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Nortel SMB Solutions Update BCM450 & SCS500 PowerPoint Presentation
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Nortel SMB Solutions Update BCM450 & SCS500

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Nortel SMB Solutions Update BCM450 & SCS500 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nortel SMB Solutions Update BCM450 & SCS500. Nortel Confidential. Introduction. Today’s SMB Realities. Mobility 2/3 of SMB workers travel for business 30% say that mobile policies are a priority Dispersed Workplace 27% of SMBs have multiple locations 35% of SMBs have telecommuters

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Nortel SMB Solutions Update BCM450 & SCS500

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Presentation Transcript

Today’s SMB Realities

  • Mobility
    • 2/3 of SMB workers travel for business
    • 30% say that mobile policies are a priority
  • Dispersed Workplace
    • 27% of SMBs have multiple locations
    • 35% of SMBs have telecommuters
  • Employee Satisfaction
    • Attracting, developing and retaining talent are major challenges
  • Efficiency & Productivity
    • Managing cash flow and reducing costs are among the top decision criteria
  • Technological Expertise
    • Limited IT resources available to deploy and support new technology

Source: IDC, Yankee Group

Nortel Confidential

what do smbs need
What Do SMBs Need?


SMBs are looking for flexible and efficient communications solutions from trusted providers that enable employee productivity and save them money.

Nortel Confidential


SMB Solution Criteria

  • Compatibility
    • Will it work with the investments I’ve already made?
  • Flexibility
    • Will it grow and adapt to my changing business challenges?
  • Efficiency
    • Will it stretch my dollar farther? Will it allow me to generate more revenue?
  • Familiarity
    • Do you understand resource constrained companies like mine?

SMBs have similar business challenges and requirements as large enterprises, but have fewer IT resources.

Source: Four Important Questions for Technology Providers to Answer for SMB Market Credibility, Gartner, Nov 2006

Nortel Confidential

nortel bcm450 solution


Nortel BCM450 Solution


  • Business Communications Manager
  • Extensive Telephony Feature Set
  • Integrated Business Applications
  • Advanced Networking
  • Embedded Security
  • Business Element Manager
  • Network Configuration Manager
  • Standards-Compliant
  • Single Source Solution
  • Specially designed for SMBs
  • Full Feature & Application Support
  • Easy to Set Up and Program
  • VoIP Quality of Service
  • High Speed Data Transfer
  • Secure Internet Access
  • Hosted or Managed Services
  • IP or Digital Desktop Phones
  • IP or Digital Mobile Phones
  • Conference Phones & Soft Clients
  • Nortel Data Portfolio
    • Enterprise Data Portfolio
  • VoIP Quality of Service
  • Power over Ethernet

Innovative, easy to use, and affordable IP communications designed with the unique challenges of SMBs in mind.

Nortel Confidential

bcm is the total smb branch office solution independent or centralized






IP Phone 1230

IP Phone 1230



BCM is the Total SMB Branch Office Solution“Independent or Centralized”


Networked Site 1



External Apps

  • Applications
  • Call Pilot
  • - IVR
  • - Call Center
  • - CDR
  • - Fax Mail
  • - Unified Messaging


CTI Server

PC Console



Assistant Pro

3rd Parties





Networked Site 2

BCM50e with BES50











Nortel Confidential

bcm450 bcm50e for smb s branch office work at home road warrior centralized management

IP Phone 1230

BCM450 & BCM50e for SMB’s Branch Office, Work at Home / Road Warrior, Centralized Management

BCM50e Branch with

Nortel BES50-24T POE Switch

Business Element Manager

  • Manages all Nortel’s SMB Voice & Data products
  • Configure Branch devices on Customer LAN from Central site

BCM450 Main Site




Nortel Ethernet POE Switch

Remote User Uses Nortel VPN Client

Remote Location

Nortel Confidential



BCM450 Overview

What is the BCM450?

  • BCM450 is a NEW model being added to the BCM portfolio that expands the BCM addressable market up to 300 total users, Digital or IP.
  • BCM450 provides a scalable migration path for the underserved Norstar MICS customer base, and opens up incremental business growth opportunities.
  • Target market is midsize SMBs with 30-250 employees.

New product to drive Norstar migration and new business.

Note: BCM450 is not directly targeted at the BCM installed base; this will be addressed in a follow-on release.

