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WXII12.com 2009 Information Internet is Hugely Popular and Still Growing Online Usage is Increasing Internet growing faster than US population 2.3 CAGR vs 1.1 CAGR in the next 5 years Source: JupiterResearch Internet Population Model, 3/07 (US only) © 2007 JupiterResearch, LLC

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internet is hugely popular and still growing
Internet is Hugely Popular and Still Growing

Online Usage is Increasing

Internet growing faster

than US population2.3 CAGR vs 1.1 CAGR

in the next 5 years

Source: JupiterResearch Internet Population Model, 3/07 (US only) © 2007 JupiterResearch, LLC

Over 217 Million People in the U.S.

2007: 74% of US households

242 million by 2012

gathering information is top online activity
Gathering Information Is Top Online Activity

(% of time)

  • Content 42.7%
  • Communications (email, chat) 28.7%
  • Commerce (actual buying) 16.1%
  • Community 7.5%
  • Search 5.0%

Source: Internet Activity Index (IAI), January 2008, OPA and Nielsen Online


What Kind of Information?

  • 64% Product/Service Research
  • 59% Local Information
  • 49% Daily News
  • 37% Online Newspaper
  • 26% Health Sites
  • 25% Playing Games
  • 19% Downloading Music
  • 13% Car Sites
  • 9% Financial Sites/Investing

Source: JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight Individual User Survey (7/06)(US only) How many people do this locally…


Local Information Comes from Local Sites

88.6 Million People Go to LocalSites for Content

Audience using site for content. MediaMetrix 2007, comScore Network.


Local Internet For Daily News

59% LocalInformation

49% Daily News

64% Product &

Service Research

Weather, Politics

Most Important Source of Info in My Community

Local television news sites

Local information sites

Newspaper sites

Weather sites

Broadcast network news sites

News on search engines

Cable news sites

Source: Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. Local Television Advertising Effectiveness Study


Local News Context Strengthens Brand Impression

The ads on this type of site keep me in the know with regard to products/services in the local marketplace

I can trust products/ services advertised on this type of site

Local television news sites

Local television news sites

Newspaper sites

Newspaper sites

Broadcast network news sites

Local information sites

Local information sites


Weather sites

Broadcast network news sites


News on search engines

Cable news sites

Cable news sites

News on search engines

Weather sites

I have purchased a product/service as a result of an ad on this site

Products/services advertised on this type of site are meant for people like me

Local television news sites

Local television news sites

Local information sites

Local information sites

Newspaper sites

Cable news sites

Broadcast network news sites

Broadcast network news sites

News on search engines

Newspaper sites

Cable news sites

News on search engines



Weather sites

Weather sites


Local Online Advertising is Growing

  • $13.01 billion in 2012
  • (forecast)
  • $9.89 billion in 2008
  • (forecast)
  • $7.63 billion in 2007
  • $5.86 billion in 2006
  • $4.81 billion 2005
  • $2.69 billion in 2004
  • $2.07 billion in 2003

Can you afford to wait much longer?

Sources: 2008 Borrell Associates


Online UsageDrives Offline Sales

Retail Sales

Source: Jupiter Research, Internet Retail Offline Influence Model, 12/07


T.V. Even More Effective with Online

39 %

Online Publishers Association Media Mix Study 2002


Television and Internet Complimentary

Source: Online Publishers Association


Simultaneous Use

  • 78 % Have Gone Online While Watching TV
  • 35 % Often or Always

Doing What?

  • 62 % Related Content
  • 25 % Content Specific to Programming
    • 40% Products/services
    • 39% Related Up Coming Events

About the survey: Harris Interactive fielded the online survey on behalf of blinkx Feb. 13-18, 2008 among nationwide cross-sections of 2,471 adults age 18+ in the United States

and 2,228 adults aged 16+ in Great Britain. Both sets of data were weighted to be representative of the population of online adults in each country.


WXII12.comis where the Triad turns to for up-to-the-minute reporting on News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Health and much more!

  • WXII’s regional news and information Web site is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On-air promotion drives viewers to WXII12.com.
    • 6.2 Million Average Page Views Per Month
    • 417,000 Average Unique Users Per Month
    • Average Visit Time: 6 Minutes
  • In addition, WXII12.com is available on cell phones. It currently receives an average of 70,000 page views per month and continues to growth each month.

Source: WebTrends, WXII12.com – 01/1/08 – 12/31/08

Crisp Wireless: 3/18/09


WXII12.com #1 Local Web site in the Triad!

