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Applying Spiral Dynamics

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Applying Spiral Dynamics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applying Spiral Dynamics. Read the vMEMEs Communicate with the vMEMEs Organize through the vMEMEs Manage to the vMEMEs Recruit, select, train, place etc. Tailor management systems to match LC’s and vMEME capacities Build communities, education, governance to fit the vMEMEs

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applying spiral dynamics
Applying Spiral Dynamics
  • Read the vMEMEs
  • Communicate with the vMEMEs
  • Organize through the vMEMEs
  • Manage to the vMEMEs
    • Recruit, select, train, place etc.
    • Tailor management systems to match LC’s and vMEME capacities
    • Build communities, education, governance to fit the vMEMEs
  • Prepare for vMEME change
beige an vmeme profile
Beige (AN) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen
    • Newborn Infants
    • Remote isolated tribes
    • Senile elderly
    • Alzheimer’s victims
    • Severe addicts
beige communication strategies
Beige Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Caretaker, provider
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Biological senses
      • Offer food, water, sex;
    • Physical contact rather than symbols
      • Input through basic senses; touch/caress to give reassurance (if safe)
    • Recognize the intelligences which are there
purple communication strategies
Purple Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Caring chieftain, shaman, counsel from revered elders
    • Signals and omens from spirit realm, word of ancestors
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Traditional rites, rituals, ceremonies
    • Mystical elements and superstitions and magic
    • Recognizes blood bonds, the folk, group
    • Familiar metaphors, drawings and emblems
    • Minimal reliance on written language
    • Give tokens / tangible goods and show honor to ancestors
red cp vmeme profile
Red (CP) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (20% of the population)
    • Rebellious youth
    • Business mavericks
    • Wild rock stars
    • Frontier mentalities
    • Epic heroes
  • Positive Aspects
    • Energetic and action oriented
    • Unconstrained and creative
    • Courageous, daring and willing to take chances
  • Negative Aspects
    • Inflated ego, self image, unrealistically grand
    • Oblivious to the needs of others
    • May exploit without guilt to fulfill desire
red communication strategies
Red Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Person with recognized power
    • One with something to offer
    • Respected, revered, feared celebrated “Idol” with reputation
    • Someone of proven trustworthiness
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Demonstrate “What’s in it for me NOW?”
    • Offer “immediate gratification if…”
    • Challenges and appeals to machismo/strength
    • Flashy; to-the point, unambiguous, reality based, strong
    • Simple language, fiery images/graphics
blue dq vmeme profile
Blue (DQ) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (40% of the population)
    • Puritan America, Confucian China, Singapore Discipline
    • Codes of chivalry and honor
    • Religious (Christian and Islamic) fundamentalism
  • Positive Aspects
    • Responsible, Loyal, Dutiful, Obedient to rightful authority
    • Charitable with keen moral sense
    • Concern for justice
    • Dependable
  • Negative Aspects
    • Rigid, Intolerant and judgmental
    • Authoritarian, punitive, fanatical
    • Believes own way is the only way
blue communication strategies
Blue Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Rightful proper kind of authority
    • Down the chain of command
    • In compliance with tradition and precedent
    • As directed by divinely ordained Power
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Duty, honor, country images of discipline
    • Self-sacrifice for higher cause and purpose
    • Appeal to traditions, laws & established norms
    • Use class consciousness, knowing one’s place
    • Insure future rewards & delayed gratification
    • Relieve guilt with correct consequences
    • Punctuality, stability/order
orange er vmeme profile
Orange (ER) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (30% of the population)
    • Emerging middle classes around the world
    • Wall Street, Riviera, Corporate raiders & take overs
    • Materialism
    • Fashion
  • Positive Aspects
    • Productive, Goal Oriented, Focused on results/outcomes
    • Entrepreneurial and calculating
    • Energized and motivational
  • Negative Aspects
    • Materialistic and self absorbed
    • Short sighted
    • Compulsive to achieve & have more control
    • Power hungry and cold blooded
orange communication strategies
Orange Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • One’s own right thinking mind
    • Successful mentors and models
    • Credible professionals and gurus
    • Prosperous, successful elite contacts
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Appeal to competitive advantage and leverage
    • Success motivations and achieving abundance
    • Bigger, better, newer, faster, more popular, FASHIONABLE
    • Citations of experts and selected authorities
    • Experimental data, good science, cutting edge
    • Profit, productivity, quality, results, win
    • Demonstrate as best of several options
    • Treat like VIP, make deals and bargains
green fs vmeme profile
Green (FS) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (10% of the population)
    • Greenpeace, Animal rights
    • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Company, Body Shop
    • Scandinavia, West Coast USA
  • Positive Aspects
    • Inclusive of others
    • Consensus seeking and collaborative
    • Empathic, sensitive and concerned about broader human issues
  • Negative Aspects
    • Imposes blinding “group-think” (all join or else)
    • Fuzzy, soft
    • Overlooks uniqueness
    • Consensus bound
    • Indecisive
green communication strategies
Green Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Consensual communitarian norms
    • Enlightened friend/colleague
    • Outcome of participation/sharing
    • Result of enlightenment
    • Observation of events here and now
    • Relative to situation and people at hand
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Enhance belonging, sharing, harmony of groups
    • Sensitive to human issues and care for others
    • Expand awareness and understanding of inner self
    • Symbols of equity, humanity and bonding
    • Gentle language along with nature imagery
    • Build trust, openness, tolerance and exploration
    • Consensus decisions & teamwork
    • Liberation of the oppressed
    • Acceptance of human weakness and foibles
    • Corporate citizenship; community involvement
yellow gt vmeme profile
Yellow (GT) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (1% of the population)
    • Chaos Theory
    • Adizes
    • Jedi Knights
  • Positive Aspects
    • Impacts quality and richness of life
    • Information oriented
    • Enjoys variety and new challenges
    • Sees complexity in big and smaller picture
    • Flexible and lives in life’s flows without status needs
  • Negative Aspects
    • Intolerant of others who appear incompetent
    • ???
yellow communication strategies
Yellow Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Any useful information source
    • May adopt BEIGE through GREEN
    • Competent, Relevant
    • Merge formal sources with hunches
    • Individualized explorations
    • Media congruent with message
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Interactive, relevant media self-accessible
    • Functional “lean” information without fluff
    • Big picture, total systems, integrations
    • Connect data across fields for holistic view
    • Self connecting to systems and others usefully
    • Systems that produce in appropriate and sustainable ways
turquoise hu vmeme profile
Turquoise (HU) vMEME Profile
  • Where seen (<1% of the population)
    • Gandhi’s pluralistic harmony
    • Yogis
    • Ken Wilber?
    • Yoda
  • Positive Aspects
    • Expansive global viewpoint
    • Sees many interconnects
    • Complex without complications
    • Holistic, experiential, broad ranging
  • Negative Aspects
    • Often surreal, out of touch
    • Disconnected from the ordinary
    • Misses some essential (mundane) details
turquoise communication strategies
Turquoise Communication Strategies
  • Best Source
    • Experience in discovery
    • Learning in communal network
    • Any being in the TURQUOISE sphere
    • Knowing systems across the planet
    • Reawakened deep brain capacities
    • Reliance on holistic consciousness
  • Best-Fit Approach
    • Multi-dimensional chunks of insight
    • Multi-tiered consciousness
    • Renewed spirituality & sacrifice to whole
    • Ecological interdependency and interconnections
    • Macro (global) solutions to macro problems
    • Community beyond nationalities or partisanship
    • Survival of life on the planet

“You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller