the explosive growth of the internet l.
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The Explosive Growth of the Internet PowerPoint Presentation
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The Explosive Growth of the Internet

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The Explosive Growth of the Internet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Explosive Growth of the Internet. By: Lisa Pelfrey. The Internet. The Internet is elastic “ International network of networks that are both commercial & publicly owned” (Laudon & Laudon) Reshapes the way people and businesses go about daily life allows two way communication.

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the internet
The Internet
  • The Internet is elastic
  • “ International network of networks that are both commercial & publicly owned” (Laudon & Laudon)
  • Reshapes the way people and businesses go about daily life
  • allows two way communication
how the internet came about
How the Internet came about
    • Not one single person owns the Internet
    • Many people and organizations behind the development.
    • Internet is an outcome of APANET
“Worlds first major packet network” (

“Part of the U.S. reaction to the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik in 1957” (

what the internet is used for
What the Internet is Used for
  • Using the Internet people can
    • Shop
    • email
    • learn
    • share
    • research
    • do business
    • chat

problems security issues
Risk & Vunerabilities



stolen identity

untrue media coverage

computer crashes

invasion of privacy

Because the Internet is open to whom ever is able to create info. and put it on the web can lead to untrue information.

Problems & Security Issues
problems and security issues continued untrue media coverage
Problems and Security Issues continued.Untrue Media Coverage
  • No time limitations
  • communicators do not have to wait for deadlines and publishing.
  • “ Who ever has the technical capacity to receive messages with a computer is also able to send them” (
children at risk
Children at Risk
  • Children can be exposed to the harsh reality of the Internet.
  • Exposed to adult images and language
  • Influence kids to do harmful and unethical things.
    • How to build a bomb
    • write threatening letters
  • Parents can put a chip in computer to help control visited web sites.

* Digital info. travels 2/3 the speed of light on copper wire and fiber optic cable.

* People can but info. On the Internet through Hosts & Domain names.

* “ 29,670,000 “ advertised” connected computers in 240 countries and territories” (

statistics continued
Largest Domain is .com

.com constitutes 28% of all machines of the net (

Internet grows everyday so it is hard to put a concert number on it.

Measuring through host is probably the closest a person will get to the growth.

Statistics Continued
growth of internet host table
Growth of Internet Host Table


future developments
Future Developments
  • Grid Computing: Enables communities or “virtual organization” to share resources as the pursue common, goal and new applications will enable the coordinated use of geographically distributed resources.
  • With rapid growth of Grid computing, P2P, and server-to-server traffic could acount for nearly 90% of Internet traffic in 2008


  • The Internet should continue to grow
  • Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet
  • Internet has changed the way people and businesses operate in daily life.