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Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing. Marley Jauw First Hour 10/7/09 Career/Business Tech. . Introduction .

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Graphic Designing

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  1. Graphic Designing Marley Jauw First Hour 10/7/09 Career/Business Tech.

  2. Introduction Imagine that your out shopping at your favorite store, you come across an magazine and open it up. Inside there’s ads and other designs that adorn the magazine. Magazines and logos, the things you see in pretty much everyday, are created by graphic designers. There are many types of art in the world and yet I am still lost in what I art career pathway I should take. I hope that while I read more about Graphic Designers I can learn more about what they do and that by learning about them they can help pave they way to my choices in the future.

  3. NatureofWork Sketching out vision of picture. Making sure the piece is done before a set due date. Making sure every program is up to date. Identifying the needs of consumers. Take time to make new contacts, choosing equipment, and doing performing administrative tasks.

  4. Work Environment Mental and physical varies by who they’re employed by. Adjust the work day to their clients needs. Self-employed designers work longer hours in smaller work areas. Can work evenings or weekends.

  5. Training, Qualifications, Advancement The Degrees Where I need to go and what I need to do. International Academy of Design and Technology, Tampa, Florida. Westwood College, Various Locations. Classes needed would be Web Design and Digital Art. • A bachelor’s degree (4 years) is needed for advanced digital art. • Some only need an associate’s degree (2 years).

  6. Outlook/Employment • Employment is keen competition. • Expected to rise from 2006-2016. • 25% Self- employed • I want to find openings near home but if a better education means going out of state I’m willing to go out of state. • I don’t know if I want to be self-employed or work for a big ad company.

  7. Earnings • Goals: not be a ‘starving artist’, but not necessarily the best artist. (Though that’d be sweet too.) • My average earnings would be about 40,000 to 30,000 a year. • First thing I’d buy, I don’t really know… What video game systems do you think they’d have in the future?? If not I’d buy a nice house.

  8. Related Occupations Related Occupation: Fashion Designer. Responsible for creating designs and prototypes. The environment can be indoor or outdoor and more mental than physical It takes 2 to 4 years to get a degree and make employers actually want to hire you. Outlook is slower than the average jobs . (Keen) Average earnings is from 60,000-70,000 I choose this career since it’s another art field that I’m interested in.

  9. Summary Drawing is a hard skill to master, and becoming a graphic designer will put all my skills to the test. If I choose to take this career in the future I have to make sure I can commit myself to four more years in school, making sure I get my design done on time, and that it pleases my employer. This job will be stressful at times, but drawing is something I love with all my heart and I would wake up loving what I’m doing. Looking into this career I’ve become more interested with graphic art and hope that this is the career is the right one for me.

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