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eFAST Program Review

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eFAST Program Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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0. Federal Aviation Administration. eFAST Program Review. June 2010. Agenda. eFAST Team and FAA ATO Organizational Information Lead Update and Review of Completed PAs (Awards) In-progress and Forecast of New PAs Direct / Single Source Award Update MOA Holder POC Info Invoices

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Federal Aviation



Program Review

June 2010

  • eFAST Team and FAA ATO Organizational Information
  • Lead Update and Review of Completed PAs (Awards)
  • In-progress and Forecast of New PAs
  • Direct / Single Source Award Update
  • MOA Holder POC Info
  • Invoices
  • Resume Reviews
  • KSN Alert Techniques
  • Summary
efast team organizational information
eFAST Team Organizational Information
  • Ms. Melicent Nhan and Mr. Tirene Crowell –Contracting Officers
  • Mr. Sarim Baig, Mr. Stephen Mostow, and Mr. James Ricks - Contract Specialists
  • Mr. Alan Behr – eFAST COTR
faa organizational hierarchy efast program
FAA Organizational Hierarchy - eFAST Program

James H. Washington

Vice President

Acquisition and Business Services

Dr. Francis (Frank) C. Spampinato


Contracting and Acquisition

Cynthia Valdes

Division Manager

Services Contracts Division

Joe Carey

Branch Manager

Engineering and Technical Support Services Branch

efast procurement actions and awards
eFAST Procurement Actions and Awards
  • 140 Total Leads:
    • 50 On-going procurement actions
    • 60 Awards
  • Awards:
    • 33 MOA holders
    • $135 M in total contract value
    • $90 M for 8(a) companies
    • $33 M for SDVOSB
    • $10 M savings
direct single source award update
Direct / Single Source Award Update

In order to continue to offer the best value to its customers and to protect the FAA’s interests, the eFAST team will require cost build-ups when negotiating direct and/or single source awards.

electronic distribution poc must be current
Electronic Distribution – POC Must be Current

Point of Contact updates:

In accordance with the eFAST MOA, please keep our office informed of any POC changes by the 15th of the month following the change.

Is there a new person at this position?

  • Program Manager
  • Contracts POC
  • Finance POC
  • Alternative POC

Please provide the following information when submitting a change:


Employee Name: Toni Tutone

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: (202) 867-5309

Fax Number: (202) 555-3434

  • Contractors must submit their monthly invoices electronicallyvia email. To avoid confusion and duplication, companies should not submit a paper copy of the invoice if it has been submitted via email.
  • Our objective is to expedite invoice processing and payment as well as to minimize the number of outstanding invoices
  • If in fact 25 days have passed from the date of delivery of your invoice, please send us a detailed notification including the original invoice and appropriate backup. Once that notification is received we will take actions to expedite that invoice for payment before the 30 day time window has passed.
resume submittal review and approval electronic distribution
Resume Submittal, Review and Approval Electronic Distribution
  • Prior to billing or invoicing new or replacement personnel, contractors must obtain written approval from the Contracting Officer. Contractors are reminded that if they elect to authorize an individual to work prior to Government approval such authorization is at their own risk and may result in the denial of claimed costs by the FAA.
  • Contractors are required to submit resumes directly to the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, Mr. Alan Behr, with copies to the Technical Officer Representative (TOR) and to the Contracting Officer.
  • Supporting information includes the proposed labor rate, the modified labor allocation, and identification of which SOW activities are to be satisfied by the proposed resource. Resume submission is electronically via email. The FAA anticipates responding to resume reviews and labor category requests within 5 business days.
  • Resume review limit is 7 business days.
ksn alert techniques stop the madness
KSN Alert Techniques - Stop the Madness
  • We all hate to clog our inbox. Here’s how to set your KSN alerts to avoid the deluge.
  • On the Home page, click on the “Comparisons” link in the left-side navigation.
  • On the Comparisons page, click on the “Alert me” link under “Actions”.
  • On New Alert page, select “All changes” and “Send a daily summary”.
  • You can set the “Alert” action for Announcements in the same manner, but I would suggest selecting the option to “Send email immediately”.
  • At the bottom of each New Alert page is a link to ALL of your “alerts”. You can “View my existing alerts on this site” by clicking this link, which will take you to a summary page called “My Alerts on this Site”.
  • When all else fails, click the User Help link from the Home page of our KSN site.
  • 60 Awards since eFAST Kick-off
  • 50 PAs in-progress
  • Direct / Single Source Awards Update
  • Maintain POCs
  • Monitor Late Invoices
  • Resumes in 5 business days (7 max.)
  • KSN Alerts suggested settings
efast team contact information
eFAST Team Contact Information

Melicent Nhan

Senior Contracting Officer

ATO Office of Acquisitions

T: 202-267-3210

F: 202-267-5149


Joe Carey

Branch Manager

ATO Office of Acquisitions

T: 202-267-5814

F: 202-267-5149


Alan Behr


ATO Office of Acquisitions

T: 202-267-3213

F: 202-267-5149