Nortel Confidential







BCM450 Overview

Content Summary

Capacity Improvements

Up to 300 total users: max 300 Digital / 300 IP / 48 Analog with Capacity Expansion Card (CEC)

Up to 120 Ad-Hoc or Meet-Me Conference Ports (keycode required), 8 Fax ports, with CEC (expansion card)

Base BCM450 model supports up to 100 Stations, 60 Conference Ports or Meet-Me Conference Ports (keycode required), 4 Fax ports

Operability Improvements

BEM – Automated Renumbering, Set Templates

Other – System Reset, Troubleshooting guide, Reboot optimization, Documentation suite

Platform Simplification

Base Function Tray (BFT), Chassis Interface Board (CIB), Capacity Expansion Card (CEC)

Feature Parity with BCM50 R3, including:

Conferencing – Meet-Me Conferencing: flexible, easy to use, secure, scalable

IP – 1200 Series IP Phone, 1110 IP Phone, 1100 Key Expansion Module (KEM)

SIP – Native SIP Trunking enhancements for interworking with other systems

Contact Center – New APIs, features, reporting engine, installation utility

Nortel Confidential




  • Norstar customers can keep their phones, fiber trunk and station modules.
  • BCM customers can retain their phones, MBM's, expansion cabinet, and most of their software investment.
  • No user training required; base telephony features and user interface remain the same.
  • All the benefits of VoIP: toll savings, easier setup, improved portability, call features.
  • New enhancements improve installability, usability and supportability.
  • Simplified platform with high quality and reliable hardware reduces lifecycle costs.



  • Nortel has 20 years experience in SMB with Norstar and the award-winning BCM.
  • Nearly 200K BCM systems sold worldwide.
  • 15 million SMB clients in over 80 countries.
  • Affordable, easy to use solutions designed specifically for SMBs.
  • Flexibility to add capacity or deploy new features with the optional field installable CEC and easy to enable keycodes.
  • Elegantly scales up to 300 total users with any mix of digital or IP phones.
  • Same software as BCM50 R3 for full feature parity and interoperability.

BCM450 Value Proposition

> Customers

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 capacity improvements


BCM450 Capacity Improvements


  • Comprehensive ‘across the board’ increase in capacity
    • Stations, Trunks, Interfaces, Ports, Storage Memory
  • Modular design approach using the CEC.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Scalability
    • Flexibility
    • Affordability
    • Simplicity

* Without/With Expansion Cabinet . ** Last T1/E1 not fully loaded since maximum trunk channels is 130.

Above specifications include Expansion Cabinet where needed and no FEM connected. Total stations/trunks of any type not to exceed 300/130.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 operability improvements


BCM450 Operability Improvements

Business Element Manager (BEM)

  • New Capabilities at a glance:
    • Flexible Resource Allocation
    • Automated Renumbering
    • Set Templates
  • Key Benefits:
    • Flexible configuration
    • Faster system start-up
    • Easier ongoing administration

System set up time up to 25% faster than BCM400 R4.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 operability improvements1


BCM450 Operability Improvements

Automated Renumbering

  • Automated Renumbering of:
    • Device Numbers (DNs)
    • Outgoing Line Identification (OLI)
    • Target Line Assignments
    • Public/Private Received Digits
    • Set Name
  • Applicable for initial installation and ongoing management
  • Replaces BCM DN Renumber wizard

Sample Task:

Renumber range of existing DNs:

Existing DN range: 221-232

Required DN range: 521-532

Significant time savings due to bulk provisioning of incremental parameters.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 operability improvements2


BCM450 Operability Improvements

Set Templates

  • Bulk provisioning of sets with similar characteristics using templates:
    • Generic or set type-specific to support buttons programming
    • Created offline and then propagated to selected DNs
    • Easy to create library of templates and reuse across BCMs
    • Included in back up and restore as an additional component
    • Simplifies Moves/Adds/Changes
      • Export Templates (via USB), for use with other deployments.

Simplified phones provisioning using templates.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 operability improvements3
BCM450 Operability Improvements

System Reset, Troubleshooting and Reboot

  • System Reset
    • Restores factory software image using a reset button instead of the BIT tool. With BCM50 R3, this procedure requires a manual sequence of button pushes as LED’s flash.
    • With BCM450, one simply presses the Reset button to generate a CLI1 prompt, with options to choose L1/L2 reset for a smoother operation.
  • Troubleshooting Guide
    • Comprehensive document with task-based procedures to troubleshoot operational issues on a BCM system, including emergency recovery tree procedures for outage recovery.
  • Reboot Optimization
    • Reboot time savings compared to BCM50 R3 and BCM400 R4 as a result of architectural improvements, reducing down time by facilitating faster start up and system maintenance.

