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Guidelines for Living Space

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Guidelines for Living Space How to Design the Living Areas OBJECTIVES Discuss the location of living rooms and dining rooms Evaluate floor plans for living space Design living and dining space List the appropriate square footage of living and dining rooms Living Space Living Space

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guidelines for living space

Guidelines for Living Space

How to Design the Living Areas



  • Discuss the location of living rooms and dining rooms
  • Evaluate floor plans for living space
  • Design living and dining space
  • List the appropriate square footage of living and dining rooms
living space4
Living Space
  • The living area serves 2 groups:family members and guest
  • They are places for conversation, recreation,dining, entertaining, enjoying hobbies and relaxing
location living room
Location – Living room
  • Usually is the main focal point of the front or back of the house
  • The view you have out the front or back may determine where in the house it is located
  • Noise level in the surrounding outside area may determine its location
  • Its best to have an entry way or foyer so one does not enter straight into the living area
  • If there is a separate dining room, it should be adjacent to the living room
  • A formal living room should be away from interior noises as well (kitchen)
  • It should be away from the bedrooms so the activities of the living area does not disturb bedrooms
size and arrangement
Size andArrangement
  • Will be determined:
  • By the number of people who use it
  • How it will be used
  • The furniture and the size of the other rooms
  • The living room is one of the largest rooms in the house
size and arrangement8
Size andArrangement
  • If there is an adjacent patio, porch, deck or balcony the size will be affected
  • Can make a room look larger, more open and extend the use
size and arrangement9
Size andArrangement
  • The main furniture grouping in a living room is call the primary conversation area
  • Will usually be in a circular shape
  • Primary conv. Area should be a t least an 8-10 ft circle
size and arrangement10
Size and Arrangement
  • The room should be at least 10 to 14 ft to accommodate the conv. circle
  • If the room is larger than 14 ft, you can have a secondary furniture grouping
  • This usually is small for reading etc., small group conversation
living space dining room
Living SpaceDining Room
  • Houses can have 1 or 2 dining rooms
  • An informal dining area in the kitchen (or kitchen nook), or combined with living room
  • Formal stand alone room
dining rooms13
Dining Rooms
  • To have a separate formal dining area will depend on the family lifestyle
  • The primary purpose is to eat, can be used for other purposes
  • There are 2 basic types of dining rooms1) closed2) open
dining rooms14
Dining Rooms
  • Closed – is a separate room from the living room and kitchen
  • Open – is an extension of the living room or kitchen
  • The dining room should be next to the kitchen and near the living room(look at floor plan 3-10 page 46)
size and arrangement16
Size and Arrangement
  • The minimum size needed for a dining area for 4 people is 80 sq ft
  • A room of a 120 sq ft can seat 4 and have room for a buffet
size and arrangement17
Size and Arrangement
  • A room of 180 sq ft can seat 4-8 and have a buffet and hutch(page 47 – 3-11)
  • Approximately 3 ft of table length for each seated person
size and arrangement18
Size and Arrangement
  • At least 32 in of space is needed between the table edge and the wall(page 47 – 3-12)
  • About 36-44 in. is needed to walk around seated persons to serve food
family rooms20
Family Rooms
  • Having a family room and living room allows for active and passive activities
  • When have both rooms, living room is passive and family room is active
  • Family rooms are more informal in their decor
family rooms21
  • Other names: great, media, play, recreation, etc.
  • If there is no living room, the family room becomes the center focus of the house
  • Located near the kitchen
  • Want a relaxed open atmosphere
  • There is not set rule for placement
  • Many people turn basements or attics into family rooms
  • Basements are large and control noise level
  • May want it next to the kitchen, then everyone can participate
  • May want it located next to outdoor activity areas, such as pool or patio
  • (look at page 48 & 49 – 3-13 &3-14)
size arrangement
Size & Arrangement
  • Size will depend on the number of family members and activities
  • A space of 12’x16’ is the minimum
  • Need to consider storage areas – this is a must for certain types of activities
size arrangement25
Size & Arrangement
  • Furniture should be durable, comfortable and serviceable
  • Floor surfaces are important to consider for the type of activity
patios decks
Patios & Decks
  • Constructed at grade level
  • Materials should be durable, withstand outdoor climate
  • Be categorized into 3 areas: Play, Living, and Quiet
patios decks28
Patios & Decks
  • Play patio – located near the family room – active play
  • Living Patio – located near the living room – usually the largest of the 3 types – if used for eating needs to be near the kitchen
patios decks29
Patios & Decks
  • Quiet patio – located near the quiet side of the homeusually around the bedroomsused for relaxing, reading, sleeping, etc.
  • Similar in use as to patios and decks
  • They differ from patios in that they are raised above ground and are covered
  • Often located in front of main entrance
  • Provides shelter and protects the entrance from the elements
  • Shape and size should fit the dwelling
  • Taken from early Spanish designs
  • Resemble patios; but they are partially or completely enclosed by a wall
  • Used for relaxing, outside dining, etc.
  • Usually found where climates are very mild
  • Located one story above ground level
  • Is usually covered
  • Usually will have a porch under it