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BANNER ATTRIBUTES. Using Banner Attributes. Uses of Attributes. As Extension of the Chart of Accounts To Add Reporting Flexibility To Enhance Accounting Controls. Using Banner Attributes.

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Using Banner Attributes

Uses of Attributes

  • As Extension of the Chart of Accounts

  • To Add Reporting Flexibility

  • To Enhance Accounting Controls

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Using Banner Attributes

  • Allows for groupings of similar information without having to build structure into account, fund or org codes

  • Provides a controlled method to classifying large groups of data

  • Enables dynamic reporting

Extension of the Chart of Accounts

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Using Banner Attributes

  • 990 Reporting

  • NSF Survey

  • NCAA Annual Audit

  • Internal Financial Reports

Adds Reporting Flexibility

  • Changes more easily applied

  • Easier to maintain consistency

  • At Lehigh codes used for:

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Using Banner Attributes

  • Authorization Verification

  • Reoccurring Entry Calculations

  • Report Distribution Control

To Enhance Accounting Controls

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Creating Banner Attributes

Will Attributes Work?

  • What are you trying to group/control?

  • Who is going to maintain it?

  • Is there another way?

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Roll up by Entity

Roll up by Accounts

Creating Banner Attributes

Lay It All Out – Be Specific

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Creating Banner Attributes

  • FTMCOAS – Define Set usage within COA

  • FTMATTT – Maintain TYPE codes

  • FTMATTS – Maintain SET codes

  • FTMATTV – Maintain valid VALUES

Forms Used to Create Attribute

Must be set up in the order as shown

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Creating Banner Attributes


  • All TYPE codes are maintained on one table

  • Each TYPE code can be associated with multiple FOAPAL elements

  • Sample of TYPE codes used at Lehigh:

  • 990IILIN – linked to accounts for 990 line items

  • 990IICOL – linked to funds/orgs for 990 columns

  • NCAALIN – linked to accounts for NCAA reporting

  • AUTH* – linked to funds/orgs for authorized signers

  • FDST* – linked to funds/orgs for report distribution

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Creating Banner Attributes


  • All SET codes maintained on one table

  • Used to further combine TYPEs for reporting purposes

  • Not required to use Attributes

  • Once initialized [FTMCOAS] is permanent

  • SET usage is initialized at Lehigh

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Banner Form FTMATTS

To create a new set:

Enter Chart of Accounts

Fill in code and description

Select FOAPAL element

Click on menu option “Select Attribute Types to Associate with Set

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Check TYPES to include

When complete select save

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Creating Banner Attributes


  • Specific values defined for each attribute TYPE

  • All VALUES, by TYPE, are on one table

  • Refine FOAPAL element(s) that can use it (e.g., FUND only, ORGN only, BOTH - based on TYPE FOAPAL definition)

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Applying the Attributes

Assigning the Attributes on Banner


  • VIEWED via form FTIFATA

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Select a FOAPAL and Criteria

To View Associations use form FTIFATA

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Working with the Attributes

Putting the Attributes to work

Oracle Tables for use via Access:



  • FIMSMGR_FTRATTS – Sets w/Type

  • FIMSMGR_FTRATTV – Type w/Values

  • FIMSMGR_FTVATTS – Valid Sets only

  • FIMSMGR_FTVATTT – Valid Types only

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Working with the Attributes

Putting the Attributes to work

  • Join Attribute Tables to Data tables via Microsoft Access

  • Key field(s) for join dependent on defined FOAPAL relationship of attribute and data being queried

  • Once joined, all attributes TYPE, SET, VALUES and descriptions are available for selecting, summarizing, printing, etc.

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