never run out o f product packaging again n.
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How to Handle Packaging Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Handle Packaging Requirements

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How to Handle Packaging Requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nothing is worse than running out of packaging materials and handling over a product as is. It simply is not an option, especially if you want to avoid delays and eventually letting your customers down. Click through for some tips on how to handle your packaging requirements.

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never run out o f product packaging again

Never Run Out

of Product Packaging


we often have customers call us up really

We often have customers call us up really stressed out that they've run out of packaging. While often we can actually help what we want to do is make sure they avoid that stress and have adequate packaging all year round.

It's important to be prepared when you're placing your orders. Have a look at what you've got left. Perhaps you need to have a look at a system that allows you to keep track of what your packaging is that you have in stock. This will allow you to remain stress-free, get your orders out to your customers by avoiding those unnecessary delays.

Have a reminder to check stock. That way you know how much packaging you've got. If you don't have a specific inventory system to manage your stock levels when it comes to your packing boxes, you can use something as simple as a piece of paper or a Post-It note. Just put it in as a marker, so when you know that your reach that Post-It note or slip of paper that you're ready to order.

place your order with us we ll get them

Place your order with us. We'll get them out and manufactured to you in time, so you never run out of packing boxes. Keep in mind that most of our packaging boxes are made to order, so you need to allow that five to 10 business days plus transport time as well. So don’t leave it to the last minute. Make sure you’re keeping track of what packaging you have in stock and order in advance. Allow for that time frame for the boxes to be manufactured and sent to you.

in this video


PackQueen discusses some simple tips on how you can prevent running out of packing boxes for your products.

Click through to watch the video.

keep your business well stocked with boxes

Keep your business well-stocked with boxes.

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