Greensboro/Winston Salem/High Point

Source: comScore avg Jan-Dec 08


Profile of the WXII12.com Visitor

  • 41% Male and 59% Female
  • Median Age is 43
  • Median Household Income is $60,000
  • 67.5% are College Educated
  • 85% are Home Owners
  • 70% log on to WXII12.com from 7am to 5 pm Monday - Friday

Source: The Media Audit: Oct-Nov 2008

Webtrends 2008


Average Monthly Unique Site Visitors

Year to Year Comparisons

Source: WebTrends 2006- 2008


Average Monthly Site Page Views

Year to Year Comparisons

Source: WebTrends 2006- 2008


Average Monthly Site Video Streams

Year to Year Comparisons

Source: WebTrends 2006-2008


Yearly E-Mail Unique Subscribers

Year to Year Comparison

Source: IB Internal Data 2007-2008.

standard advertising opportunities
Standard Advertising Opportunities

728x90 Leaderboard

Large Format IAB Ad Units provide strong branding, visibility and creative opportunities on the Home page and each Content Channel’s main page throughout the Web site. The three major IAB Ad Units include:

Leaderboard: 728x90

Display: 300x250

Skyscraper: 160x600

160x600 Sky-scraper

300x250 Display

section story page sponsorships
Section/Story Page Sponsorships

Section and Story Page Sponsorships signify sponsorship of an entire section.

Section and Story Page Sponsorship Ads appear in prominent locations above the fold on the main section page and can be placed in any editorial section of the site (i.e. News, Entertainment, Health, etc.)


Brick Ad

flash video ads webvision
Flash Video Ads (WebVision)

This new video revolution allows you to create a look-live message that literally jumps off the page.

Like television in the office, this format delivers the site, sound, motion and emotion that your customers have never before seen on their computer screens.


Production and placement of your :10 - :30 second video that will automatically play upon viewers entering specific sections.

pre roll video
Pre-roll Video

:15Pre-Roll Video Ads run before video content and includes a 300x250 Display ad that runs as a companion to the video, remaining on the page until a new video is selected.

Pre-Roll Video Ads can run in front of all video categories such as News, Sports, Entertainment


WXII video features the latest local and national news. Viewers can browse video to create their own playlists, search for the video they want to see and review the most popular videos on WXII12.com in full-screen mode.

content integration module
Content Integration Module

The Content Integration Module (CIM) integrates your content into the site by using the standard look and feel of WXII12.com.

Standard placements are above and below the Skyscraper Ad in various sections of WXII12.com.

title bar drop down ads
Title-bar Drop Down Ads

Expanded Ad:

Title-bar Drop Down Ads are placed on the News Headlines title-bar on the top right side of the Home page and expand automatically when a user first visits the page.

They appear for 10 seconds, leaving a Title-bar Logo ad once the ad is finished running.

Title-bar Ad:

floating rich media
Floating Rich Media

Floating Rich Media Ads float over the page content, cutting through standard Web ads and immediately engage the visitor.

The ads begin moving over the main content of a site when the page first loads.

The ads are served to unique users once per 24-hour period and disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds.

video display ad
The Video Display Ad includes a teaser that encourages visitors to click a button, graphic or text that plays a short video clip within the ad.

After the video plays, the ad displays a leave behind element encouraging visitors to play the video again.

Video Display Ad
pushdown ads
Pushdown Ads

The Pushdown Ad or Sliding Billboard Ad unit provides advertisers with an interactive ad to grab the viewers attention.

Ad “pushes down” the content for seven seconds, then leaves behind an expandable leave-behind ad.

Expandable pushdown will be live ALL DAY on the day the pushdown runs.

  • Online contesting is an exciting way to engage viewers, feature products, and develop a valuable Opt-In Database of customer information.
  • Online contesting can also be used to develop market research information by adding questions or “qualifiers” to the contest entry.
  • Online Contests include:
  • Link on the home page.
  • Administration of contest database – Client will receive a complete list of all opt-in users for use in follow-up marketing.

Reporting & Optimization Tools

Industry-standard software programs track and manage our online audience and advertising.

DoubleClick’s DART adserving software manages and reports on delivery of advertising impressions throughout WXII12.com. DART tracks the number of ad impressions and “click-throughs” delivered, and provides ongoing reports on delivery. DART can be a powerful tool to help advertisers manage their online campaigns.

WebTrends is a leader in the online audience measurement field. Using WebTrends tools, WXII12.com editors can track the days hottest stories, or make broad assessments of what our online audience is interested in. WebTrends tabulates and reports page views and unique users (and much, much more…) on a daily basis.