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Discovery World

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Discovery World. Maura Clark Michelle Pitzl. Goals of Project . We will introduce this field trip after working on a physical science unit.

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Discovery World

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discovery world

Discovery World

Maura Clark

Michelle Pitzl

goals of project
Goals of Project
  • We will introduce this field trip after working on a physical science unit.
  • Driving questions: How is electricity used in your home? How do you determine whether something is a good conductor or insulator? How is static created? What is the importance of north and south poles located on a magnet? What is a simple machine?
  • Objective of this trip is to reinforce information learned in the classroom in a hands-on manner.
  • Outcomes of this trip is to learn how different physical science aspects are brought to use in everyday life and how they affect different things we do.
  • Magnet: object surrounded by magnetic field; produces magnetic field (lines of force surrounding magnet)
  • Electricity: behavior of electrons and protons caused by attraction of particles with opposite charges and repelling particles of similar charges
  • Conduction: transmission of something through a medium
  • Simple machine: simple device (lever/pulley); machine without moving parts used to make work easier
  • Vibration: rapid linear motion of a particle
  • Gravity: natural force of attraction exerted by Earth upon objects at/near a surface
data collection
Total cost= $5 for children and $7 for adults

5-6 Chaperones would be necessary for 40 students

School buses would be best method of transportation for 40 students and chaperones


I give my permission to allow_______________________ to attend the Llyod Street School field trip to Discovery World on Tuesday, November 6, 2005. I understand my child will be taken off school grounds and transported by bus.

Thank you,


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Data Collection
presentation analysis
Presentation/ Analysis
  • Students in the class will utilize this experience as hands on way to learn several different things pertaining to physical science. Students will be given an opportunity to explore different topics and visually see and understand how several things in their everyday lives work the way they do.
  • Before the field trip students will be asked to pick one of the terms we listed to investigate the term and give a short presentation to the class of the knowledge they gained about that specific term (jigsaw)
  • Students may not realize that things such as salt water and a paper clip are good conductors of electricity
  • May not realize how much electricity is used just in their kitchen and how important it is in their everyday lives
  • How vibrations are used to make music
  • May think that simple machines consist of moving parts and require elecricity
cross curricular
  • Information learned from Discovery World can be used in a history class-for example: who invented electricity
  • Information could also be used in a geography lesson when students learn about different time zones around the world
  • Reading is an important part of Discovery World because each activity has an explanation as to how it works
literature outside resources
Literature/ Outside Resources
  • Text book
  • Pamphlets/ brochures provided at Discovery World
  • Internet Websites