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Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited

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Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited. GROUP ANNUAL RESULTS FOR THE YEAR ENDING 30 JUNE 2002. Financial Highlights. 1999 to 2002. 2002. Revenue from continuing operations Operating profit before amortisation (from continuing operations) Headline EPS Headline EPS from continuing operations

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aspen pharmacare holdings limited

Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited



financial highlights
Financial Highlights

1999 to 2002


Revenue from continuing operations

Operating profit before amortisation

(from continuing operations)

Headline EPS

Headline EPS from continuing operations

Attributable net profit






segmental analysis year ended 30 june 2002
Segmental AnalysisYear Ended 30 June 2002

Revenue from continuing operations

Operating Profit before amortisation

from continuing operations

segmental analysis year ended 30 june 20025
Segmental AnalysisYear Ended 30 June 2002


Other – offshore 1%

Revenue from continuing operations

Operating Profit before amortisation

from continuing operations

novartis transaction
Novartis Transaction
  • Period: 12 years
  • Products: Anafranil, Dynacirc, Estracombi, Estraderm, Etomine, Melleril, Sandomigran, Slow-K, Symmetrel, Syntocinon, Syntometrine and Voltaren
  • Phase 1:
    • Years 1 to 4
    • Commitment to pay R138.3 million in product participation fees for product rights
    • Receive marketing fees based on performance in promoting products
  • Phase 2:
    • Years 5 to 12
    • Rights to promote and market the products for Aspen’s benefit
    • Sourcing from Novartis
  • Amortisation of capatalised rights:
    • Over the full period of the agreement
    • Front end loaded to match expected revenue streams
industry overview
Industry Overview
  • Pharmaceutical industry subject to unprecedented legislative and market pressures
  • Medscheme issues restrictive re-imbursement listing
  • Increased burden continues on public sector:
    • Population trends
    • Unemployment, and
    • HIV/AIDS
  • Legislative pressures:
    • Intention to gazette Act 90 in 2003
    • Legislated generic substitution
    • Introduction of a professional fee, and
    • One exit price policy




Employed but uninsured


Public / State sector

industry overview11
Industry Overview
  • Pfizer/Pharmacia merger could trigger multinational consolidation
  • Chain store ownership of pharmacies
  • Clicks purchases UPD
  • Over a billion rand of molecules coming off patent within 5 years
  • Chronic medication unaffected by cellphone and lottery
  • Shadow of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria hangs over the industry
industry size and players
Industry Size and Players

Total Private Market

(R10.9 b)

  • Two distinct markets:
    • high volume/lower value public; and
    • high value private
  • Public sector barometer of cost competitiveness:
    • Aspen share 21%, next generic competitor 6%
  • The total private market (TPM) comprises ethicals, generics and consumer


private market growth rates
Private Market Growth Rates

Total Private Marekt (TPM)

The TPM has grown 15% this year (18% last year)

Growth rates of the individual market components include:

* Aspen Ethical growth excludes co-promotions with multinationals

industry overview14
Industry Overview

Ethical vs Generic Market Shares

July 2001 – June 2002


industry overview15
Industry Overview

Private Generic Market

MAT Rand Shares as at June 2002


group operational review
Group Operational Review
  • After disposals ± R120m operating income purchased from SAD in 1999
  • Today over R400m of operating income
  • Strong organic growth in 2002 will continue into 2003
  • Successful product launches include:
    • AP Loratadine – generic of Clarityne
    • Minerva – generic of Diane 35
    • Pharmacare Acycovir injection 250mg – generic of Zovirax
    • Ketazol Cream – generic of Nizcreme
    • Pharmacare-Cefotaxime 500mg/1g vials – generic of Claforan
    • Kidcomplete – ADD
    • Menograine tablets – Clonidine 25mcg
myprodol vs mybulen
Myprodol vs Mybulen

Continued success for Mybulen

(in the same patent category as Myprodol

* Mybulen already has a ± 25% volume market share

group operational review18
Group Operational Review
  • Multinational relationships continue to improve:
    • Merck – full access to generic portfolio of generic pipeline for SA
    • Novartis – 12 year marketing agreement on Voltaren, Anafranil, Dynacirc, Estracombi, Estraderm, Etomine, Melleril, Sandomigran, Slow-K, Symmetrel, Syntocinon and Syntometrine
    • GSK – voluntary licenses on anti-retrovirals 3TC, AZT, and Combivir
    • AZ – deal extended to include Plendil
  • Effect of free falling rand:
    • Cushioned by local manufacture – represents 50% of cost of goods
    • Significant increase in tender awards to local manufacturers
  • Operationally a stressful year:
    • Volumes undercalled by the private sector and in particular the public sector
    • Pressure on factory and supply chain
    • OSD ran at 3 shifts 7 days a week – Sundays 2 shiftsTo avoid buy-outs low margin State orders supplied ahead of private market
  • Strategic decision to pull back from some high volume / low value tenders until capacity is increased
manufacturing review
Manufacturing Review
  • Aspen is SA’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Low cost demonstrated by tender market shares
  • Focus needed on technology improvements
  • New oral solid dose facility:
    • Current volume constraints
    • Projected future SA volume growth
    • To manufacture for offshore subsidiaries
    • To create export opportunities
    • To ensure GMP compliance in the medium/long term
    • Will more than double OSD capacity
manufacturing review20
Manufacturing Review

