rabbits, boars, deer and wild cattle.


Tigers live in Asia.


looks the tiger

Page 6

Looks – The Tiger

Adult tigers range from 1.37 m to 2.7 m long. Males are larger than females.

They weigh 230 kg.

Round pupils and yellow irises

Tigers have striped fur, usually orange stripes on black

Tigers' tails are 90cm to 1 metre long

White underbelly

the cheetah

Page 7

Click on the button below to see what cheetahs look like

The Cheetah

Cheetahsare the fastest land animal. They can run up to 100 km per hour when they are hunting. Cheetahs are shy and are not very sociable with each other.They live for about 8 years in the wild; in zoos, they have a life span of about 10 years. Cheetahs are an endangered species. Cubs (baby cheetahs) have dark fur and are born blind.

Eating Habits

They eat animals like impalas, gazelles, rabbits, birds, and other small animals.


Cheetahs live in Africa and South western Asia in grasslands and savannas.


looks the cheetah

Page 8

Looks – The Cheetah

Adult male cheetahs are up to 2.15 m long, weighing up to 55kg.

Adult females are slightly smaller, up to 1.8m long, weighing about 45 kg.

Small head

Tawny brown fur with small black spots

Orange, round eyes

Long tail for quick turning

Long legs

Short claws

the leopard

Page 9

Click on the button below to see what leopards look like

The Leopard


There are more than 20 different types of leopard in the world. The leopard is at home in woodlands, lowland forests and mountain heights. The leopard cubs stay with their mother until they are about 2 years old. They live to between 15 and 20 years old.

Eating Habits

They eat animals like insects, rodents, giraffes and buffalo



Leopards live in Africa.


looks the leopard

Page 10

Looks – The Leopard

Yellow eyes with round pupils

Brownish yellow fur with black spots

Sensory whiskers

Long tail

Lighter fur on belly with black spots

Retractable claws

the panther

Page 11

Click on the button below to see what panthers look like

The Panther

Panthersare also known as Pumas, Cougars or Mountain Lions. They live in mountains, forests and swamps and finds shelter in caves, rocks, bushes and thick undergrowth. These cats have long sharp teeth for holding onto prey and cutting meat. They are excellent jumpers, climbers and swimmers.

Eating Habits

They eat deer, elk, moose, birds and smaller animals like beaver, rabbit and squirrel.


Panthers live in Canada, USA and South America.


looks the panther

Page 12

Looks – The Panther

Pale patch above each eye

Small rounded ears

Sensory whiskers

Plain fur with markings. The colour depends upon where it lives

Lighter fur on belly

Long retractable claws

Long tail with black tip

Adults may be more than 2.4 metres from nose to tip of tail. Males weigh 67 to 100 kg and females 40 to 50 kg.

the domestic cat

Page 13

Click on the button below to see what pet cats look like

The Domestic Cat

Domestic cats

There are lots of different types of domestic cats. Cats can run about 30 miles per hour. Adult cats have 30 teeth. Purring does not always mean that a cat is happy as cats will also purr loudly when they are stressed or in pain. They live up to 16 or more years of age.


Domestic cats generally prefer canned food because it is like fresh meat in smell and taste. Cats must have some meat in their diet to

stay healthy.


They live all over the world in people’s homes.


looks domestic cat

Page 14

Looks – Domestic Cat

Sensory whiskers

Large ears

Soft fur which has different colouring depending on the type of domestic cat

Eyes with vertical pupils

Sharp pointy teeth


Retractable claws and padded feet

The skeleton of a domestic or pet cat has about 250 bones. They weigh 2.7 kg to 7 kg and are about 20 to 25 cm tall.

Carnivorousmeat eating

Domestic catpetcat

Endangered speciesanimals that are in danger of dying out

Felinemember of the cat family

Prey animals which are hunted

Retractable come out when needed but can be

‘put away’ when not being used


Sensory has feeling, helps it to be aware of

it’s surroundings

Territory land around the home

Vertebratesanimals with backbones

What does it mean?

Page 15


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Savannashot,drygrasslandwith a few trees


Cheetah 8

Cougar 11,12

Domestic cat 13,14

Glossary 15

Internet Links 2

Leopard 9,10

Lion 3,4

Looks 4,6,8,10,12,14,

Mountain Lion 11,12

Panther 11,12

Pet cat 13,14

Puma 11,12

Tiger 5,6

Where can I find out about…?

Page 16


Internet Links

Use the back button on the websites to come back here

Enchanted Learning cat files:

BBC Nature:

The British Big Cats Society:

These pages are from the Natural History Museum and are an interactive investigation of their research into a skull found on Bodmin Moor. Can you correctly identify it?

The Tiger Information Centre. Click on the 'kids' section for Tiger Facts, puzzles and

The BBC's Really Wild Zone is designed for young children, with information on all kinds of wild animals, plus video clips and

International Snow Leopard Trust has many facts about this endangered cat, plus slide shows and video