mechanical power transmission n.
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Transmitting power over distance and time

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Transmitting power over distance and time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electrical power transmission has replaced mechanical power transmission everywhere except very shortest distances. What is worth remembering, however, is that from the 16th century through the industrial revolution to the end of the 19th century mechanical power transmission was the norm – even for long distances.

  • The oldest long-distance power transmission technology involved systems of push-rods connecting waterwheels to distant mine-drainage and brine-well pumps. This technology survived into the 21st century in a handful of oilfields in the US, transmitting power from a central pumping engine to the numerous pump-jacks in the oil field.

Mechanical power may be transmitted directly using a solid structure such as a driveshaft; transmission gears can adjust the amount of torque or force vs. speed in much the same way an electrical transformer adjusts voltage vs current.

  • Hydraulic systems use liquid under pressure to transmit power; canals and hydroelectric power generation facilities harness natural water power to lift ships or generate electricity.
  • Pneumatic systems use gases under pressure to transmit power; compressed air is commonly used to operate pneumatic tools in factories and repair garages. A pneumatic wrench can be used to remove and install automotive tyres far more quickly than could be done with standard manual hand tools.

Belt performance is enhanced by superior pulley performance. High quality pulleys can significantly increase belt life.

  • Before installing pulleys, ensure that they are:

• Manufactured according to relevant standards to help ensure optimum performance

• Equipped with taper bushes for quick and accurate installation

• Corrosion resistance


Taper bushes provide an economical, easy, and efficient method of securing sprocket, pulleys and couplings to a wide range of standard metric and imperial dimensioned shafts of general commercial tolerances and finish. The taper surfaces on the bush and mating hub are driven together by high tensile screws, causing the split bush to be firmly contracted onto the shaft. The strong clamping force enables transmission of high torque.


Manufactured from grey cast iron which ensures consistently high quality product

  • Pulley and pulley groove specification conforms to IS 3142 & ISO 4183 standards
  • Precise surface finish ensure proper grip and wedging
  • Increased belt life reduces recurring purchase cost
  • Accurate and precise grooves to eliminate slippage of belts
  • Eliminates the chances of damage to the shaft, bearing, motor or machinery during installation and removal, as there is no need of hammering the pulleys
  • No special tool is required except a hexagonal key
  • Saves time in installation and removal of pulleys
  • Highly wear resistant. Statically balanced in general
  • Dynamic balancing of larger pulley is done on requirement basis
advantages of taper lock bush
Advantages of Taper Lock Bush:
  • • Ease of installation and removal. Reduces time and cost in fitting
  • • No need of re-boring, full range of both metric and imperial sizes are available
  • • Facilitates easy assemble / dissemble from pulley and other transmission parts
  • • Bushes are machined with standard key-ways