Example of technology saving demonstrated by Stilpane:

  • Raw materials weighed once not 3 times
  • Lab does one set of tests not 3 sets
  • Cost reductions from yield improvements
  • Time saved in granulation will improve capacity
strategic advantages
Strategic Advantages
  • 50% of cost rand based
  • Capacity enhancement costs significantly less, given no replication needed:
    • QC
    • QA
    • Laboratory
    • Stability
    • Finished Goods Warehousing
    • Regulatory
  • Current economies of scale – conversion costs of raw material to bulk tablets at a significant discount to international competitors
  • Unshackled from volume constraints
  • Challenges:
    • To continue growing domestic volumes
    • Create export markets, and
    • Manage transition into new facility to Q1/Q2 2004
the pipeline new business development
The Pipeline : New Business Development
  • Management priority area
  • Limit to Generic and OTC

price and volume increases

on existing products

  • Lifeblood of business –

commitment and success as reflected


the pipeline new business development23
The Pipeline : New Business Development

Aspen has numerous competitive advantages:

  • An A to Z basket of generics
  • Ability to be a one-stop shop
  • Largest sales force in both public and private sector reach into all market segments
  • Leading supplier to inter alia:
    • Mines
    • Parastatals
    • Private hospitals (excluding LVP’s)
    • Public hospitals
the pipeline new business development24
The Pipeline : New Business Development
  • Pipeline created by deals with international multinationals and generic companies, and our own development capacities
  • The result of the above is SA’s largest pipeline of generic products
  • Impressive pipeline will maintain our lead position in medium to longer term
  • Significant challenges exist. “Gap list” for next 10 years over R3 billion at current market prices in private market alone
aspen offshore
Aspen - Offshore


  • UK generic market commodity in nature
  • Co-pharma results above expectations
  • Return on turnover low until Aspen manufactures
  • Medium term export destination
  • Has access to IP through Merck subsidiary GUK
  • Needs additional products
  • Prospects for 2003 are good with an improvement on 2002 anticipated

Aspen Australia

  • First full year from start up 14 months ago
  • Range of acquired OTC and Generic products
  • Management team have laid a solid foundation
  • New opportunities with multinationals being investigated
  • Larger critical mass needed:
    • focussed NBD team for organic growth, and
    • leverage off group’s resource base
  • Results for 2002 pleasing with improvements expected for 2003

Aspen Europe

  • Set-up to review potential multinational initiatives
  • To date deal offered by multinationals deemed too risky
  • Until profitable, initiatives to be pursued out of Aspen Corporate in SA
social responsibility diseases
Social Responsibility Diseases
  • HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB
  • Drugs under patent, co-operation with multinationals needed
  • Aspen has successfully accessed the following ARV products:
  • Further agreement signed – to be announced once Competition Board approval is received
social responsibility diseases27
Social Responsibility Diseases
  • To develop products:
    • formulate
    • prepare and test trial batches
    • stability
    • biostudies
    • dossier compiled
  • Products then submitted to the MCC for approval to sell
  • Approaches to multinationals for IP in other social responsibility areas
  • Offers hope to all SA, increased turnover and volume, profitability limited
summation and prospects
Summation and Prospects
  • Strong growth reflected in key financial indicators
  • Turnover growth of 41%
  • Operating profit up 45%
  • Headline EPS growth of 36%
  • Cash flow per share exceeds EPS for fourth consecutive year
  • Debt reduced to R30m from ±R900m in 1999
  • Outperformed industry again
  • Dominant position in generics maintained
  • Large player in OTC
  • Ethicals growing:
    • successful launches, and
    • strengthened multinational relationships
  • Industry stresses at legislative and private market level have benefitted and should continue to benefit Aspen in short to medium term
summation and prospects29
Summation and Prospects
  • Operational and marketing strengths demonstrated by successful launches into competitive markets viz Mybulen and Kestine
  • Aspen to assist with social responsbility diseases including HIV/AIDS
  • Positioned for further strong growth both domestically and offshore through:
    • impressive pipeline to bolster medium and longer term
    • good multinational relationships; and
    • increase capacity offers additional opportunities
  • Headline EPS growth targeted at more than 20%