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Graphic Designing

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Graphic Designing

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Graphic Designing

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  1. WELCOME www.northpolewebservice.com

  2. Graphic Designing The art or profession of using design elements (as typography and images) to convey information or create an effects; also : a products of this art. www.northpolewebservice.com

  3. What isUI? • UserInterface • How people interact with other products / services • Used in Web & Mobile Applications • A bridge between a human being and a system. www.northpolewebservice.com

  4. What is UX ? • UserExperience • What a person feels ashe experiences a product or service • Important role in allkinds ofmarketing • Plays a crucial role inweb & MobileApplications • Bridge between a productand its targetedaudience. www.northpolewebservice.com

  5. Design • A unique Design is present in all things, whether they are natural or man-made, and a good design always attracts theeye. • The smallest of the smallest things in your life and the largest of the large, are all designed in some way. • Many forms ofDesigning • Web & Mobile UX-UI Design www.northpolewebservice.com

  6. Designing for Purpose • Today’s age is more attuned to designing fora purpose • UX-UI Design is prime example of Designing for purpose • Our purpose is to make things functional look good. • Evolution from Skeuomorphic designto FlatDesign www.northpolewebservice.com

  7. UX-UI beyond Web &Apps • Design centred approach has become prime focus for any technology driven company, because a good design solves problems – Fightscrime! • As the trend continues more and more industries are opting for design centred approaches for better handling of customers and maintaining higher standards ofservice. • A good design is invisible. Even two year olds can handleit. www.northpolewebservice.com

  8. PHOTOSHOP Photoshop is a software application used to edit the photos and recreate a new visual application with some graphics included. It helps the user to enhance the image quality by adding or editing the image which helps in creating artistic images and illustrations www.northpolewebservice.com

  9. ILLUSTRATOR Illustrator is a software that allows you to create everything in the graphical world, from a single element to the whole composaintion everything revolves around the illustrator software. It helps creating curves from straight lines using mathematical representations.  www.northpolewebservice.com

  10. CORAL DRAW CorelDraw is software that works as a vector graphics editor. This software is a platform that provides many features for the users to perform graphical editing. The features indulge color balancing, contrast adjustments, special effects such as adding borders and in this software each element could be edited separately. www.northpolewebservice.com

  11. THANKS YOU Contact us :- To find out more or how we can help you better Address- C-127,2nd Floor , Ozi Gym Building , Phase 8, Industrial Area, Mohali, 160062 Phone no. (+91) 8872155107,9779127768,8360890672 E-mail:- hr@northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com