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Toys, Toys, and more TOYS PowerPoint Presentation
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Toys, Toys, and more TOYS

Toys, Toys, and more TOYS

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Toys, Toys, and more TOYS

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  1. Toys, Toys, and more TOYS • What is going on in the Toy Industry Today? Please read and be prepared to discuss the following questions in class • What are some of the new toys released this season? • What trends do you see in the toy industry

  2. Objectives • Examine the toy industry and make conclusions about possible trends and/or patterns • Describe the influence of the emerging electronic toy industry • Analyze the results of a marketing research study done on first graders

  3. Toy Survey • What kinds of toys do kids like to play with? • In a recent marketing survey …. • 40% of the people surveyed said they played electronic games. • (video games, computer games, electronic music players, electronic story tellers etc.)

  4. Fun Fact… • Did you know the worldwide sales of video game consoles and software areexpected to reach $35 billion this year • --- that's more than twice the revenue of the NFL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball combined? • The revolution of “Fatality”…YouTube - CPL 60 Minutes

  5. Toys Today Best Toys for Boy’s 2011-12 Best Toys for Girl’s 2011-12

  6. The Apprentice Challenge 1

  7. The Ultimate Toy Project • TEAMS: A project manager should be selected for this task. • MISSION: Design a creative toy that has never been made that you think would be a great seller. Create a powerpoint with marketing information, logo, slogan, where you are going to sell the product and for how much and how would you promote the product. • CONSUMER: Elementary students Grade ? • TOY NAME: Choose an original and catchy name for your toy.

  8. The Ultimate Toy Project • PROTOTYPE: Sketch a design of the toy and build a model (it doesn’t have to work if it is electronic) • PRESENTATION: Design a powerpoint to use in your presentation to the Marketing II class. • The toys will be taken to the class and the kids will vote on their favorite. • JUDGING: The elementary students will choose the winning team

  9. Survey Results • Each group will receive copies of a toy survey . • Your team must analyze the results. • These results came directly from the class that will be voting on your toy… • Keep this in mind when you are designing your toy

  10. Brainstorming Session • Please work with your group for the rest of the class period and brainstorm for new toys ideas. • You will present this project • February 7 & 8th. \\

  11. Sample Presentations Pkc_sz_svr\sz\t\THeller\THELLER\Marketing 2-Class\Apprentice\Toy\Food Paint 2.pptx K:\THELLER\Marketing 2-Class\Apprentice\Flying Shoes.ppt \\Pkc_sz_svr\sz\t\THeller\THELLER\Marketing 2-Class\Apprentice\Toy\masterkid.pptx \\Pkc_sz_svr\sz\t\THeller\THELLER\Marketing 2-Class\Apprentice\Toy\snowboard.ppt