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Graphics and Client Design

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Graphics and Client Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graphics and Client Design . Overall Game Design Doug Camin. The Watson Game. Opens to splash screen User enters login\pass and either creates player or accesses existing. Game Play. Win by achieving a 4.0 GPA Earn GPA by completing challenges

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graphics and client design

Graphics and Client Design

Overall Game Design

Doug Camin

the watson game
The Watson Game
  • Opens to splash screen
  • User enters login\pass and either creates player or accesses existing
game play
Game Play
  • Win by achieving a 4.0 GPA
  • Earn GPA by completing challenges
  • Advance through classes by completing set number of challenges
game display
Game Display
  • Top portion of screen shows building and can be navigated with mouse or keyboard
  • Lower portion is view port, shows necessary game information:
    • Knapsack
    • Map
    • GPA
    • Elapsed challenge time
  • Challenges are linear – only one at a time
  • Game has six predefined challenges
    • All are stored on server, can be changed
  • Challenge grade based on two main factors:
    • Time to completion (elapsed time)
    • Pre-defined attributes for character
challenges continued
Challenges Continued
  • To complete a challenge, user must:
    • Have all items to complete challenge in knapsack
    • Select all items required and click “Complete Challenge” button
  • If challenge is not completed in time allotted, .25 subtracted from GPA
  • The game has eight items for use:
    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • Computer
    • Soda
    • Candy Bar
    • Money
    • Books
    • Printer (or printed pages)
winning the game
Winning The Game
  • Each player wins when they achieve a 4.0 GPA
challenge class
Challenge Class
  • In client, this class will load and store all challenge information from the server
  • Information loaded at start time
  • Provides interface to locally access current game challenges
the knapsack
The Knapsack

Presented by

Samantha Weitzman

item class objects
Item Class Objects
  • int Item_ID
  • string item_Type
  • Contain methods to retrieve the ID and Type
predefined item types



candy bar



Predefined Item Types
knapsack class
Knapsack Class
  • Contains a vector of Items
  • Methods to add, remove, & use Items
    • insert_Item(string item_name)
    • insert_Item(int item_id)
    • remove_Item(string item_name)
    • remove_Item(int item_id)
    • Item use_Item(string item_name)
    • Item use_Item(int item_id)
knapsack interaction
Knapsack Interaction
  • When a player ‘uses’ the group of items for a challenge, they are ‘removed’ from the knapsack and placed back into the game play
player creation

Player Creation

Presented by Dominic Tsang

client side implementation
Client Side Implementation
  • Class named PersonClass
  • We are client group so this is strictly our implementation but it will be pretty important to others as well
  • Relevant for:
    • Group 1:
      • Challenge Information
    • Group 3:
      • Character Creation
      • Challenge Dispatching
personclass object
PersonClass Object
  • PersonClass
    • Holds private variables such as GPA, attributes
  • KnapSackClass
    • Exists within PersonClass
person attributes
Person Attributes
  • Decided through group development
  • Attributes can only be raised through initial distribution or through task completions
  • So far we have decided:
    • Stamina – how well a character deals with the unremitting cascade of work a CS major is expected to face
    • Humor – see poor attempt above
    • Health – undecided on its affects on game play
    • Intelligence -undecided
    • 1 more planned! Input welcome!
flow diagram
Flow Diagram

Main Client Program


Other Client Side Classes


personclass also contains information on
PersonClass Also Contains Information On…
  • Position of player
  • Completed task count
  • Character name
  • Current challenge attempting
  • …more to come
    • Student standing?
    • Fatigue?
additional comments
Additional comments…
  • Logically this class will act as the file to be “saved”
  • Will have no direct connection to anything but knapsack and main client program – all server and db communication handled through protocol handler
graphics and client design22

Graphics and Client Design

User Interface

Mo, JianYi

class hotspot
Class HotSpot
  • predefined
  • Representation
    • Rectangle
  • Where?
    • Hallway and offices
class hotspot24
Class HotSpot
  • Types
    • Item (1)
    • Challenge (2)
  • Player can acquire the item
  • Player must accept the challenge
class interactionmanager
Class InteractionManager
  • manipulates the interaction between the player and the challenge






  • Challenge
    • Linear (one at a time)
    • Caused by collision with hot spots
  • Manager class will start timer on the challenge
  • GPA increases if the play completed the

Challenges on time

  • If the play completed the challenge, the manager will update the attributes of the player and the items in the knapsack
protocol handler overview








Protocol Handler Overview
protocol interface
Protocol Interface
  • The main class used by the client program to communicate with server.
  • Note the order of communication.
protocol interface methods
Protocol Interface Methods
  • Connect to Server
  • Login User
  • Load User , Save User, Create New User
  • Get Current Player List
  • Update Game State
  • Get Knapsack Info
  • Get Challenge Info
  • Get Item Info
  • Disconnect
message handler
Message Handler
  • Packets will be sent to the server through this class. The type of packet to send is determined by the Protocol Interface.
  • Contains a queue of messages being sent to the server. Server may be busy.
    • Messages will not contain a priority, all packets are of equal importance.
  • Incoming data from the server will be sent to the appropriate client object.
    • Example: Information about Person will be sent directly to Person Object.
message types
Message Types
  • Contains the structure of the different packets to be sent to the server.
  • A save packet will have different information than a load items packet.
  • These types must be recognized by the server. This is done be having a standardized ID for each packet type.
  • Contains all protocol logic such as send and receive packet.
  • Also used to connect to a server listening on specific port and IP.
  • Provided by Todd Barron.
graphics handling and gui

Graphics Handling and GUI

Bedros Magardichian

gui and game scenes
GUI and Game Scenes
  • Menu Scene- Log in screen and select gaming options
  • GamePlay Scene- Display 3D world and stats viewport
  • Knapsack Scene- Display contents of knapsack
  • Challenge Scene- Display Challenge Screen
game scene inheritance
Game Scene Inheritance



Displays Menu


3D game play and Viewport


Display visual knapsack


  • 3D OpenGL
  • Navigate through 3D model of Watson Building
  • Final model will include textures to represent Watson building
  • First person video game walking- look with mouse- walk with keyboard
  • Collision Detection from generated mesh
  • Issues – passage ways must accommodate diameter of collision sphere of person
error handler
Error Handler
  • Accessible by all classes of the client program.
  • User may post error messages to the Error Handler object.
    • Can force a save game state, to help prevent corruption of data.
    • Writes error message to log file
    • Displays error message on screen
    • Can send error message to the server