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Augmented Reality

New technology accelerates economic growth and enables to develop products through enhanced capabilities and mediating the reality of the real world. The presentation allows a peek into the future of Augmented Reality, how it will seek to change lives and where it may influence the personal view of the world. Full text available on:http://onvert.com/iwexpo12

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Augmented Reality

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Definition: The blending of the digital world and real world, generally based on location or recognised objects Full text available at onvert.com/iwexpo12

  2. Early days of the World Wide Web now seem slow and awkward. • Few thought it would be mainstream. • Technology rarely starts out as a smooth, easy, integrated item. Look at technologies with a “futurism” mind,thensee if it offers something profound

  3. Present:‘clumsy’ stage of smartphones & apps • 6-12 months:Google Glass & visors • 5-10 years:contact lenses • 25+ years:visual cortex?

  4. Superheroeshave specialabilities including: • Strength • Flight • Memory • Knowledge • X-Ray vision • Mind reading AR offers potential to boost a number (but not all) of these.

  5. Future AR will be worn, see everything you see, recognise it and show you more 3D object recognition Dynamic canvas:use of mobile device to calculate surface planes to show information relative to the viewer. Dynamic theatre:extension of canvas, planes are constructed around the viewer.

  6. Long term, intensive IT use changes the way we remember. Subconsciously, we choose to remember less as information is easily available. AR may stop us losing our keys, but we may forget we even owned some Humans are easily distracted. The temptation to text or use social networking while walking or driving already causes injuries. AR digital overlays will let us see a blended world with increasing believability

  7. Information we divulge regularly online doesn’t seem to trouble us due to relative anonymity. Facial recognition is rapidly developing. AR and social networking could be linked instantly. Facebook #2 could be the most powerful commercial entity in the real and digital world

  8. Full text available at onvert.com/iwexpo12

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