cakes chapter 24 section 4 l.
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Cakes Chapter 24 Section 4

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Cakes Chapter 24 Section 4. Foods 2. Cakes. Accurate measurement is essential for good results. 2 basic types of cakes 1. Shortened -made with solid fat (butter margarine, or shortening) and a variety of flavors. Leavened by baking powder/soda.

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  • Accurate measurement is essential for good results.

2 basic types of cakes

    • 1. Shortened-made with solid fat (butter margarine, or shortening) and a variety of flavors. Leavened by baking powder/soda.
      • Examples: chocolate surprise cake, volcano cake, box cakes.
      • Pound cakes: no chemical leavener, air and steam are the leaveners.
    • 2. Foam cakes (unshortened)- leavened with egg whites and air, or steam during baking.
      • Examples; angel food and chiffon cakes.
mixing methods for shortened cakes
Mixing Methods for Shortened Cakes
  • Standard mixing method (electric mixer)
    • Cream fat and sugar
    • Beat eggs in (one at a time)
    • Sift dry ingredients
    • Mix liquid together
    • Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture alternating with liquid
mixing method for shortened cakes
Mixing Method for Shortened Cakes
  • One bowl method
    • Sift dry ingredients
    • Then add fats, liquids, flavorings, and beat
    • Eggs are added last
baking shortened cakes
Baking Shortened Cakes
  • Pans- many shapes and sizes
  • Doneness-how do you check?
  • Look-rounded golden
foam cakes
Foam Cakes

Angel food cakes

Use egg whites only

These cakes contain NO fat

Sponge Cakes

Beat egg yolks into foamed egg whites

Chiffon cakes

Include fat: yolks and oil. Use beaten egg whites. Include leaveners: baking powder, baking soda.

Cross between foam and shortened.

Have large volume, but are not as light as unshortened cakes.

baking foam cakes
Baking Foam Cakes
  • Pans: ungreased, tube pan
  • Doneness: push lightly with finger, golden color
  • Cooling: upside down
cake ingredients
Cake Ingredients
  • Flour: structure, gluten holds the levening gases. Cake flour makes the product lighter and fluffier
    • (lower protein content=less gluten)
  • Sugar: gives sweetness and tenderizes gluten
  • Eggs-flavor and color, coagulation of eggs gives cakes more structure. Eggs hold air and trap steam.
cake ingredients9
Cake Ingredients
  • Liquid-provides moisture and helps blend all ingredients together.
  • Fat-tenderizes gluten
  • Levening agent-baking soda/baking powder
  • Cream of tartar- in angel food cake and sponge cake- makes egg whites lighter and cake grain finer, stabilizes egg white foam.
  • Flavoring-spices,extracts,fruit,salt,nuts, poppy seeds, etc.
decorating cakes
Decorating Cakes
  • Cakes are often frosted. Since frostings are usually high in fat, sugar, and calories, you may want to try some of these alternatives:
  • Glaze: powdered sugar and milk or juice.
  • Sift powdered sugar over the top.