1. Command Line Interface

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 operability improvements4


BCM450 Operability Improvements

Documentation Suite

  • Converting five core documents to the Nortel MTBI1 standard:
    • Administration Guide
    • Device Configuration Guide
    • Installation and Maintenance Guide
    • Networking Configuration Guide
    • Telephony Device Installation Guide
  • Also adding nine new MTBI-based guides
  • User Benefits:
    • Clear, easy-to-follow procedures
    • Supports the needs of different functions
    • Consistent look & feel

MTBI compliance ultimately yields time savings

and greater accuracy in executing procedures.

1. Modular Task-Based Information

Nortel Confidential

silent record a call


Silent Record-A-Call

Ported from BCM50 R3 (cont.)

Any user on the system has the ability silently record a call that he/she is on. While on the call he/she can simply enter a Feature code (or press a programmed key) and enable a Silent Record a Call session. The call is then recorded with no audible notification that it is being recorded.

NOTE: If you use Record A Call, selecting Announced or Silent, you have the option of storing the recorded call in your personal mailbox, the skillset mailbox, another (specific) mailbox in the system, and/or a network (SFTP) location as a .wav file. The destination of the recorded call is chosen on the Add Agent page. When a system administrator defines an SFTP destination folder as a storage location on the network, these storage locations must be on an SCP server.

Record A Call cannot be used on Conference calls (Ad-Hoc or MMC).

This feature is class of service enabled, therefore, it can be assigned to the appropriate users as required. Users may listen or forward messages on their set, but in order to archive the message or save as a .wav files for attaching to an e-mail message, Unified Messaging must be used.

Intelligent Contact Center Agent and Supervisor can also silent record a call. The recorded call is left in the agents/supervisors mailbox or skillset mailbox.

The feature doesnot provide the ability for a Supervisor to trigger “silent” call recording while listening in on an agent’s call.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 business applications


BCM450 Business Applications

Meet-Me Conferencing (MMC)

  • BCM450 supports multi-party conferencing; both unplanned (Ad-Hoc) or via a specified bridge number at an agreed-upon time (Meet-Me).
  • MMC, introduced with BCM50 R3, provides a solution that is:
  • Easy to use – Reservationless; convenient display/softkey commands via two line display sets
  • Flexible – universal access anywhere, anytime
  • Secure – password enabled; chairperson controls
  • Scalable – up to 120 simultaneous participants
  • Note:1

Integrated conferencing for effective business meetings.

1. Using the Capacity Expansion Card (CEC).

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 business applications1


BCM450 Business Applications

Intelligent Contact Center (ICC)

  • Enables SMBs to increase customer satisfaction and business productivity by directing clients to the right person quickly and efficiently.
  • Customers can order any # of agents or skillsets, as well as advanced reporting and multimedia applications.
  • ICC enhancements introduced with BCM50 R3:
    • New APIs1 – enable integration with other applications
    • New Features – flexible configuration / management options
    • Reporting – faster and more reliable database engine
    • Install Verification Utility (IVU) – reporting setup tool

Integrated Contact Center with big business capabilities.

1. Application Protocol Interfaces

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 business applications2


BCM450 Business Applications

Unified Messaging (UM)

  • Converges or ‘unifies’ all voice, fax and email messages onto a single email application.
  • Allows users to conveniently manage their entire inbox, review messages off-line, and archive messages to their computers.
  • BCM50 R3 introduced the ability to launch an Instant Messaging (IM) session directly from a voice or email message.
  • Unified Messaging “Message Forward Rule”Patch for Blackberry notification will be released after BCM450 GA date

Integrated messaging capability that enables users to

better manage their communications environment.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 business applications3


BCM450 Business Applications

Other Integrated Applications

  • Automated Attendant
    • Answers calls 24/7 with personalized greeting and intelligent routing.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
    • Enables PC-based applications to control telephone services, such as a ‘click-to-call’ directory or screen ‘pop-ups’ of a customer’s account status during a call.
  • Activity Reporter
    • Provides Basic (on-box) and Standard (requires client software to be loaded on customer PC), customizable reporting on telephony and related metrics.
  • Advanced Paging Productivity (APP) Pack
    • Available in North America only.
    • Suite of Advanced Paging and Text-messaging applications to improve productivity, customer service and optimize business processes.

