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Compound & Prosper!

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Compound & Prosper! GEK2507 Frederick H. Willeboordse Briefing and Introduction Lecture 0 ? Why this course? There are three objectives: To understand what is necessary to take charge of your personal finances To acquire the skills to use a good tool

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compound prosper

Compound & Prosper!


Frederick H. Willeboordse



Why this course?

There are three objectives:

To understand what is necessary to take charge of your personal finances

To acquire the skills to use a good tool

To be able to understand the basic concepts often used in business



What is in this course?

The contents are centered around the three objectives:

Methods, strategies and background knowledge required for accumulating personal wealth

Training in the use of the tool of choice: spreadsheets

Basic financial concepts used in everyday business

who am i
Who am I?

Frederick H. Willeboordse

S12 #03-09

Department of Physics

Specialized in Complex Systems

Also ran a business for 5



Business, Financial Modeling and Financial Planning all go hand in hand and we therefore always face a little bit a chicken and egg problem.

I’ll try to tackle this by taking a three dimensional approach - working from the outside in.


The course will follow the workshop approach. This means that lab sessions play a central role.

The lab sessions will end with quizzes that need to be completed individually.

course outline
Course Outline

Lectures: 2 hours per week for a total of 22 lecture hours

Lab Sessions:8 lab sessions of 2 hours each

The lab sessions will focus on acquiring Excel skills and the working out of problems

lab session slots
The allocated lab session slots are:

Mondays 12-14

Tuesdays 10-12, 14-16Wednesdays 10-12

Thursdays 12-14, 14-16

Fridays 10-12, 14-16

Location S13, Level 4, Lab 1 (Room 04-16)

Lab Session Slots
lab session registration
Lab Session Registration

You have to choose at least two groups. If you can only make it to a single one. Choose any other and contact me. You will need to show a schedule supporting the fact that you have only one choice.

lab session registration11
Lab Session Registration

You can see for which groups you friends signed up and the practical allocation once it's completed at this URL:


All the lecture notes as well as other relevant materials can be found on my web site at:

The required text book is “The Web”. The web has a lot of excellent information but it also has a lot of garbage. It’s up to you to decide which is which . Why the web? It’s free and it forces you to think critically. A few excellent books are also mentioned on the course home page.

course contents
Course Contents

Lectures 1-3: The Basic Financial Statements

Lectures 4-5: Budgets, Running a Company

Lectures 6-7: Evaluating a Company’s Performance

Lectures 8-10: Investing in the Company

Lecture 11: Accumulating Assets

The chapters are organized mainly from the investor’s point of view and could be organized entirely differently. This does not affect the basic content.