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Scope of Ergonomics Area. Occupational Biomechanics (spine and upper-extremity) Human-Machine System Design Human-Computer Interaction Cognitive Engineering Human Performance (psychomotor and cognitive) Occupational Safety Engineering Systems Safety.

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Scope of ergonomics area l.jpg
Scope of Ergonomics Area

  • Occupational Biomechanics (spine and upper-extremity)

  • Human-Machine System Design

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Cognitive Engineering

  • Human Performance (psychomotor and cognitive)

  • Occupational Safety Engineering

  • Systems Safety

Faculty and research interests l.jpg

Mahmoud A. Ayoub (Ph.D., Texas Tech) - Professor

Research/Teaching Interests - Ergonomics, occupational safety, decision analysis.

Courses - IE 311

Office - 448 Daniels

Simon Hsiang (Ph.D. Texas Tech) - Associate Professor

Research/Teaching Interests - Human motor control, optimization of manual control, human-machine system stability.

Courses - IE 452, IE 544, IE 712

Office - 438 Daniels

David B. Kaber (Ph.D., Texas Tech) - Associate Professor

Research/Teaching Interests - Cognitive ergonomics, human-automation interaction, interface design, occupational safety.

Courses - IE 452, IE 540, IE 740, IE 741, IE 745

Office - 439 Daniels

Gary A. Mirka (Ph.D., Ohio State) - Associate Professor

Research/Teaching Interests - Physical ergonomics, biomechanics, ergonomic intervention research.

Courses - IE 352, IE 544, IE 767, IE 768, IE 796

Office - 432 Daniels

Faculty and Research Interests

Adjunct faculty l.jpg

Nelson Couch (Ph.D.) - Adjunct Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests - Occupational safety, systems safety engineering.

Courses - IE 541, IE 741

Office: Off-campus

Nancy Currie (Ph.D.) - Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Interests - Human-robot interaction, anthropometry, systems safety

Office: Off-campus

Samuel Moon (M.D.) - Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interests - occupational medicine; ergonomics; musculoskeletal pain problems,

Office: Off-campus

Carolyn Sommerich (Ph.D.) - Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interests - Upper-extremity biomechanics, cumulative trauma disorders, occupational safety.

Office: Off-campus

Regina Stoll (M.D.) - Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interests - Work physiology, exercise science, human-automation interaction.

Office: Off-campus

Adjunct Faculty

Ergonomics course offerings l.jpg
Ergonomics Course Offerings

Background courses for PhD qualifying exam.

  • IE 540 - Human Factors in Systems Design

  • IE 541 - Occupational Safety Engineering

  • IE 544 - Occupational Biomechanics

  • IE 740 - Engineering Psychology of HCI

  • IE 741 - Systems Safety Engineering

  • IE 743 - Ergonomic Performance Assessment

  • IE 744 - Human Information Processing

  • IE 745 - Human Performance

  • IE 767 - Upper Extremity Biomechanics

  • IE 768 - Spine Biomechanics

Doctoral level courses on cognitive ergo and safety.

Taught by Psychology Department.

Doctoral level courses on cognitive and physical ergonomics.

Ie 540 human factors in systems design kaber l.jpg

Human-machine system design

Task analysis and evaluation

Human-machine function allocation

Human information processing

Signal detection theory

Display-control design

Virtual Reality Displays

Human motor control and control design

Workspace layout

Human factors and automobiles

Design for special populations

Content relevant to qualifying exam

IE 540 - Human Factors in Systems Design (Kaber)

Ie 541 occupational safety engineering couch kaber l.jpg

Product liability and litigation

Consumer product safety

Workers’ compensation

OSHA regulations

Behavior-based safety and risk

Accident record keeping

Emergency planning and safety program development

Accident and hazard analysis

Safety standards and control technology

Content relevant to qualifying exam

IE 541 - Occupational Safety Engineering (Couch/Kaber)

Ie 544 occupational biomechanics hsiang mirka l.jpg

Content relevant to qualifying exam

IE 544 - Occupational Biomechanics (Hsiang/Mirka)

  • Musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology

  • Worksite analysis

  • Low back biomechanics

  • Upper extremity biomechanics

  • Cumulative trauma disorders

  • OSHA and ADA

New ergonomics elective courses l.jpg

IE 740 - Engineering Psychology of HCI (Kaber):

Usability paradigms and principles

Models and styles of HCI

User-centered design processes

Rapid prototyping of interfaces

User support (help) systems

Usability evaluation and engineering

Interface design guidelines

Universal design in HCI

Usability in VR

IE 741 - Systems Safety Engineering (Couch/Kaber):

Risk assessment

Preliminary hazard analysis

System and subsystem hazard analysis

Failure modes and effects analysis

Fault tree analysis

Process safety management

New Ergonomics Elective Courses!

