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Walking Tour Oxford PowerPoint Presentation
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Walking Tour Oxford

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Walking Tour Oxford - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Walking Tour Oxford

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  1. Walking Tour Oxford

  2. Oxford Sightseeing Bus Visit the city of dreaming spires to have a perfect escape from mundane life. Oxford Sightseeing Bus takes you at all the most-visit sightseeing that vacationers never forget to visit while coming to this vibrant city. With so many stops along the trip route, you are free to enjoy the most of your leisure time with best of captivating experience. Sightseeing in Oxford Oxford ranked at top position in the list of world’s renowned tourist spot has lot of fun to be enjoyed in the holidays. There are n numbers of Sightseeing in Oxford that vacationers never forget to visit. Examinational Hall, Christ Church College, Ashmolean Museum, Sheldonian Theatre, St Mary’s the Virgin, New Bodleian Library Bridge of Sighs, and many more attractions are there in city that are famous in walking tour.

  3. AboutUs Scholars Walk Tours one of the Oxford’s leading tour operator take visitors on magical, historical and wonderful trip by providing complete journey with excitement. 2 hour premium Oxford Walking Tours are approved by University History Faculty Alumni and has right to go inside all renowned Oxford sightseeing where visitors and other tour operators generally does not have access. The 75 professionally trained and experienced group of Oxford guides are University Alumni & Locals , members of National Professional Body, and Oxford Students. The highly qualified guide takes visitors at relaxing pace around the heart of world-renowned sites and historical city. They deliver the tour with a perfect blend of interesting anecdotes, untold stories of University graduates, amazing history, and facts. Plus point of Scholars Walk Tours is that they help tourists explore the city of dreaming spires along with enjoying an array of more fun-filled free Things to Do in Oxford after the tour.

  4. Oxford Sightseeing There are so many Oxford Sightseeing that are considered must-visit while coming to this city of dreaming spires surrounded by marvelous architecture. Oxford Martyrs actual burning site, Mysterious Emperors heads, School of Divinity, Narnia inspiration, Alice in Wonderland, The Tower of Five Orders, Official Church of Oxford University and Oldest Examination Hall of University of Oxford are most popular attractions in Oxford tour. City of Oxford Visit City of Oxford to explore the fascinating past of city, colleges and oldest university. It is undoubtedly the world renowned tourist destination where tourists follow footsteps of favorite film star Harry Potter, celebrated TV detective; explore the university graduates, famous people, and grandeur of splendid architecture. Scholars Walk Tours is leading tour operator aims to provide captivating experience with real excitement at an affordable prize.

  5. 15 Radcliffe Road, Oxford, United Kingdom OX4 4BX United Kingdom Website: