unit 10 things the throw away society l.
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Unit: 10 Things: The Throw-away Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit: 10 Things: The Throw-away Society

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Unit: 10 Things: The Throw-away Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit: 10 Things: The Throw-away Society . Rhetorical focus: Exposition by exemplification illustration comparison & contrast Position of the thesis statement . The author: Alvin Toffler. Career : journalist, writer & thinker;

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unit 10 things the throw away society
Unit: 10Things: The Throw-away Society

Rhetorical focus:

  • Exposition by
    • exemplification
    • illustration
    • comparison & contrast
  • Position of the thesis statement
the author alvin toffler
The author: Alvin Toffler
  • Career: journalist, writer & thinker;
  • Predominant theme: change and the concern about future
  • Best-known works:
    • Future Shock (1970)
    • The Third Wave
about future shock
About Future Shock
  • Future Shock is a book about what happens to people when they are overwhelmed by change. It is about the ways in which we adapt -- or fail to adapt — to the future.
about future shock4
About Future Shock
  • The purpose of the book is to help people come to terms with the future—to cope more effectively with both personal and social change by deepening our understanding of how men respond to it.
conclusions in future shock
Conclusions in Future Shock

Conclusion 1

Future shock is no longer a distantly potential danger, but a real sickness from which increasingly large numbers already suffer.

conclusions in future shock6
Conclusions in Future Shock

Conclusion 2

People know very little about adaptivity: In the most rapidly changing environment to which man has ever been exposed, we remain pitifully ignorant of how the human animal copes.

organization of the text
Organization of the text

Section I

  • Exemplification of Barbie Doll to introduce the thesis statement (Para 1-3)

Section II

  • Elaboration on the thesis statement (Para 4-6)

Para 4: technological vs. natural environment

Para 5: functional utility vs. psychological impact

Para 6: old vs. new generation in value & mentality

organization of the text8
Organization of the text

Section III

  • more examples and illustrations
    • Para. 7: A list of throw-away things to illustrate the throw-away culture
    • Para. 8 - 12:

Factors contributing to the throw-away mentality

      • Social affluence
      • Level of industrialization
      • Popularity of paper products
organization of the text9
Organization of the text

Section IV: Conclusion (Para 13)

The causal chain

throw away products → throw away → a set of radically altered values with respect to property → decreased durations in man-thing relationships → a throw-away society

language points
Language Points
  • eminent:
    • The bishop is eminent for his piety and good works.
    • The general is eminent for valor.
    • Those who attended the seminar are mostly men eminent in science, learning and art.
  • eminence (n.)
    • to rise to eminence in one’s profession
    • to achieve /attain eminence in mathematics
    • to reach eminence as a doctor (statesman, etc.)
    • a man of great scientific eminence
    • a poet of eminence
language points11
Language Points
  • wear:n.
    • foot wear /sports wear/ swim wear
  • version
    • Let me have your own version of the affair / story / event.
    • There have been different versions of the tale.
    • a stage / movie / screen version of the novel
language points12
Language Points
  • turn in
    • Tickets may be turned in at the box office, or exchanged for ones for the new show.
    • Don’t forget to turn in your gun when you leave the police force.
    • The escaped criminal decided to turn himself in.
language points13
Language Points
  • trade in
    • Will the dealer allow us to trade in the car for the latest model?
    • Some manufacturers of washing machines allow their customers to trade in old ones for technological improved ones.
language points14
Language Points
  • matter to / for
    • Does it matter to you what people say?
    • My health matters more to my doctor than to my family.
language points15
Language Points
  • Texture
    • coarse / fine / light texture
    • clothes of loose / close texture
    • be of fine texture
language points16
Language Points
  • iridescent: c.f.
    • glister
    • luminous
    • gleaming
      • the skyscraper’s gleaming wall of glass
    • glistening
      • His face glistened with sweat.
      • …gold sovereigns glistening in the sunlight
      • … glistening lips
language points17
Language Points
  • be embedded in …
    • The magic sword was embedded in the stone.
    • A piece of broken metal had embedded itself in his leg when he was wounded in the war.
    • The study of culture is embedded in a language class.
language points18
Language Points
  • be steeped in
    • If the clothes are very dirty, steep them in soapy water over night.
    • I have to write a paper on Eugene O’Neill, so first I must steep myself in his book.
    • Xi’an is a place that is steeped in history.
language points19
Language Points
  • be astounded by
    • Although small, he showed astounding strengths.
    • He was astounded when he heard he had won.
  • be awed by
    • They were awed into silence by the sternness of her voice.
language points20
Language Points
  • say nothing of
    • Three people hurt, to say nothing of the damage to the building.
    • There is no time to do all the work, to say nothing of the cost.
language points21
Language Points
  • testimony
    • Giving testimony involves the making of statements in open court in answer to questions put by a lawyer or qualified public official.
    • The ruined buildings of the city bear grim testimony to the heavy bombardment by the enemy.
text ii do it yourselfers
Text II Do-it-yourselfers


  • The states imposed an embargo on oil shipments.
  • … to lift the oil embargo
  • … to enforce a trade embargo

embargo (v.)

  • to embargo arms sales to South Asia
  • They embargoed five more Sicilian ships carrying 6.6 million gallons of wine.
language points23
Language Points


  • Spielberg’s movie ET was a box office bonanza.


  • e…a shop devoted to oddities: rubber fruit, explosive cigars…
  • A career woman is still regarded as something of an oddity.
language points24
Language Points


- He laments the changing pattern of life in the countryside.

- “All the flour is wet!” lamented Miss Musson.

language points25
Language Points

few and far between:

  • Jobs are few and far between at the moment.


  • I’m not really perceptive as far as literature goes.
  • … a perceptive critic
  • … a very perceptive comment
language points26
Language Points


  • These ideas are said to emanate from Henry Kissinger.
  • He emanates concern.
  • A dim glow of light still emanated from the room
language points27
Language Points

cut across:

  • The drug problem cuts across all social classes.
  • 中国人勤劳勇敢,在世界各地闯天下。
  • The Chinese, who are a brave and industrious people, seek their fortune in all parts of the world.
  • The Chinese, a brave and industrious race, seek their fortune in all parts of the world.


  • As he is a keen spectator he is always ready to watch for every evildoer and evil deed around him.
  • A keen spectator [noun phrase], he is always ready to watch for every evildoer and evil deed around him.
inversion for balance or cohesion
Inversion for balance or cohesion
  • 环绕花园,围着一圈高墙,但我从来无心去问墙外都有些什么。
  • Round the garden ran a lofty wall, but I never cared to ask what lay beyond it
  • 桌子下面躺着一个半省人事的年轻人:喝多了。
  • Under the table was lying a half-conscious young man, who’d had a drop too much.
  • In an armchair sat the strangest lady I have ever seen, or shall ever see.
  • On top of the hill used to stand a castle, which was built in 1834 by an Italian aristocrat.
  • In an armchair sat the strangest lady I have ever seen, or shall ever see.
  • ALSO: come, crouch, hang, walk, etc