Added to the course catalog this year.

Research practicums and special topics courses l.jpg
Research Practicums and Special Topics Courses

  • IE 796 - Research Practicum in Occupational Biomechanics

  • IE 796 - Applied Practicum in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

  • IE 712 (or 794C) - Human Causality and Risk Analysis (Hsiang):

    • Modeling human bias, efficiency, and sufficiency in probing (or information gathering) in complex decision processes

  • IE 747 (or 794D) - Human Uncertainty and Self-organization (Hsiang):

    • Description of dynamic mechanisms leading to complex decision making in working scenarios, leisure activities, interpersonal interaction, etc.

Current ergonomics students l.jpg

Ph.D. (10):

Zongliang Jiang (Mirka)

Sang-Eun Jin (Mirka)

Dan Kelaher (Mirka)

Sang Hwan Kim (Kaber)

Carlene Perry (Kaber)

Mohamed Sheiknainar (Kaber)

Peter (Yu) Shu (Mirka)

Xuezhong Wang (Hsiang)

Xu Xu (Hsiang)

Tao Zhang (Kaber)

M.S. (4):

Lashanda Lee (Kaber)

Allison Anderson (Mirka)

Leigh McClure (Mirka)

Kristen Meador (Mirka)

M.I.E. (1):

Deanna Vick (Kaber)

Current Ergonomics Students

Some recent graduates and jobs l.jpg
Some Recent Graduates and Jobs

Students finishing between 2003-2006

  • Komal Bajaj (M.S.)- Microsoft, Inc.

  • Elizabeth Covalla (M.S.) - Zenith Insurance

  • Hollis Dickens, (MIE) – NC Dept of Labor OSHA

  • Jonathan Drum (M.S.) – John Deere

  • Jacklyn Freeman (M.S.) - Milliken

  • Ruiqi Ma (Ph.D.) - Areva Inc.

  • Chris McClernon (M.S.) - U.S. Air Force Academy

  • Brian McGee (M.S.) – John Deere

  • Carlene Perry (Ph.D.) - U.S. Air Force

  • Stephanie Reid (M.S.) - Deloitte

  • Noa Segall (Ph.D.) - Duke Medical Center

  • Mohamed Sheik-Nainar (Ph.D.) - Synaptics Corporation

  • Gwanseob Shin (Ph.D.) - Hayes & Associates, Inc.

  • Yu Shu (M.S.) – PhD Student NCSU

  • Stephanie Southard (M.S.) - Diosynth RTP, Inc.

  • Xu Xu (M.S.) – PhD Student NCSU

  • Heather Warren (M.S.) - Evidence-Based Research Inc.

Current cognitive ergonomics research l.jpg
Current Cognitive Ergonomics Research

  • Intelligent Human-Machine Interface and Control for Highly Automated Biological Screening Processes - NSF (10/1/04-9/31/07)

  • Investigation of Manual Control Performance Deficits in Adaptive Automation and a Cognitive Modeling Explanation - NASA LaRC (8/15/05-9/14/06)

  • A Multidimensional Scaling Analysis of Display Clutter and Development of a Clutter Measure - NASA LaRC (4/10/06-2/9/07)

  • Testing and validation of a psychophysically defined metric of display clutter - NASA LaRC (Pending) (10/1/06-9/30/09)

Current physical ergonomics research projects l.jpg
Current Physical Ergonomics Research Projects

  • Ergonomic Interventions for the Agriculture Industry - NIOSH (9/30/01-9/29/06)

  • Ergonomic Interventions for Commercial Fishermen - NIOSH (Pending) (8/1/06-7/31/08)

Ergonomics area faculty in psychology l.jpg
Ergonomics Area Faculty in Psychology

  • Katherine (Kitty) W. Klein (Ph.D. Wayne State)

  • Shari Lane (Ph.D.)

  • David W. Martin (Ph.D., Ohio State)

  • Christopher B. Mayhorn (Ph.D., University of Georgia)

  • Donald H. Mershon (Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara)

  • Eric N. Wiebe (Ph.D., NCSU)

  • Michael S. Wogalter (Ph.D., Rice University)

Some ergonomics courses are cross-listed with Psychology.