michigan department of education physical education grade level content expectations l.
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Michigan Department of Education Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Michigan Department of Education Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations

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Michigan Department of Education Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan Department of Education Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations. Tier II Roll-Out. Presenters Names. Timeline. February 2007 New Physical Education Content Standards and Benchmarks approved by the State Board of Education.

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Michigan Department of Education Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Michigan Department of EducationPhysical Education Grade Level Content Expectations Tier II Roll-Out

    2. Presenters Names

    3. Timeline February 2007 • New Physical Education Content Standards and Benchmarks approved by the State Board of Education. • Physical Education MMC approved by State Board of Education. 2007- 2008 • Physical Education GLCEs developed in accordance with newly adopted Content Standards and Benchmarks. • New version of the physical education MMC Guidelines developed.

    4. Timeline April 2008 • Physical Education GLCEs approved by State Board of Education • Revised Physical Education MMC Guidelines approved by State Board of Education May 2008 - 2009 • Physical Education Companion Documents: Alignment Clarification Planning Frequently Asked Questions • Roll-Outs/Trainings

    5. Physical Education • Six physical education content standards. • Benchmarksinclude more detailed learning objectives: • Early Elementary K-2 • Later Elementary 3-5 • Middle School 6-8 • High School 9-12 • Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE). • Expectations of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.

    6. Physical Education GLCE Documents Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) • Content expectation documents for each grade K -8. • (4) K-8 Across The Grades Documents: - Motor Skills and Movement Patterns - Content Knowledge - Fitness and Physical Activity - Personal and Social Behaviors and Values • High School Expectations – MMC Credit Guidelines - 7 Activities - 1 Core Activity

    7. New Physical Education Content Standards Standard 1 Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. Standard 2 Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to learning and performance of physical activities. Standard 3 Participates regularly in lifelong physical activity.

    8. New Physical Education Content Standards Standard 4 Achieves and maintains a health- enhancing level of physical fitness. Standard 5 Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. Standard 6 Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.

    9. Physical EducationStrands Strand 1: Motor Skills and Movement Patterns (M) Strand 2: Content Knowledge (K) Strand 3: Fitness and Physical Activity (A) Strand 4: Personal/Social Behaviors and Values (B)

    10. Alignment

    11. Each Strand is broken down into domains specific to that strand. StrandsMovement Concepts Motor Skills & Movement Patterns Motor Skills Content Knowledge Aquatics Fitness & Physical Activity Outdoor Pursuits Personal & Social Behaviors/values Target Games Invasion Games Net/Wall Games Striking/Fielding Games Rhythmic Activities Physical Education Domains Domains

    12. Exploring the Handouts Physical Education

    13. Individual Grade Level Documents K -8th Grade

    14. 5th Grade

    15. PE Organization = GLCE Coding Sample Coding for PE GLCE: M.TG.05.01 M: Content Strand of motor skills and movement patterns. TG: Target Games 05: Grade level 01: First expectation M.TG.05.01 Demonstrate selected use of tactical problems, such as accuracy in distance and direction during modified, unopposed target games.

    16. Across The Grades (4) Across the Grades Documents: 1. Motor Skills and Movement Patterns 2. Content Knowledge 3. Fitness and Physical Activity 4. Personal and Social Behaviors and Values Includes all expectations for Kindergarten through 8th grade.

    17. Michigan Merit Curriculum Credit Guidelines

    18. High School PE Requirement • 1. Health-Related Fitness. • Advanced skills & tactics • in three activities for • three categories. • Basic skills & tactics in • five additional activities • from three categories.

    19. Physical Education Categories Health-Related Fitness Aquatics Net/Wall Games Target Games Invasion Games Striking/Fielding Games Outdoor Pursuits Rhythmic Activities

    20. Sample Activities Within Categories

    21. Sample Activities Within Categories

    22. Physical Education MMC Coding 4.A.HR.2 Meet the criterion-referenced cardiorespiratory health-related fitness standards for age and gender (e.g., Curl-up, Push-up, Pull-up, Modified Pull-up, Flexed Arm Hang, etc.). 4: Standard A: Strand HR: Domain 2: Expectation Number

    23. Graduation Requirements

    24. Overview of Michigan Merit Curriculum 2011 Requirements (2006 8th grade class) Course/Credit Content Expectations: • 4 English Language Arts, 4 Mathematics (1 in senior year), 3 Science, 3 Social Studies Content Area/Learning Experience Guidelines: • 1 Physical Education/Health, 1 Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts, On-line course/experience 2016 Requirements (2006 3rd grade class) Content Area/Learning Experience Guidelines for: • 2 credits/experience in Languages other than English

    25. Graduation Requirement One credit in Physical Education and Health • Separate courses or • Integrated into one course

    26. Integrated Course • Teachers must hold the proper endorsements • Health: MA, MX, KH • Physical Education: MB, MX, SP • Course content must focus on Standards and Guidelines for each discipline

    27. Modification for Health and PE Credit • Additional credit(s) are taken beyond the required credits in: • English Language Arts • Math • Science • World Languages • Personal Curriculum • Testing Out • “Opt Out” – PE Only

    28. Q &A Document www.michigan.gov/highschool


    30. Assessment

    31. Assessment

    32. Assessment

    33. Curriculum Planning

    34. The Structure of Curriculum Standards – Broad Content Learning Statements Benchmarks –More Discrete Grade Span Learning Expectations GLCE –Grade Level Content Performance Expectations Locally-Based Curricular Alignment Classroom-Based Instructional Design

    35. Utilizing the GLCE’s Philosophy/Conceptual Framework Initial Alignment • Unfamiliar expectations • Unit’s reflect new terminology Develop instructional objectives Develop assessment plan Task Analysis Block Plan

    36. Instructional Objectives • Action- Movement sequence • Condition- Environment task complexity • Criterion- Skill task complexity • quality • quantity

    37. Using GLCE- Strand 1

    38. Using GLCE- Strand 2 Hi-Low Freeze Tag Follow the Leader ObstacleCourse

    39. Using GLCE- Strand 3

    40. Using GLCE- Strand 4

    41. Resource Links American Red Cross:http://www.redcross.org/services/hss/aquatics/ http://www.redcross.org/services/hss/aquatics/sfp.html Leave No Trace: http://www.lnt.org/ http://www.leavenotrace.ca/programs/principles.html

    42. Trina Boyle-Holmes Michigan Department of Education boyle-holmest@michigan.gov www.michigan.gov/physed