Nortel Confidential


Advanced Paging Productivity PackSolution Overview

  • Advanced Paging Productivity Pack
  • One Button Paging
  • Pre-recorded announcements
  • Programmed on IP or digital Sets
  • Press and sends to appropriate paging zone
  • One Button Text Messaging
  • Pre-programmed messages
  • Programmed on IP/Digital sets
  • Press & sends to another IP / Digital set (mobile/stationary)
  • Recipient can respond Y/N
  • Full Featured, Advanced Paging application
  • Supported on latest versions of BCM50/200/400
  • APP Pack Authcode required
  • Customer Assistance Paging
  • “Press Here”
  • Delivers page
  • Employee resets device
  • Scheduled Announcements
  • Pre-recorded announcements
  • Specify time/zone
  • Automated distribution across all stores using NCM
  • Centralized / Remote administration & management
  • Comprehensive tracking & reporting via BCM

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 client support industry leading portfolio


BCM450 Client SupportIndustry Leading Portfolio
  • Nortel has some of the most advanced phones in the market.
    • Digital or IP; Wired or Wireless
  • Ongoing portfolio evolution with the SMB-optimized1200 Series IP Phone, T7406E1 and WLAN 6120/6140.
  • Evergreen strategy allows Norstar customers to continue using their digital handsets on BCM as they evolve to IP telephony.

Superior breadth, feature integration and

investment protection.

Nortel Confidential

1200 series ip phones

IP Phone 1210


IP Phone 1220


IP Phone 1230

Premium Intermediate-Level

Key Expansion Modules

12-Key LCD or 18-Key LED


1200 Series IP Phones


Simple yet sophisticated new IP phones for SMBs.

Nortel Confidential

business series terminal t7406e


Business Series Terminal T7406E


  • The T7406E is a sleek new cordless digital phone designed for SMBs.
    • Available only in North America, Mexico and the Caribbean (except Trinidad and Jamaica).
  • Supports 1-8 users per site with a usable range of ~1,000 feet from the base station.
  • Compatible with Norstar and BCM, this full-featured handset is easy to setup and priced for value.
  • Business benefits:
    • Increased productivity
    • Improved customer service
    • Reduced costs
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Collaboration

Integrated, easy to use, and affordable

workplace mobility solution.

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 voip networking


BCM450 VoIP Networking

SIP Trunking

  • In addition to H.323, BCM450 supports the SIP1 signaling standard to enable VoIP communication with other systems, extend partnerships with third party vendors, and allow service providers to develop new converged offerings.
  • SIP enhancements introduced with BCM50 R3:
    • Interoperability – RFC2833 support for DTMF signaling
    • Security – standards based authentication, privacy protection
    • Reliability – proxy failover mechanism for load balancing
    • Simplicity – domain names vs. IP addresses for configuration
    • Flexibility – optional G.711 codec for faster fax transmission

SIP compliance expands the BCM development community and allows greater interoperability.

1. Session Initiation Protocol

Nortel Confidential

other new capabilities on bcm450


Other New Capabilities on BCM450

BCM “Value Add” Content Stream

  • WLAN Handset 6120/6140 Support
    • Full-featured, state-of-the-art handsets extend mobility options on BCM. Include support for 802.11a/b/g radios for flexibility, larger graphical display, updated styling, updated UI with navigation key and longer battery life.
  • SRTP-PSK for Nortel IP Phones
    • Support for media stream encryption using SRTP-PSK1 between Nortel IP Phones. Increases security and ensures privacy of VoIP conversations.
  • Business Element Manager MAC Privilege
    • Simplifies Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC) and adds administrative flexibility for both customers and service providers.
  • Network Configuration Manager Enhancements
    • Improvements in software quality to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Primary focus areas are NCM Wizard functionality and user interface.

Continued investment in high value capabilities on BCM.

1) Secure Real-time Transport Protocol using Pre-Shared Keys. For more information please see bulletin SM-2008-0066-Global on PIC.

