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A Presentation on Neoplast High Intensity Mixers & Material Handling Equipments

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A Presentation on Neoplast High Intensity Mixers & Material Handling Equipments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Presentation on Neoplast High Intensity Mixers & Material Handling Equipments. Neoplast - A legacy of experience. Neoplast - A reliable and efficient partner for the PVC processing industry since 40 years.

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A Presentation on

Neoplast High Intensity Mixers &

Material Handling Equipments

Neoplast - A legacy of experience
  • Neoplast - A reliable and efficient partner for the PVC processing industry since 40 years.
  • Neoplast – The only manufacturer from India, offering complete solution for PVC Compounding right from Bulk material handling to Finished products.
Neoplast - A legacy of experience
  • Currently Neoplast is enjoying 70% market share of High Intensity Heater Cooler Mixers in India with installation of 1500+ mixers.
  • Neoplast is offering state-of-the-art machines with European technology to ensure maximum reliability and profitability of the equipment at customer's end.
neoplast s offers
Neoplast’s offers
  • High Speed Mixers - 5 Litres to 4000 Ltrs
  • Jumbo Bag / 25 kg Resin Bag Feeding station
  • Vacuum Conveying System
  • Automatic Weighing System
  • Liquid Metering System (Volumetric / Load cell)
  • Anti Dusting (De-gassing) System
  • Sieving Solutions.
  • Storage Silos , Bins and Hoppers
  • Multiple Extrusion Lines Feeding system
  • Complete Plant Automation system with user friendly Computerized controls.
High Intensity Mixers 5 liters – 4000 liters

Neoplast offers Vortex series of High Intensity Mixers, which is first of its kind in India, with a quality next to none, enjoys fame of most Economic & Efficient mixers, for the most demanding field of Plastic Processing since last 40 years.

why neoplast
Why Neoplast ???
  • Efficient production without moisture or cross contamination.
  • Economic operation with lowest power cost as low as 0.05 unit / Kg.
  • Lower scrap rates in the extrusion lines due to consistent dry blend quality.
  • Highest production rate - upto 8 batches/hour.
  • Excellent dispersion of additives.
  • Best quality material of all Key components.
  • Perfect height to dia ration & Unique design of bottom of discharge valve.
salient features heater mixer
Salient Features - Heater Mixer

Masterbatch Feeding hopper made of SS 304 & pneumatically actuated discharge valve for auto feeding

Breathing cap made of PP non woven cloth.

Quick release lid locking clamps.

Discharge valve is provided with quick release gate for easy cleaning.

The discharge valve is made of SS 304 & provided with hinge type mechanism for quick opening during frequent colour changing needs.

Lid gasket is made from Specially extruded silicon Foam to prevent powder leakage from from mixer.

salient features heater mixer1
Salient Features - Heater Mixer

Mixing tool is made from SS, having abrasive resistance and wear resistance coating on edge. The tool structure is either 2 Tier or 3 Tier…

The inside of the vessel is made from SS 304 & mirror polished to avoid depositing of material.

The deflector is adjustable in angle & height, provided to achieve more rapid & better dispersion, even with highly filled materials.

Discharge valve is level with container‘s bottom for fast and almost complete emptying of the mixing container.

The right shape of tool for right application

most important pneuma seal
Most Important Pneuma Seal

Bearings with a lubricating grease line – For ease of lubrication.

The pneuma seal is provided below the mixing tool to prevent powder infiltration into bearing and hence premature failure of bearings.

The shaft / tank seal is guaranteed by gasket pack, equipped with adjustable air flow which is easy to remove for cleaning purpose.

Limit switch prevents rotation of mixing tool when the lid is open

Thermocouple for precise measurement of compound temp.

salient features cooler mixer
Salient Features - Cooler Mixer

Mirror polished SS 304 Cooling cone with jacketed cooling container for water circulation,ensures better & efficient cooling cycle in least time.

