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Student Review

Stehlik Intermediate. Student Review. 2013-2014. 2013-2014. Review Policies & Procedures. This P owerPoint will review expectations from our district student handbook. If your parents would like a copy of the handbook, they may request one from the front office.

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Student Review

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  1. Stehlik Intermediate StudentReview 2013-2014

  2. 2013-2014

  3. Review Policies & Procedures • This PowerPoint will review expectations from our district student handbook. • If your parents would like a copy of the handbook, they may request one from the front office. • Handbook is accessible on the Aldine I.S.D. website •

  4. Excused Absences • Students are required to bring a note when they are absent. • Students will return excuse notes to Ms. Brown’s office (in the front courtyard near the library).

  5. First Day Dismissal • Transportation List • Teacher will provide a homeroom list to the front office by 10:00 a.m. with student transportation information listed. • Students must have a transportation ticket before leaving the classroom. Students may NOT board the bus without a ticket.

  6. Academic Expectations Stehlik Intermediate

  7. Academic Policies Grading Period • Grades are reported on a 9-week basis. • Progress Reports at week 3 and week 6. • Report cards at week 9 • Parents will be notified by the teacher if the student is failing. • Progress Reports must be signed and returned the following day. • Conduct grades will be documented weekly in student’s conduct folder.

  8. Grading Requirements • Major Grades 60% • Daily Grades 30% • Homework • 10%

  9. Make-Up Work • Work assigned on the day of an excused absence must be completed and given to the teacher based on the number of days absent. • For extended absences, special arrangement must be made with the teachers for make-up work. • No penalty is to be attached to make-up work turned in within three school days of turning to class for any absence. • It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide make-up when the student returns to class. • Parents may call a day ahead of time to make arrangements to pick up student work.

  10. Homework • Homework will be provided daily by each teacher. • Homework assignments should not exceed 45 minutes. Special projects may take more time. • Teachers will check homework daily and a weekly homework grade will be entered into the grade book.

  11. Additional Academic Support • Daily Tutorials • Academic Nights for Students & Parents • Case Morning Enrichment • Extended Year (Summer School)

  12. Promotion/Retention Policies • Students must maintain an overall average of 70% are better to be promoted. • Students must also pass their STAAR exams to be eligible for promotion. • Gr 5 must pass R, M, Sci • Gr 6 must pass R, M • Students may attend Summer School to make up a failed course. • Grade Placement Committee (GPC) will be held at the end of Summer School to determine student placement and intervention for the next school year.

  13. Wednesday Folder • Each student will have a weekly folder for conduct and grades. • Students will take the folder home every Wednesday and have a parent sign. • Students return the folder to the homeroom teacher on Thursday.

  14. Incentives • Perfect Attendance • Honor Roll • Merit Roll • Celebration of Champions • E Conduct • Incentives will be provided every nine weeks

  15. Celebration of Champions Each nine weeks, you have a chance... • A honor roll • A/B honor roll • All E’s in conduct Special events planned at each report card for our CHAMPIONS 

  16. Please eat breakfast each day! Your first stop each morning is the cafeteria Lunch • Students who do not have money for lunch will be allowed to debit 5 lunch meals. • Students will be allowed to take the regular menu tray and the cashier will inform students of need for money. • If student has not repaid the 5 lunch loans, they will receive a courtesy meal. • Courtesy Meal will consist of Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Vegetable, Fresh or Chilled Fruit, and Milk. • Breakfast will be provided at no cost for all students.

  17. School Parties • Winter Break Celebration • one hour party with refreshments can be held the last hour of the school day on the last day of classes prior to the winter break. • Valentine’s Day • Valentines may be exchanged by the students, but no refreshments will be permitted. • Surprise parties are not permitted for teachers or students. • Please do not send cupcakes, cookies, candy, balloon bouquets, or flowers to celebrate special occasions. • Home baked goods are not allowed at school.

