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CEE’s Data Center & Server Exploration PowerPoint Presentation
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CEE’s Data Center & Server Exploration

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CEE’s Data Center & Server Exploration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CEE’s Data Center & Server Exploration. June 13, 2007 General Session Presented by: Denise Rouleau. Overview. History Background Data Center Overview Opportunity Recommendations Next Steps. History.

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Presentation Transcript
cee s data center server exploration

CEE’sData Center & ServerExploration

June 13, 2007

General Session

Presented by: Denise Rouleau

  • History
  • Background
  • Data Center Overview
  • Opportunity
  • Recommendations
  • Next Steps
  • In January, the CEE Board authorized DC & Server exploration – findings to be reported in June
  • In February, exploratory committee first convened
  • Assessed the energy efficiency opportunities and potential CEE roles
  • Recommending that the Board authorize an organizational committee to have an ongoing presence in this work area
data centers
Data Centers

Are vital to the U.S. economy

Require ever increasing amounts of energy to operate

Can consume 25 to 50 times more electricity per sq. ft. than office space

With electric cost per sq/ft 15%-40% greater than office space

data center definition
Data Center Definition
  • A facility that contains concentrated equipment to perform one of more of the following functions:
    • Store
    • Manage
    • Process
    • And exchange digital data and information

LBNL Research Road Map

characteristics of a data center
Characteristics of a Data Center
  • House IT equipment such as:
    • Computers
    • Servers (e.g. web, application and database)
    • Mainframe computers
    • Switches, routers, data storage devices, load balancers
    • Wire cages or closets, vaults, racks
  • Security and reliability
  • Raised floors
  • Specialized computer room AC systems
  • Redundant and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
space type size
Space Type/Size

Who Owns Them?

  • Practically every mid-sized or larger company has some kind of data center
  • Larger companies often have dozens of centers
  • Most large cities have many data center buildings
  • Cuts across virtually all markets
  • Server Closet
  • Server Room
  • Localized Data Center
  • Mid-Tier Data Center
  • Enterprise Data Center

(Server Farms)

enterprise data centers server farms
Enterprise Data Centers/Server Farms

Google is building two computing centers, top and left, each the size of a football field, in Dalles, Ore.

Data Center

Energy Use

Data Center

Energy Forecast

It is projected that DC & server electricity use will more than double from 2006 to 2011:

From 59 billion kWh to 119 billion kWh (2.8% of electric use)

If current trends continue could slow the rise to 103 billion kWh

In 2005 data centers used:

  • About 45 billion kWh — roughly 1.2% of all U.S. electricity consumption (comparable to the amount used for color TVs)
  • About 2.6 million kW (power demand)

Energy Use

Server Energy


Volume servers will grow more than 50% from 2005 by 2010, while mid- and high-range servers will decline 20-30%

If power per server remains constant—server electricity use will increase by 40%

If power use per unit increases—server electricity use will increase by 76%

  • Electricity use of servers doubled from 2000-2005
  • Aggregate growth rate of 14% in USA
  • 2005 total usage is 23 billion kWh (0.6% of U.S. electricity consumption)
this growth is primarily due to increases in
This Growth is Primarily Due to Increases in:
  • The number of data centers
  • The server market that could double in 4 years (from 2.8 million units in 2005 to 4.9 million units in 2009)
  • The energy intensity of equipment (more powerful equipment)
  • The power density of racks and data centers (more equipment in smaller space)
typical data center energy end use
Typical Data Center Energy End Use

Server Processor 50%

Cooling Systems 35%

Other 13%

(power distribution

about 11% of other)

Lighting 2%

Source: Alliance to Save Energy 1/2007

industry market characterization
Industry & Market Characterization
  • Data Centers are running out of space,cooling and power
    • Cost of building a data center is significant
    • Operations costs have significantly increased as % of IT budget (power & cooling)
    • Difficulty achieving cooling needs
    • Utilities can’t always meet the energy demands
industry market characterization14
Industry & Market Characterization
  • Rapidly changing technology
  • Operators are risk adverse
  • Facility & IT managers don’t always communicate
  • IT managers and equipment manufacturers are motivated to take action

There is a Buzz about this Topic—Industry has Taken Notice

Hiding in Plain Sight, Google Seeks More Power

Tech firms get green by trimming big energy bills

Electricity-hungry equipment, combined with rising energy prices, are devouring data center budgets.

A new push for energy efficiency in the computer Industry is sparking a bare-knuckles brawl, with companies competing to add performance and save power.

SPEC forms server efficiency committee

Data Centers Hog Energy and Are Paying Steeply

data center efficiency opportunities
Data Center Efficiency Opportunities
  • Improving the efficiency of the data center facility and systems
  • Improving the efficiency of the IT equipment
    • By improving the performance of the server, energy savings can be compounded by reducing energy losses and cooling loads
a lot of activity in this area
A Lot of Activity In this Area
  • DOE (Industrial Technologies Program-” Save Energy Now”)
  • Industry Organizations taking action (Green Grid, and SPEC)
  • LBNL
  • Manufacturers
  • Member Programs (PG&E and Austin Energy)

To establish:

  • An organizational committee
  • A general work area framework

To enable CEE members to:

  • Establish relevance in this fast-paced target market
  • Fully leverage the numerous activities underway
  • Identify and evaluate the many claims of EE or “green” DC


Given “newness” of industry objectives include:

Building consistent consensus-based definitions, understanding of the industry, and knowledge of data center and server systems

Identifying, clarifying and helping to validate energy efficiency opportunities

Identifying recommended program strategies to help increase the energy efficiency of data centers and servers over and above that of the industry itself


Work area scope:

  • Cover existing and new data centers
  • Include the broad range of data center types and sizes
    • Enterprise data centers
    • Corporate data centers
    • Server rooms
    • Data closets
  • Key related systems including:
    • Building infrastructure,
    • Power supplies and HVAC
next steps
Next Steps
  • CEE Board to vote on ongoing presence in work area
  • If authorized, CEE will convene committee
  • Develop work plan and plan activities
  • Begin work
to participate on the committee
To Participate on the Committee

Contact: Jason Erwin

CEE Commercial Program Manager


please join us this afternoon data center and server exploration

Pleasejoin us this afternoon: Data Center and Server Exploration