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Special Needs Fidget Toys By Sensory Kid Toys PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Needs Fidget Toys By Sensory Kid Toys

Special Needs Fidget Toys By Sensory Kid Toys

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Special Needs Fidget Toys By Sensory Kid Toys

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  1. Sensory Fidgets for ADD/ADHD, Autism and Special Needs Toys Calming Toys Sensory Balls Stress Quiet Alerting

  2. Do you have kids who like to wriggle, move around, bite their nails or doodle when you need them to concentrate? Then they might benefit from the use of fidget toys.

  3. What Is Fidget Toy? Fidgets can be a very effective and helpful self-regulation tool! Use fidgets and sensory balls for calming and alerting, to promote focusing and concentration, decrease stress, increase tactile awareness of fingers/hands (through proprioceptive input), and as a way to keep fidgeting fingers busy! Fidget toys can also provide a fun way to strengthen hands and "warm-up" fingers before handwriting activities and fine motor skill tasks. Sensory balls are a favorite OT sensory diet tool, make a fun gift, and are one of many fidget toys that can help relieve stress! We also have silent fidgets for the classroom, quiet fidget toys that can help improve concentration and focus, and lots of great office and desk toys that relieve stress and keep minds alert at work. Keep fingers and feet busy, minds focused, and bodies relaxed with all the affordable, amazing fidgets Toy.

  4. Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom A Handy Reference Guide that Explains Behaviors Associated with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other Special Needs [Paperback]

  5. Arnie and His School Tools Simple Sensory Solutions to Build Success is an illustrated children's book about an exuberant little boy who had difficulty paying attention in class and doing his school work until he was equipped with the tools to accommodate his sensory needs.

  6. Cheweze—Clip-On Chew The practical chewing solution!Whether you are encouraging chew for self-regulation or for strengthening jaw muscles, ChewEase is a terrific, convenient solution that is always there. Each ChewEase features three safe, non-toxic, plastic objects that are linked together and can be taken anywhere.

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