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2009 Information Management Awards

2009 Information Management Awards. Judging Web Site:. https://www-950.ibm.com/events/wwe/iod/iodbpawards09.nsf/$StaticContent/Judging. Contents. Judging Dates, Judge ID and Password

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2009 Information Management Awards

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  1. 2009 Information Management Awards • Judging Web Site: • https://www-950.ibm.com/events/wwe/iod/iodbpawards09.nsf/$StaticContent/Judging

  2. Contents • Judging Dates, Judge ID and Password • September 11 until your final collaborative judging call (or September 28th), Judge ID’s and Passwords will be emailed to you • Judging page: • https://www-950.ibm.com/events/wwe/iod/iodbpawards09.nsf/$StaticContent/Judging • Judging Criteria page: • Criteria for evaluating nomination • Judge Log in / Sign in page: • Enter Judge ID and password • Judge Award List page: • List of nominations to evaluate. • Open Nomination: • Open or save/download nominations • Working with the Nomination form: • Printing or saving/downloading • View Attachments page: • View, save/download additional documentation for the nomination • Judges Score page: • Enter your valuations and comments • IM Awards Judging Criteria & Award Descriptions: • Lists the Judging Criteria and the Award Descriptions • Questions: • Contact Marisa De Peralta for judging questions, or Kevin Kelley for technical website questions

  3. Judging Dates, Judge ID and Password • Judging starts on Sept 11thth and must be completed 2 hours prior to scheduled Collaborative Judging call. • or September 28th (whichever is sooner) • Judges will receive an ID and password via email prior to the start of judging. • Judges login for the first time to begin judging on Sept 11th • If you are a judge for more than one award, you will only need one ID. You should see your all nominations for all categories when you login. • Judge passwords are case sensitive. • Example of judge ID and password: • Judge ID: IBJDG01 • password: ia3456

  4. Judging Page Click Judging Criteria to review the criteria nominations should be judged. Click Judge Login to go to the judge login page. Use attached presentation and pre-recording call to familiarize yourself with the judging process.

  5. Judging Criteria Click Printable version to print Judging criteria.

  6. Judge Log in / Sign in Page You will see this page after clicking Judge Login on the Judging page First, enter your ID and password. Example of ID and password Judge ID: IBJDG01 Password: ia3456 Note: The password is case sensitive. Second, click on theSubmit.

  7. Judge Award List Page Actions: Open Nomination: to open the nomination select Open Nomination. The attached Nomination form that the Business Partner has filled out in Word will open in the browser. View Attachments: to view a list of attachments that are attached to the nomination form, select View Attachments. Create Valuation: once you have reviewed each nomination and are ready to evaluate the nomination, select Create Valuationfor each nomination.

  8. Open Nomination Action: Open Nomination Open: Select Open to open the attached nomination document. Once you select Open, you may select File> Print to print the nomination file. Save: Select Save to save the nomination form to your local file system. Cancel: Select Cancel to cancel opening or downloading the nomination.

  9. Working with the Nomination form Once you have the nomination open, you may view the nomination form or you may print it. To print the nomination form, you may do any of the following. Printing the nomination: Select the printer icon from your toolbar. -OR- Select File > Print from the top menu. -OR- Hit the Ctrl-P keys simultaneously.

  10. View Attachments The View Attachments link will only appear if there are attachments in addition to the nomination form. These attachments will be listed as links for you to open or save then print if you like.

  11. Judge Score Page Submit a Judges Score for each Nomination. Valuation: select either poor, fair, good, above average or excellent for this nomination. Comments: Include any comments you have about this nomination which would further explain the valuation you gave this nomination. Click the Submitbutton once the form is filled out.

  12. IM Awards Descriptions & Judging Criteria • Each entry will be judged on its thoroughness and completeness. The size of entry does not influence how the entry is judged. • Entries will be considered based upon the award category description including, innovation, uniqueness, repeatability and the inclusion of current IBM products and offerings. • Each category must have three finalists (including the winner). In the event of a tie, the decision will be handed over to a third party judge (IBM or industry expert of IBM's choosing). If no decision can be reached the category will have a tie and a special mention. • All winners and finalists must be IBM PartnerWorld Business Partners.

  13. Information Management Awards for Business Partner Excellence – Description (1 of 2)

  14. Information Management Awards for Business Partner Excellence – Description (2 of 2)

  15. Questions • For questions related to judging not answered here, please contact Marisa de Peralta at mdeperal@us.ibm.com • If you have any technical questions regarding using judging website, you may contact Kevin Kelley at kevinjk@us.ibm.com

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