Nortel Confidential

bcm50 r3 software parity summary


BCM50 R3 Software ParitySummary
  • New 1200 Series IP Phone support
  • 1110 IP Phone, 1100 Key Expansion Module (KEM)
  • 6120/6140 WLAN Handset Support
  • Meet-Me Conferencing (MMC)
  • SIP Trunking Enhancements & Carrier Interoperability
  • Contact Center Enhancements – New API’s
  • Advanced Paging Productivity Pack
  • USB Port Support 2.0
  • IP Set Media Encryption SRTP-PSK
  • Silent Record a Call
  • IP Music Enhancements
  • Business Element Manager MAC Privilege
  • BCM Client Support for Windows VISTA™ Operating System (OS).
  • Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 4.0 RP3 adds support for the BCM450 R1 product

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 r1 and bcm400 r4 deltas


BCM450 R1 and BCM400 R4 Deltas
  • BCM450 supports BCM400 Power supplies and Cooling fan redundancy options
  • V.92 hard modem is replaced by V.34 soft modem
  • BCM400 4.0 items not supported on BCM450 1.0
    • Integrated Router
      • Firewall
      • Integrated IP Sec functionality
      • VPN Client support
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (Future Capability)
    • Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) – (SRG functionality is not supported).
    • RAID hard drive redundancy (Future Capability)
    • Factory Installed Redundant Power Supply (Field Installable Option)
    • Digital Drop & Insert MUX (DDIM) MBM
    • Power-On-Self-Test (POST) Logging

Nortel Confidential

what stays the same as bcm400


What Stays the Same as BCM400
  • Intelligent Contact Center supports 80 active and 250 configured Agents and 50 Skillsets, the same as BCM200/400
  • Only one music source is supported, the same as BCM50/200/400/1000
  • The number of paging zones is 6, the same as BCM200/400/1000
  • LAN CTE Connections is 256, the same as BCM200/400/1000

Nortel Confidential



BCM450 Platform Simplification

Nortel Confidential

hardware overview


Hardware Overview

Optional CEC

Capacity Expansion Card

Install in CEC SLOT 3

Reset Button

BCM450 R1

Base Function Tray











USB 2.0



LAN ports



-Page relay

-Aux interfaces








Serial port

-Maintenance CLI

-Configuration CLI

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 platform simplification


BCM450 Platform Simplification

Base Function Tray (BFT)

Capacity Expansion Card (CEC)

Base Function Tray (BFT)

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 expansion cabinet


BCM450 Expansion Cabinet
  • The existing BCM400/1000 expansion cabinet is supported
    • It now requires an authorization code, similar to BCM50
      • NTC01073KC - BCM450 Expansion 1 Port Paper Authorization License
      • NTC02026KC - BCM450 Expansion 1 Port Electronic Authorization License
    • Only one Expansion Cabinet is supported
  • While the number of MBM slots has not changed from BCM400, however with the removal of “resource” constraints, allten MBM slots can now be populated up to the published station and trunk limits.

TDM Example Configurations:

3 - PRI with 224 Digital Sets


4 - PRI with 192 Digital Sets

Note: Add Additional IP sets up to 300 set max.

Total Trunks/Stations of any type not to exceed 130/300.

Nortel Confidential

hardware overview usb ports


Hardware OverviewUSB Ports
  • Same devices supported as BCM 50 3.0
    • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
    • Top port must be used for UPS
    • Bottom port is for USB storage devices.
      • Only 1 USB storage device may be used at a time
  • Note: The BCM 450 will only use the first partition on the USB storage device. If there are multiple partitions on the USB storage device they will not be recognized and only the first partition will be used

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 capacity improvements comparison to bcm400


BCM450 Capacity ImprovementsComparison to BCM400

Max 300 stations Total of all types

Max 130 Trunks Total of all types

*Without/With Expansion Cabinet **48 GASM & 48 FEM ASM ***Last T1/E1 not fully loaded

Nortel Confidential

bcm450 capacity improvements comparison to bcm4001


BCM450 Capacity ImprovementsComparison to BCM400

* Without/With Expansion Cabinet

Nortel Confidential

migration path norstar mics to bcm 450 r1


Migration PathNorstar MICS to BCM 450 R1
  • Investment Protection for large Norstar MICS Customers
  • Replace the Norstar KSU with a new BCM450 R1 system
  • No database migration from Norstar to BCM450 R1
    • All database must be re-entered on the BCM450
  • Existing Norstar Fiber Station and Trunk Modules can be reused
  • Existing Analog and Digital sets can be reused

Nortel Confidential

inter working with nortel communication servers


Inter-working with Nortel Communication Servers

BCM450 1.0 continues to provide inter-operability of SIP and H.323 trunking with Nortel Communication Servers.