  18. Behavior Expectations Stehlik Intermediate

  19. Stehlik Expectations Be Responsible Be Ready Be Respectful

  20. Classroom Expectations

  21. Hallway Expectations

  22. Restroom Expectations

  23. Cafeteria Expectations

  24. Bus Expectations

  25. Steps /Consequences

  26. Discipline Categories Category I Consequences • Teacher Directed • Examples: Talking, sleeping, gum chewing, etc. Category II Consequences • Administrator Directed • Examples: Fighting, Skipping Class, Verbal Assult, etc. Category III Consequences • Placement/Expulsion • Examples: Possession of drugs, weapon, and criminal mischief • There are consequences for poor choices • Please make the right decisions • Please do the right thing even when no one is looking

  27. Alternative Programs for Behavior In School Suspension (SAC) COMPASS High Point Placements to alternative schools require a hearing to be held on campus with administrator, parent, student, and teachers

  28. Standardized Dress Code Stehlik Intermediate

  29. Monday-Thursday Tops • Burgundy, black, white, navy, or grey • No oversized shirts • Undershirts only white

  30. Monday-Thursday Uniform checks will take place daily Please make good choices • Shirts must be tucked in • Belt secures pants at your waist (belts for pants with loops) • Bottoms • Khaki, navy, or black • Uniform pants • Shorts, skirts • Must approach knee

  31. Fridays are Spirit Days @ Stehlik You may wear jeans on Friday with your Stehlik spirit shirt Spirit shirts are on sale in the office ($15) You may wear the burgundy t-shirt from last year or the new shirt….

  32. Dress Code is your responsibility Uniform checks will take place daily Please make good choices

  33. Jackets and Sweaters Must fit you appropriately Oversized jackets and improper logos are not allowed Jackets that do not fit this criteria will be left with assistant principal or principal and your parent will be notified

  34. Clear or Mesh Backpacks

  35. Friendly Reminders Yes  • Girls may wear 1-inch earrings • Boys may not wear earrings • The following items will be collected .. • long earrings • excessive rubber band bracelets • items with inappropriate messages written on them No These items will be stored in the office, labeled with your name, and given to a parent

  36. Stehlik Stallions are natural beauties….. Make up is not allowed… you will be asked to report to nurse to wash your face and then return to class

  37. Aldine ISD Cell Phone Policy Aldine ISD permits students to possess cell phone devices on campus to support student safety before and after school. • Cell phones must be turned off and cannot be visible on campus during the school day. 2. The campus includes loading and unloading areas for cars and buses, in the building, or on campus grounds. 3. The school day includes but is not limited to, before or after school, class time, passing periods, lunch periods, after school detention or tutorials, during emergency drills, practices for extracurricular events and field trips. • Cell phones must be turned off • Cell phones must remain in backpacks

  38. Aldine ISD Cell Phone Policy • Placing a cell phone on vibrate or texting is not considered off and is prohibited. • Using a cell phone to record or video tape is prohibited. 6. Students are not permitted to possess radios, MP3 players, video or audio recorders, DVD players, cameras, games or other electronic devices at school unless prior permission has been obtained by campus administration. • Cell phones must be turned off • Cell phones must remain in backpacks

  39. Cell phone consequences • First Offense • Cell phone is confiscated and held for 7 days • $15 fine • Second Offense • Cell phone is confiscated and held for 30 days • $15 fine • Third Offense • Cell phone is confiscated and held until the end of the year • $15 fine

  40. Friendly reminders about cell phones • Failure to comply with a staff directive to turn in a cell is considered “defiance of authority” and will be subject to a consequence • Aldine ISD personnel are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones • If a parent needs to reach you, they are to call the school office for assistance • Students who may need to reach a parent during the day MUST use a school phone in the front office with the assistance of front office personnel

  41. Metal Detector • Students will pass through metal detector upon entry into building. • Each child is expected to be in dress code. • The following items are examples of what is not allowed in school and will be confiscated: • Electronic devices • Permanent markers • Make-up, cologne • Gum, candy • Toys

  42. Bullying and Hazing • Bullying is an act of or repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person physically or mentally. • Hazing includes any willful act done by a student, either individually or with others, to another student for the purpose of subjecting the other student to indignity, humiliation, intimidation physical abuse or threats of abuse, social or other ostracism, shame, or disgrace. Bullying and hazing are NOT tolerated @ Stehlik Stay tuned for our Winning Wednesday lessons

  43. Stehlik Stallions … We are excited to have you here! We care about you We know that you will be successful I don’t just go to Stehlik, I belong at Stehlik

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