network neutrality l.
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Network Neutrality

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Network Neutrality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Network Neutrality. Freedom to Roam. Introduction. A neutral network: Provides access to all types of equipment Treats all modes of communication equally Does not discriminate against content, sites.

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network neutrality

Network Neutrality

Freedom to Roam

  • A neutral network:
  • Provides access to all types of equipment
  • Treats all modes of communication equally
  • Does not discriminate against content, sites

How much restriction need be applied to Internet service providers to keep them from abusing the system?

introduction continued
Introduction Continued
  • Currently…
  • Virtually no legal obligations to network neutrality
  • Coalitions of service providers collectively generate their own policies
  • Policies generated by one group of providers does not apply to other groups
  • Providers limit
  • Peer to peer server ports
  • Ports commonly used to route spam

The term “network neutrality” originated with the first telegraph lines for public use around 1860

The term in its current context was first used at the start of the 21st century

Proposed laws such as the Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act of 2006 would have prohibited discrimination by service providers

These laws would make peering networks that discriminate against content or services illegal under anti-trust laws


Protects the flow of data

Limits discriminatory communications practices

Protects small upstart internet providers

Protects the consumers from unfair business practices

Preserves standards of internet access

Maintains quality of network access

Removes doubts about quality of service provided

Levels the playing field


Is a solution in search of a problem

Discourages investment

Bandwidth availability is not maintained

Fear of government regulation of the internet

May limit free speech

The playing field is already sloped towards big businesses


Network neutrality is advantageous; it protects the consumer

Government control should not become excessive

Protection against monopolies that prevent new business is necessary

Network neutrality’s benefits far outweigh the cynical criticisms

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