The supported inter-operability is as follows:

Nortel Confidential

norstar m7000 series phones on bcm


Norstar M7000 series phones on BCM
  • For full “feature” functionality, M7000 series phones used on BCM must be at a minimum production release
  • Phones not meeting the minimum release may be still used with BCM, but not all features will be supported, for example:
    • The “Set Volume” feature is not supported
    • Only four levels of Display Contrast, instead of nine
    • The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) will not work on a M7310 and M7208 phones
  • The production release number can be found on a white label on the bottom of the M7000 series phone

Nortel Confidential

scs500 target customers
SCS500 Target Customers
  • SMB organizations (30 – 500+ users per site, Single or Multiple sites)
  • Focused on IT / Integration of applications to enable highly collaborative employees
    • Knowledge workers &/or Mobile employees
    • Typically Dedicated IT headcount including a key technology decision maker (CIO)
    • “Earlier adopter” industries that view IT/Communications as competitive edge
    • Finance and insurance, business / professional services, manufacturing, media / entertainment / leisure, etc.
  • “SMB Cluster Analysis and SMB 2.0 Firms”, Merle Sandler and Ray Boggs, February 2008, IDC

Nortel Confidential

what does scs500 provide
What Does SCS500 Provide?

SCS500 is Nortel’s Unified Communications solution for SMBs, designed with flexibility and simplicity to improve productivity and save money.

Nortel Confidential

what is scs500 solution components
What is SCS500?Solution Components





Nortel SCS500 Server


BES50 Ethernet Switch

Desktop / Laptop

BSR222 VPN Router

  • Softphone and Plug-ins
    • Nortel Softphone 3455
    • Nortel Softphone 3456
    • IBM Lotus Sametime/ Lotus Notes Plug-in
    • Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

Session Border Controller

Remote Workers

SIP Trunking

IP Network


Nortel Confidential

*Available 2H 2008

what is software communication system 500 scs500 software and server
What is Software Communication System 500 (SCS500)?Software and Server
  • The brains and core of the solution:
  • Dell Optiplex 755 server PRELOADED with SCS500 software or IBM Power System with separately purchased software.
  • Media processing capabilities
  • Collaborate applications
  • Most telephony functionality
  • Voice and Unified Messaging
  • Automated Attendant (AA)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call Detail Recording (CDR)
  • Storage of customer data
    • Programming
    • Messaging and Voice Prompts
    • Dialing plans
  • Programming interface

Nortel Confidential

scs500 hardware options
Dell- SCS500 is singular app

Optiplex 755 (available pre-loaded through Nortel)

PowerEdge R300

IBM- SCS500 is one of many apps

Existing System i

Power Systems family

JUST BEING ANNOUNCED—HP- SCS500 is singular app


SCS500 Hardware Options

SCS500 is a software centric UC solution offered on multiple hardware servers

Nortel Confidential

scs500 third party nortel gateway options communicating beyond the local scs500 system
SCS500 Third Party/Nortel Gateway OptionsCommunicating beyond the Local SCS500 System
  • SCS500 SIP-to-TDM Gateways
    • Analog and Digital Trunking Options
    • Analog Line-Side Options
  • SCS500 SIP-to-SIP Trunking Gateways
    • Session Border Controllers to the SIP PSTN
  • Nortel BCM50 R3 as a PSTN Gateway

Nortel Confidential

solution components gateways sip to pstn sip connectivity
Solution ComponentsGateways–SIP-to-PSTN SIP Connectivity





SIP Only


Nortel Confidential

Nortel Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

  • Enables SIP Trunking to a SIP-based PSTN
  • Small (up to 40 simultaneous calls)
  • Large (up to 150 simultaneous calls)
  • Standalone SBC for secure transit of SIP traffic
    • Used for remote workers or to connect via SIP trunking to service provider (for call origination/termination)

