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Yoga Trainer | Yoga Teacher Training In India PowerPoint Presentation
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Yoga Trainer | Yoga Teacher Training In India

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Yoga Trainer | Yoga Teacher Training In India
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Yoga Trainer | Yoga Teacher Training In India

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  1. Yoga: To Get balance & Happiness in Life In our day to day life we come across various difficulties. We tackle some problems and diseases too. But when it comes to our health, we are least concerned. Going to gym is just a physical exercise but what about your mental fitness? It’s not your physique which helps you tackle the problems of your life, but your mind. Eating oral pills like anti-depressants or pain relievers is taboo. They leave their side effects if continued for a longer period. Rather you should go for an alternative which has no side effects. If you are looking forward to learn this ancient science, then Yoga Teacher Training is the best way to get perfect training of this. Yoga is a spiritual practice originated in India which rejuvenates your body physically and mentally. Everyone wants a healthy and balanced lifestyle but efforts made are too less as compared to the goal. You need to adapt healthy habits like eating meals at proper time, heavy breakfast and light dinner, proper exercise in morning, etc. It helps in burning calories and toning muscles. It will also help your body and mind to relax and you will feel fresh for the whole day.

  2. People of all age group and different fitness levels can do basic yoga. Postures and stretches are of different types. Not everyone can do all types of poses. Hatha and ashtanga can be done by people of all ages whereas power yoga and bikram requires more intensity and cannot be done easily. The Yoga Trainer will provide you comprehensive information about various yoga asana & pranayama. It can be done indoors and outdoors if you have enough space for a mat. However it has better results if done outside in parks where you can get fresh air. Your body parts and force are your tools. A mat is required so that you can get a cushion while making standing poses. Hatha yoga, also referred to as ‘hathavidya’, is a branch of yoga in which basic movements are performed with breathing. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva is the founder of hatha yoga. It became popular in the whole world in 20th

  3. century. It also has some important principles that are shared with other methods, such as the quiet physiology, dharna (fixing of elements) and nadanusandhana (concentration on the sound internally). It consists of eight limbs that are focused on attaining Samadhi, a sitting posture. Asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samādhi are those six limbs. Factors like disciplines, purification, gestures, breathing and meditation are also included. In the west, they take these asanas as a physical exercise and are also recognized as stress-reducing practice. Both meditative and hatha have been researched for specific and non-specific health benefits. Hatha has been studied as a cure for many problems like back pain, stress and depression. Generally, it helps in improving the quality of life, but may not treat the diseases. However, there are a lot of yoga techniques that help you fight diseases too. Don’t take yoga as an exercise rather make it a part of your life for a better living. Yoga Teacher Training will certainly enlighten your spirit.