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CARILEC 2005 Human Resource Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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CARILEC 2005 Human Resource Conference

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CARILEC 2005 Human Resource Conference
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CARILEC 2005 Human Resource Conference

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    1. CARILEC 2005 Human Resource Conference

    3. THE ENVIRONMENT What we know

    4. Growth Era Today's growth era produces huge discontinuities, creates new industries and destroys old ones, and accelerates global economic growth in the process Increasing Complexity Business Space, technologies, processes, and business models become more complex. That is because new characteristics are added frequently, but subtracted infrequently Information Information is becoming readily available around the globe at an unprecedented pace Change Dramatic changes in competition, technology, and workforce values are causing organizations to search for new and more human ways of increasing productivity and competitiveness


    6. The evolution of the technological solutions ( IBM, PeopleSoft, ORACLE, etc, etc) place in the hands of organizations tremendous tried and proven capabilities, however the limited value gained by organizations show that something is missing.

    7. IhRIS example Central information repository 40,000+ public officers bio data GoRTT organisation structure Job and position data Wide Area Network connecting Core HR Departments - SCD, PD & PMCD HR Units at 35 Ministries and Departments GoRTT End Users Trained 300+ end-users Vibrant IHRIS user group Knowledgeable GoRTT resources Maintain IHRIS Provide user training & support Upgraded to latest PeopleSoft version 8.8 Automated HRM Functionality Workforce Administration Recruitment Salary & Benefits Administration Position Management Performance Management Labour Relations HRM Functionality for Wider Public Service Training Administration Health & Safety New HRM Functionality Competency Management Career & Succession Planning Automated processing via workflow Provide employee access to view their approved bio data


    12. HRIT competencies. Adding a new, technology-focused, dimension to more traditional roles as HR experts, business partners, employee advocates, change agents, and human resources management leaders. HR practitioners do not need to become IT specialists. However, they do need to become IT users, specifically HRIT users Creating a knowledge culture Creating a desire for knowledge Reward employees for seeking, sharing, and creating knowledge. It requires effort to develop a knowledge pull a grassroots desire among employees to tap into their companys intellectual resources Bringing knowledge to bear Creation, Distribution, Application PUTTING NEW THINKING INTO ACTION

    13. Knowledge Marketplace Whats the best way to encourage people to exchange valuable things? The best well tested solution is a market Focus on Structure & Processes Define the working processes that most effectively support the goals, and adjust the organizational structure to make processes visible, measurable and manageable - IhRIS HR taking a leading role in strategy development and implementation. Strategic initiatives must be infused with a value driven dimension that identifies how to organize, motivate, train, and energize people so that work will change radically in order to take advantage of technology. Systems approach.


    15. Thank You