What is SCS500?Solution Components

  • LG Nortel 6800 Series SIP Telephones
    • The 6804 – Basic functionality for use in lobbies, conference rooms and “low-use” areas.
    • The 6812 – A perfect combination of features to empower employees every day.
    • The 6830 – Loaded with enhancements to boost the productivity of attendants and office managers.
    • Supports Flex Buttons




Nortel Confidential


What is SCS500?6800 Summary

Telephone configuration is done through either the Telset (6812 / 6830 only) or through the Web Administration Manager




Nortel Confidential


What is SCS500?IP Phone 1535

  • SIP – RFC 3261 Compliant
  • Connectivity:
    • 10/100 Ethernet
    • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Hi Res Color 3.5” Display
    • Adjustable tilt
    • 320 x 240 pixels
    • 65K colors
  • Camera
    • Integrated ¼” VGA
    • Still or Full Mo (30fps)
  • G.711, G.723, G.729A

Nortel Confidential

other sip phones additions polycom oem q3 2008 coming soon
Other SIP Phones Additions – Polycom OEM(Q3 2008) – Coming Soon!
  • SoundPoint IP 330 and 320:Entry-level IP phones 2-line with enterprise-grade features and outstanding voice quality. Single (320) and dual (330) 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports with graphical LCD display
  • SoundPoint IP 550:Cutting-edge SIP feature set meets Polycom HD Voice™. Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. Office professional level graphical LCD set with 4-line backlit display
  • SoundPoint IP 650:High-performance IP phone with Polycom HD Voice™. Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports including USB port. Supports up to 3 BLF expansion modules. Executive office level graphical LCD set with 6-line backlit display
  • SoundStation IP 4000:The full-duplex clear IP conferencing solution, with expansion microphones

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what is scs500 softphones and clients names tentative four types
What is SCS500?SoftPhones and Clients (Names Tentative)—Four Types
  • Nortel Softphone 3455 (Counterpath eyeBeam) uses a dial pad-centric interface that allows users to manage their voice, video, Instant Messaging and presence applications on their desktop, permitting users to easily transition from a traditional hard phone to Unified Communications.
  • Nortel Softphone 3456 (Counterpath Bria) uses a contact-centric interface which focuses around the users address book to provide a Unified Communications interface for voice, video, Instant Messaging and presence applications.
  • SCS500 Client for Microsoft Outlook allows users to add Voice over IP capabilities to Microsoft Outlook.
  • SCS500 Client for IBM Lotus Sametime allows users to add Voice over IP to IBM Lotus Sametime and Lotus Notes


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what is scs500 solution components microsoft outlook plug in
What is SCS500?Solution Components: Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

Users can point and click to establish calls within Outlook.

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What is SCS500?Solution Components: IBM Lotus Notes / Sametime Plug-in

  • Integrates into Sametime as a plug-in
  • Integrated into Lotus Notes 8.0 as part of the Sametime integration.
  • Contains all of the same client configurations options as the desktop and Outlook clients.

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bcm450 positioning
BCM450 Positioning

BCM450, SCS500 and CS1000

Different products aimed at different market segments with different customer needs.

1) CS1000E for New customers, CS1000M for Meridian customers; 2) Advanced Collaboration includes: Video Conferencing, Find Me / Follow Me, Embedded IM, Presence.

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business communications manager
Business Communications Manager

Awards and Recognition

  • INTERNET TELEPHONY® Magazine 2007 Excellence Award
    • “BCM400 has proven its outstanding contribution to IP communications and delivered winning solutions for its customers.”
  • TMC Labs 2007 Innovation Awardfrom Customer Interaction Solutions® Magazine
    • “Nortel has clearly demonstrated that BCM50 is truly innovative in the CRM or call/contact center industry. BCM50 has made significant contributions in the advancement of this industry.“
  •™ 2007 Product Leadership Gold Award
    • “Nortel’s all-in-one BCM is winning SMBs over to VoIP and provides SMBs with an affordable (and relatively painless) path to converged voice and data communications."

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why nortel in smb unified communications proof points
Why Nortel in SMB & Unified Communications?Proof Points
  • Among Top 3 Leaders in Voice, Data, Convergence, Applications
  • Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader in Unified Communications
  • A broad portfolio of standards-based products
  • An extensive partner community operating in 150 countries around the world
  • Complementary Nortel Global Services expertise
  • 20+ years experience in SMB market leadership
  • 15 million SMB users in over 80 countries
  • Large installed SMB base
  • SMB products that are designed for SMBs

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