cajun wizards harry potter will love dem wizards l.
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Cajun Wizards: Harry Potter Will Love “Dem” Wizards PowerPoint Presentation
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Cajun Wizards: Harry Potter Will Love “Dem” Wizards

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Cajun Wizards: Harry Potter Will Love “Dem” Wizards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cajun Wizards: Harry Potter Will Love “Dem” Wizards 8th Grade Subject: English Language Arts Designed by Tammy Seneca Title Page Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits Introduction

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cajun wizards harry potter will love dem wizards

Cajun Wizards:Harry Potter Will Love “Dem” Wizards

8th GradeSubject: English Language Arts

Designed by Tammy

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits



J.K. Rowlings, the famous author of the Harry Potter book series, is seeking new material for her latest book. You have been hired by the State of Louisiana’s Tourist Board to persuade her to use a historical figure, legend, or character that you have identified from Louisiana.

J.K. Rowlings

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits



You will be conducting an I-Search Report on a potential “Cajun Wizard” for J.K. Rowlings newest book in the Harry Potter Series.

You will be choosing a historical figure, character, or legend from Louisiana to research. Before the final presentation to Ms. Rowlings, you must provide the State of Louisiana Tourist Board with reference information, an outline, notecards, and a 500-word report.

Upon completion of the research, you will present your “Cajun Wizard” to Ms. Rowlings and the Tourist Board.

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits

the process

You will choose a historical figure, character, or legend from Louisiana. Once they have chosen a character complete the Wizard Approval Form and submit to your teacher for approval.

  • After receiving approval from the teacher you will create an outline choosing five main topics of the historical figure’s life. (See Wizard Sample Inspiration Outline) (Example: Early Life, Family Life, Political Life, Death, Career, etc.)
  • Use the Internet and print media to locate one reference for each section of our outline. You must use at least one print media source. It is important that you chose Internet sites that are reputable. Click here to access the Internet Reference Sites slide to get you started.
  • Using MLA form,, create a source card for each of your references. Either use index cards or the Source Cards Template.
  • For each source card, you are to write 5 notes. Either use index cards or the Note Card Source Templates 1-5.
  • You are to write a 500-word report with 100-words coming from each source. The final report must contain a title page, picture of your potential wizard, report, and reference page. (You may use the Report Template.)
  • You will now present your report to “J.K. Rowlings” and the class telling about your figure, character, or legend from Louisiana. This final presentation may include pictures, music, PowerPoint presentation, etc.

The Process

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits



Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits



Great Job!! J.K. Rowlings is considering your individual for her next infamous wizard in her latest book.

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits

internet reference sites

Internet Reference Sites Password: pelican

Login: louisiana Password: elementary or middle or high

List of People from Louisiana:

Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits

credits references

Credits & References


J.K. Rowling




Title PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits