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Building New Baccalaureate Programs

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Building New Baccalaureate Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building New Baccalaureate Programs. Dr. Amy Brown Asst. Professor of Elementary Education Kay Burniston Assoc. VP for Baccalaureate Programs. ST. PETERSBURG COLLEGE . SPC is the oldest 2-year college in Florida: 80 years Comprehensive Community College mission Fall enrollment: 26,165

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building new baccalaureate programs

Building New Baccalaureate Programs

Dr. Amy Brown

Asst. Professor of Elementary Education

Kay Burniston

Assoc. VP for Baccalaureate Programs

st petersburg college
  • SPC is the oldest 2-year college in Florida: 80 years
  • Comprehensive Community College mission
  • Fall enrollment: 26,165
  • Annual enrollment: 61,930
  • Unique needs of Pinellas County:
    • Employer needs identified for IT managers, teachers, BSN trained nurses
    • Pinellas 67 of 67 counties in Baccalaureate access
    • Geographic uniqueness: a peninsula with heavy traffic volume
    • Need for AS graduates to have a smooth AS to BAS transfer option
state and federal response
  • CCS strategic plan on Baccalaureate access solutions: branches; partnerships; distance learning; community colleges directly (Florida 47th, Pinellas 67th among counties)
  • Two hundred AS programs statewide and only five AS to Bachelor’s articulation agreements
  • AS success lowered Bachelor access if no AS to BAS route
state and federal response5
  • Legislature chose to also support a few niche Bachelor’s directly in high need areas: IT (22,000), Nursing (critical), Teacher Education (162,000 shortage in ten years)
spc challenge
  • How to implement Bachelor’s and be true to historical Community College Mission of workforce, 2+2, remedial and University Partnership missions
  • How to expand the open-door and keep instruction as a top priority as niche bachelor degrees are added
  • How to serve our “community” with 4-year bachelor’s in high demand areas
key to implementation
  • Becoming 4-year across the College e.g. Institutional Effectiveness, faculty criteria, student services, library services
  • SPC’s challenge: become one College, one faculty, one Curriculum and Instruction Committee, etc.
  • Planning funds provided to develop a full upper division at SPC by the legislature; upper division to focus on teacher education, BSN nursing and AS to BAS articulation programs
degree standards
  • SUS academic policies for quality
  • Time to degree: 120 hours
  • Common pre-requisites
  • Specialized accreditation
  • Ability of graduates to transfer into state/private graduate programs
finance formula
  • State University per student-research plus upper division SPC fees
  • Fees less than SUS, more than fees in our 2-year programs. Special fees less than USF
  • Began at 20% less than SUS, and will widen each year (37% in total fees in Fall 2006)
  • CCS approach now at 85% of SUS upper division direct cost
  • $3,872 per FTE
three areas of initial emphasis
  • Technology Management
  • BSN Nursing
  • Teacher Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Exceptional Education
    • Secondary Mathematics
    • Secondary Science
new program analysis
New Program Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
    • Outline or describe the need
    • Student interest (survey), Employer interest (survey or other)
    • Job projections (local; statewide) Positions available for graduates, salary
    • Current and projected labor marker analysis (number of current and needed professionals in field)
Program Description
    • How does this fit into SPC’s mission
    • Why is this program distinctive
    • Quality measures that will be used to assess success of program
    • Identify tentative program goals/outcomes
    • Proposed curriculum
Cost of Program
    • Faculty
    • Equipment
    • Facilities/On-Line possibilities
    • Other expenses
  • Proposed Campus Location
  • Projected Enrollment
    • 1st year – headcount (unduplicated); FTE Subsequent years
Other private/public institutions offering program: Local; Statewide
  • Differentiation between currently offered programs and SPC’s proposed program
  • Potential Partners (UPC proposals)
  • Narrative Rational (SPC direct offering)
new bacc programs added to existing colleges
New Bacc. Programs added to Existing Colleges…
  • College of Education
    • Middle Grades Mathematics (5-9)
    • Middle Grades Science (5-9)
    • Educational Studies
    • E.P.I. programs now in 6 areas: Elementary, ESE, Secondary Math, Secondary Science, Middle School Math, Middle School Science
    • Future Additional Majors?: Foreign Language, Secondary English, Secondary Social Science, majors within Ed. Studies
utilizing resources for new education programs
Utilizing resources for new Education Programs…
  • Undergraduate programs:
    • Core Courses
    • Sharing between secondary/middle school programs
    • Educational Studies courses within COE and other Bacc. Colleges
    • Then assess “new” courses to be developed and approved through C & I
  • E.P.I. programs:
    • Approx. 27-credits
    • Took existing course syllabi to create “Topics” within courses with reduced credit hours
    • Similar structures/forms for Practicum experiences and e-portfolios for completion requirements (Livetext)
new bacc programs added to existing colleges cont
New Bacc. Programs added to Existing Colleges, cont…
  • College of Dental Hygiene
    • Health and Human Services
  • College of Technology Management
    • Managerial and Organizational Leadership
once a program is approved
Once a program is approved…
  • What are the other costs, processes, or issues?
    • Curriculum development
    • Admission/Graduation Requirements
    • Advising
    • New recruitment/Marketing Campaigns
    • Program added to state/internal reporting system
    • Communication with student commons
    • Outcome measures
    • Other Accreditation
shared resources
Shared Resources
  • Faculty
  • Courses
  • Baccalaureate Specialists/Advisor
  • Existing Dean
new programs
New Programs
  • Biotechnology Management
  • Sustainability/Green
  • Foreign Language Education
  • Social Science Education
  • English Education
thank you
Thank you
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