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transmission belts economical and eco friendly too n.
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Transmission belts – economical and eco-friendly, too PowerPoint Presentation
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Transmission belts – economical and eco-friendly, too

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Transmission belts – economical and eco-friendly, too
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Transmission belts – economical and eco-friendly, too

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  1. Transmission belts – economical and eco-friendly, too

  2. When one thinks of transmission belts, one rarely thinks about their contribution to the environment. But the fact remains that, directly or indirectly, transmission belts help the environment three ways: • By higher efficiency and reducing power consumption • By recycling manufacturing materials • By running machinery of eco-friendly industries • Pix Transmission Group has expanded its range of drive belts for industries. A new V-ribbed belt is working reliably in agricultural and construction machineries thanks to its highly wear-resistant fabric layer.

  3. In some of our belts, a protective textile layer offers protection from wear and tear. Pix now offer a new V-ribbed belt with a textile surface for industrial applications. The belt has a very low friction coefficient thanks to its pulley side, which is coated with a highly wear-resistant, extremely stable special fabric. This ensures a reliable drive. The textile layer protects the belt from wear, even in dusty and sandy environments. • This makes it particularly suitable for accessory drives. Different tests in agricultural and construction machinery have been successfully started.

  4. In the automotive industry, our belts have already proven their value. The fabric-reinforced belt running side ensures low levels of wear, optimum grip, and a maximum level of smooth running, even in conditions such as a cold engine start, humidity, or pulley misalignment.

  5. Environmentally friendly drive for all applications: • Our range of environmentally friendly belts aim to protect resources by using renewable raw materials, replace chemical components with natural ones, and lower energy consumption and emissions. • The consumer goods industry offers interesting application areas for the carbon black- and allergen-free timing belts, whether in kitchen and household appliances, money counting devices, or the gastronomy industry. An open-ended version of the belt can also be used in door and gate systems, for example.

  6. Our V belts are perfectly suited to ventilation systems in hospitals and care facilities, where a healthy indoor climate and pleasant temperatures are of crucial importance. The belt consists primarily of renewable resources. It contains no carbon black but is nonetheless electrically conductive. • Our heavy duty cogged raw edge V belt is extremely temperature-resistant. It allows sustainable drive solutions to be implemented throughout the machine and plant engineering industry.  • As the ecological awareness of users is growing, we are supporting manufacturers in designing environmentally friendly drive solutions for their products. With key technologies, innovative product solutions and full service – Pix is a strong partner for industries.