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Emergency Action Plan

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Emergency Action Plan. Medical Coverage Guidelines Shannon Spooner, ATS. Emergency Action Plan . LARGE sporting events…what do you do about medical coverage?. vs. Emergency Action Plan . What qualifies as a large event?. 100 participants? 1000? What about the crowd?.

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emergency action plan

Emergency Action Plan

Medical Coverage Guidelines

Shannon Spooner, ATS

emergency action plan2
Emergency Action Plan

LARGE sporting events…what do you do about medical coverage?


emergency action plan3
Emergency Action Plan
  • What qualifies as a large event?
  • 100 participants? 1000?
  • What about the crowd?
emergency action plan4
Emergency Action Plan

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians:

“…event that accounts for large numbers of participants, anticipated injury and illness, variable environment, repeated games or matches, and mixed age groups of varying athletic ability…”

emergency action plan5
Emergency Action Plan
  • Budget
  • Spectators
  • Participants
  • In season vs. out of season
  • Indoor vs. outdoor
  • Personnel available
emergency action plan6
Emergency Action Plan
  • ~75 Athletic Training Students
  • 43 in the program
  • 7 Certified Athletic Trainers
  • 5 Spring Sports

“…we provide more on-sight medical coverage than many universities across the nation…”

-Lock Haven University Athletic Training EAP

emergency action plan7
Emergency Action Plan

Can we say “SPOILED”?

emergency action plan8
Emergency Action Plan
  • Responsibilities:
    • Ensure safety of competition
    • Evaluate risks
    • Check the weather
    • Insurance
    • Consult with physician
    • Check protocols
emergency action plan9
Emergency Action Plan
  • NCAA
  • PIAA
  • NATA
  • Boston Marathon

Suggestions from some organizations:

emergency action plan10
Emergency Action Plan
  • NCAA
    • Everyone is responsible for care
    • Guideline 1a (2001-2002)
      • Availability and accessibility to medical resources should be based on established medical criteria (e.g., injury rates, rehabilitation) rather than the sport itself
emergency action plan11
Emergency Action Plan
  • PIAA
    • Coverage procedures vary with sport
      • Collision sports
        • May displace opponent
        • May not displace opponent
      • Non-contact sports
emergency action plan12
Emergency Action Plan
  • NATA
    • Position Statement
      • #3 – EAP needs to identify necessary personnel
      • #4 – equipment
      • #5 – communication
      • #6 – specific to activity
    • Non-contact sports still need considered
emergency action plan13
Emergency Action Plan
  • Boston Marathon
    • Main focus before race
      • Prevention
      • Coordination - staff and city
      • Legal situation
    • Main focus on race day
      • Stop progression of further injury/illness
      • Quick response
      • Prevent emergency room overload
emergency action plan14
Emergency Action Plan


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