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Faculty Senate February 17th, 2006

Faculty Senate February 17th, 2006 Agenda IT Central Services Strategy Security Operations Active Project Email Issues and Solutions Office of CIO IT Services Strategic Planning iTech Regulatory and Security Compliance Strategic Planning Governance Process

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Faculty Senate February 17th, 2006

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  1. Faculty SenateFebruary 17th, 2006

  2. Agenda • IT Central Services • Strategy • Security • Operations • Active Project • Email Issues and Solutions

  3. Office of CIO IT Services Strategic Planning iTech Regulatory and Security Compliance

  4. Strategic Planning Governance Process www.usm.edu/itgovernance Financial Planning & Budgets Core Policies Service Orientated Architecture Academic / Research / Students / Admin Compliance

  5. Today’s Faculty, Staff and Student

  6. Information Technology Services Provided at USM are Extensive Athletics & Intramurals Alumni & Development Power Generation & Utilities GCRL Bookstore 4-H County Programs Police Clubs/Organizations Online Education ,  Performing Arts • iTech Infrastructure • Software Applications • Hardware • Networking Connectivity • Data Management & Retention Academic Administration Newspapers & Publications Telecommunications Academics Grounds & Facilities Management & Maintenance Libraries Housing & Food Service Medical Training, Patient Care, & Pharmacies PublicAffairs University Finance Campus Banking Super Computing Back Office Administration Research • The typical doctoral/research institution, can be thought of as a small city…the Univer”city”…a city that is involved in businesses of all kinds…from teaching to libraries to sports to research to construction, etc. • Consequently, the iTech infrastructure for USM is more extensive, costly, and requires significant resources to effectively manage and maintain. iTech is integrated and managed in a hybrid centralized/decentralized manner.

  7. IT Governance IT Central Architecture www.usm.edu/itgovernance

  8. Connected to Millions of Servers20 Plus Remote Sites134 Organizations20,000 Estimated Faculty, Staff, Students, other users IT Central Services Why Governance ? Organizational Users Students, Faculty Departments Colleges & Admin Governance University ITManagement External Customers / IHL /Parents Planning StudentComputing AcademicComputing AdminComputing ResearchComputing Policies & Standards Operations Security / Access Funding & Resources Desktop Computing Network & Infrastructure IT Functions

  9. Quality is Process Refinement iTech Services& Operations Project Implementation ITP Planning - Funding- People- Security- Priorities- Governance- Interoperability • Detailed Analysis-Execution to Plan-Service Level Agreements Service Baseline SupportHelpDeskNetworksPhonesTech Support

  10. Here is the number of computers that are on inventory and the cost. • 7,641 computers ==== $16,695,571.59 • Computers the University has purchased since July 2004 to July 05 1069 === $2,163,265.27*.

  11. WEB Committee Distance Education Committee IT Academic & Staff Advisory Council Customer Service Council Policy & Compliance Council President President President President President iTech Governance Flow Council looks at the Faulty, Staff, and Students Technology Needs IT Board of Directors President Academic Listservs Ad Astra Contracts & Grants Module SOAR Financials Upgrade University Knowledge Plan Labs Council looks at business process, data integration & Security IT Advisory Council President Compliance –HIPPA / Sarbanes Oxley Security Policies Council looks at technology service providers Council will focus on the strategic perspective and coordination for all technology initiatives. This Council will provide technology proposals for approval to the IT Board of Directors. This Council will direct the efforts of other technology councils to ensure consistency throughout the University Service Level Agreements Client Surveys

  12. Security 44% of all identity threats occur at Universities Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), Higher education challenges Federal wiretapping regs The federal government wants colleges and universities to spend approximately $7 billion to update their computer systems so that the feds can have remote access to the systems for surveillance purposes. Mississippi Public Records Act

  13. Current Projects Wireless Upgrade UPK – University Knowledge InitiativeSingle Log on Governance Process RefinementInformation Technology PlanningEnterprise Project Management SystemCISCO Project

  14. Wireless Upgrade Project Milestones Phase 1: Pilot of 4 residence halls 100% Complete • Site surveys complete (BCI) • Wiring complete (Spectrum) • Access points installed (iTech) • Stage, Configure, Deploy, Troubleshoot complete (iTech) Phase 2: Remaining residence halls 75% complete • Site surveys complete (BCI) • Wiring almost half complete (Spectrum) • Stage, Configure, Deploy, Troubleshoot 50% complete (iTech) Phase 3: 38 Academic and Administrative buildings on the Hattiesburg campus 30% complete • Almost half of site surveys complete (BCI) • Cabling begun (Spectrum) 0%

  15. Email Situation: Latency – issues January 16th – 20th January 30 –Feb 7th Lessons Learned – Communication with Faculty, Staff, and Students

  16. Internet DNS Round Robin Volume Increase Pre K 50,000 Post K 200,000 day Cache ServersSpam CheckImproper loading SPAM Mai Server Hard drive I/O Limitation Can not connect to the Server !

  17. Internet DNS SPAM Fiber Mai Server SAN Storage

  18. Questions

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