Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server: An Overview of Service Pack 1
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Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server: An Overview of Service Pack 1 Vic Singh Shahid & John Morello Support Engineer Microsoft Corporation. Overview. About ISA Server About Service Pack 1 (SP1) SP1 installation Fixes for common issues reported by customers to PSS

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Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server: An Overview of Service Pack 1Vic Singh Shahid & John MorelloSupport EngineerMicrosoft Corporation

Overview Overview of Service Pack 1

  • About ISA Server

  • About Service Pack 1 (SP1)

  • SP1 installation

  • Fixes for common issues reported by customers to PSS

  • Enhanced stability

  • Other enhancements

  • Operation on Microsoft® Windows® .NET Servers

About microsoft isa server secure fast internet connectivity
About Microsoft ISA Server Overview of Service Pack 1Secure, Fast Internet Connectivity


Secure internet working with a scalable, multilayer firewall


Fast access with a scalable, high-performance Web cache


Robust policy and management integrated with Windows 2000


Superior platform for extension and customization

Brief feature list

Transparency for all clients and servers Overview of Service Pack 1

Enterprise policy

Group policy


Active Directory® integration

Extensible application filters

SMTP filter

Streaming media splitting

H.323 filter and gatekeeper

MMC-based UI

Task pads, wizards

Remote administration

Configuring Exchange Server behind firewall

IIS separation

RAM caching

New cache store

Scheduled content download

VPN integration

Intrusion detection

System hardening

NTLM and Kerberos authentication

Dual-hop SSL

Customizable alerts

Logging: W3C format, selectable fields

Integrated reporting

Bandwidth control

New APIs

Modular installation

Brief Feature List

About service pack 1 sp1
About Service Pack 1 (SP1) Overview of Service Pack 1

  • SP1 for ISA released one year and two months after ISA

  • Includes all hotfixes since RTM

  • Includes approximately 250* other fixes (*250 total issues noted, but only 85 were problems)

  • Client fixes

  • Released simultaneously in: English, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish

Sp1 installation
SP1 Installation Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Same executable for standard and enterprise version

  • Upgrades RTM version or any combination or pre-SP1 hotfixes

  • Does not install on evaluation version

  • Client updates require a reinstallation of the client from the original server location

Security fixes
Security Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Q295389, "Scripts Can Be Run in the Error Page That Is Returned by ISA Server"

  • Q289503, "Memory Leak in ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Service and Winsock Proxy Service When Decoding Malformed Packets"

Stability related fixes
Stability Related Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Q288247, "Access Violation in Mspadmin.exe with ISA Server with Multiple IP Addresses on an External Interface"

  • Q295279, "Web Proxy Service Crashes If URL Requests a Specifically Malformed Argument"

  • Q307784, "Server Publishing Rules Intermittently Fail"

  • Q312640, "DNS or UDP Program Stops Working Through ISA Server"

  • Q294722, "Proxy Error 502 Is Returned by ISA Server Under Heavy Stress"

  • Q295090, "Access Violation in W3proxy.exe Because of HTTP VARY Header Proc"

  • Q290731, "Firewall Service (Wspsrv.exe) Problems with High S-NAT Client Load"

Functionality related fixes
Functionality Related Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Q291427, "Only the First Web Site Is Returned Using Web Publishing"

  • Q297080, "Incomplete HTML Pages and Random Authentication Prompts"

  • Q300707, "Invalid Content-Length Header May Cause Requests to Fail"

  • Q311777, "How to Enable Translating Client Source Address in Server Publishing"

  • Q297515, "All Requests from SecureNAT and Firewall Clients Are Denied"

Functionality related fixes 2
Functionality Related Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1 (2)

  • Q301575, "Clients Are Unable to Connect to an FTP Server that Is Published on the Secondary IP Address of ISA Server"

  • Q301425, "ISA Server Does Not Cache Responses Containing Location Header"

  • Q304340, "The ISA Server Response to Client Options Requests Is Limited"

  • Q292018, "Slow Response from Downstream ISA Server Using Web Proxy Chain"

  • Q313056, "A GET Request After a POST Request Does Not Work If There Is an Extra CRLF in the Content"

Functionality related fixes 3
Functionality Related Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1 (3)

  • Q291000, "External MAPI Clients Cannot Connect with RPC"

  • Q295089, "You Are Denied Access to a Destination Set When You Use Site and Content Rules"

  • Q313525, "Proxy-to-Proxy Authentication Does Not Work Between a Downstream ISA Server and an Upstream Proxy 2.0 Server"

  • Plus: Cosmetic and functional fixes to the user interface to allow for better storage and retrieval of settings and Information

Client fixes
Client Fixes Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Q295388, "Access Violation Occurs in Your Firewall Client When It Is Under a High Load and Is Using WSPAD"

  • Q303379, "Firewall Client Conflict with Third-Party Layered Service Providers Causes Connectivity Problems"

  • Q303757, "Proxy Client Conflict with Third-Party Providers Causes Problems"

  • Q313347, "Automatic Detection Causes the Program to Stop Responding for Several Seconds"

  • Q312391, "ISA Firewall Client Shows Connection to Server Name Instead of IP Address"

Inclusive list of updates
Inclusive List of Updates Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Q313249, "List of Bugs Fixed by Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 Service Packs"

Installation Overview of Service Pack 1

  • ISA Server Service Pack 1 now available at

Note that the above link is one path; it has been wrapped for readability.

Sp1 re release
SP1 Re-Release Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Important:  Microsoft previously recommended that customers who had deployed SP1 on the original release in mid-January, and were not using the SMTP filter, should continue to use SP1. Customers who downloaded and deployed SP1 before January 24, 2002 are strongly encouraged to install the most current version of SP1 on all computers running ISA Server over their current version. 

  • To determine which version of SP1 you have installed, look at the build version number. The new build version of SP1 is 1200.166. If you have build version 1200.165, you should apply the new SP1 build over your current SP1.

Major improvements
Major Improvements Overview of Service Pack 1

  • Registry key "UseISAAddressInPublishing" to allow full-NAT with server publishing

  • Registry key to "AddFrontEndHttpsHeader" to enable SSL Offloading to work with OWA

  • Adds support for Windows .NET server products

  • Stability improvements

  • Functionality improvements

Thank you for joining us for Today’s Microsoft Support Overview of Service Pack 1


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