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  1. Discovery Amelia Midgett-Nicholson Holden Beach, NC Visual Literacy Magnum Opus Spring 2011

  2. Looking Discovering beauty starts with a journey along the seashore. In this photo I employed a unique angle with the shells in focus and the figure in the background out of focus. This technique was used to place emphasis on the vast amount of shells that exist of which one can discover.

  3. Seaweed Among the shells and sand I discovered a washed up piece of seaweed. I was inspired by the vibrancy of the green and the variety of textures. The extreme telephoto lens (large zoom) highlighted the beauty of the seaweed.

  4. Shell Continuing my walk down the beach I noticed a very tiny conch shell. It was no larger than a fingernail. The extreme zoom technique displays the detailed pattern of the shell and tricks the viewer into thinking the shell is much larger than it really is.

  5. Rainbow Bubbles The waves continual retreat and crash onto the shore brought my attention to the sea foam left on the sand. I was instantly fascinated by the unique iridescent quality of the water. Upon further inspection I saw the rainbow colors in the bubbles.

  6. Sunset After examining the beauty of the small things that were on the shoreline, I was reminded at sunset that the sky itself can be transformed into something magical. This shot displays the intensity and beauty of a sunset skyline.

  7. Walk Away Every trip to Holden Beach must come to an end. This shot displays the sadness of leaving behind the beauty and peace of the beach. The angle from the sand with the shells in the foreground and the figure walking away in the background lends itself to the emotion of the shot, and the vastness of the shoreline.