Shovel Type tool for efficient mixing and discharging of material

Robustly built lid with manual opening facility

Pneumatically operated discharge valve

control panel
Control Panel

Robustly built control Panel with remote control extension, for operator’s ease & easy to plug in during installation.

Digital temperature indicators for Heater & Cooler Mixer. Hooter is also provided for Process completion audible alarm.

Automatic machine operation with PLC and with various positive interlocks can be provided, as optional add on.

big bag dumping station
Big Bag Dumping Station…..
  • Robust & low maintenance design.
  • Monitors the screening.
  • Easy and safe handling with Fork Lift or Crane.
  • Easy opening of Jumbo bags.
  • Easily Connectable to Vacuum Conveying system.
  • Dust free discharge system.
  • Conical bottom for anti-bridging.
  • Pneumatically operated sack discharge with dust hood, emptying flap and fan assisted filter.
material conveying system
Material Conveying System
  • Conveying method - Vacuum / Pressure.
  • All material Contact parts S.S. 304.
  • Suitable to transfer powder or granules upto 3000 Kg /Hr on continuous operation basis
  • Conveying Distance: 30 meters or higher with 3 number of bends
  • Automatic filter bag cleaning system by reverse jet.
  • Compressed air externally provided with sequence timer for efficient material conveying.
automatic weighing system
Automatic Weighing System
  • The cyclone separator batch hopper is mounted on three
  • “S” type load cells at
  • 120 º apart.
  • Perfect batch accuracy
  • +/- 1 % of full scale.
  • It will have course and fine feed arrangement
  • It is designed with load cell based controller with signal conditioner, excitation system and junction box, calibration & PLC interfacing.
liquid metering system
Liquid Metering System
  • The ideal solution for VOLUMETRIC addition of liquid Lubricants, Stabilizers or Processing Aids.
  • Step less adjustment of quantity or time as per process requirement.
  • Liquid addition range would be up to

0.5 to 40 lit/min.

  • M.O.C. of the tank would be SS 304.
  • Metering Unit consisting of 1 H.P. metering pump with AC motor, controlled by AC variable frequency Drive.
anti dusting system
Anti Dusting System
  • Anti Dusting system is connected with the mixer in order to remove moisture content from Resin, CaCo3 or additives.
  • This system removes volatiles and harmful gas like monomer & helps to control VCM content in PVC Dry blend.
  • During mixing process, the temperature of the product mix gets elevated due to friction; at the same time chlorine gas is also liberated, which is efficiently removed by vacuum.
storage silos bins hoppers
Storage Silos, Bins & Hoppers
  • Constructed from S.S. or Aluminium
  • Capacity from 10,000 liters to 70,000 liters
  • Space saving design; ensures economical storage of bulk materials in powder / Pellet form
  • Facilitates the storage of raw materials dust free & static free
  • Erection - Indoor or outdoor without need for day to day maintenance
  • Silo feeding & feeding of extruders from silo by Pressure / Vacuum conveying system
complete plant automation system with user friendly software
Complete Plant Automation system with user friendly software
  • Less possibility of human error, as very less human involvement is required to run this system.
  • Mimic diagram, process status can be viewed on computer continuously.
  • Recipe management and Easy Inventory control, Easy fault / Alarm analysis.
  • Security system and privilege for operating is provided.
advantages of plant automation
Advantages of Plant Automation
  • Finger touch & user friendly one man control of production, planning, supervision and inventory.
  • The complete production data right from the storage of the raw materials upto the feeding of PVC compound to the multiple processing lines.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports on production, raw material consumption or breakdown alarms can be viewed online from any remote location.
  • Integrated malfunction message system with option for manual operation.
by selecting neoplast mixer you can definitely increase your profits by
By selecting Neoplast Mixer – You can definitely increase your profits by…..
  • High production rate.
  • Low compounding cost (0.05 Unit/Kg)
  • Moisture free compound.
  • Very good dispersion

of the additives.

  • Contamination free compound.