Homegrown and local markets
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General and Local Market Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We show you how to bring your products to your local markets.

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Homegrown and local markets

Homegrown and Local Markets

A beginners guide on everything you need to do to be prepared for your first market

Prepared by;

Luisa Figueroa



Table of contents

Table of Contents

Applying for Markets



Open & Close

Signage, Layout & Visual Merchandising


Money and Customer Service

Worst Case Scenario

Major Recommendations

General and local market presentation

Applying for Markets

  • When applying for markets be aware that they can vary

    in pricing from free to $400.

  • The first Market you should do should be a smaller, indoor market.

  • When applying for markets, provide pictures of your products and detailed descriptions.

  • On acceptance, pay the fee promptly and provide any additional documentation i.e. insurances

General and local market presentation


  • Some markets can be very paperwork intensive,

    make sure you read all documents relating to

    the Market.

  • Some of the paperwork requested are insurance documentation, documentation authorising the sale of food, gazebo engineers report, and sunday trading commerce certificate

  • Each Market requests different information so read all instructions carefully

General and local market presentation


  • Each Market is different so you will require different equipment for each market.

  • Highly recommend that you visit other Markets and

    see what other exhibitioners use at their stalls.

  • Review other markets for equipment ideas


  • The Following items are a must for Indoor Markets;

  • Trolley, Folding Tables & Chairs, Plain Table Cloth, Shelves, Bags and packing (environmental friendly)


  • All the same equipment as an indoor market plus the following;

  • OzTrail 3 x 3 Gazebo & Weights and walls, Lighting - Battery or rechargeable.

General and local market presentation

Open & Close

  • Read all information from the market coordinators.

  • Be practical on what you are bringing to the market.

  • Be on time for your “Bump In”, which is the time you are required to go and unload your vehicle.

  • Park in the designated parking spots

  • Only use your designated space, don't creep over into other stall holders designated space.

  • Respect the closing time and stay until closing, leave the site as you found it.

General and local market presentation

Signage, Layout and Visual Merchandising


  • Make sure you signage is the same as your social media signage, that its professional and clear to see.

    Layout & Visual Merchandising

  • Keep your layout as standard as possible for each market, this will enable you to load in, set up and load out quickly.

  • Review other Markets for ideas on layout and try not to crowd your display.

  • If possible, have tier levels and possibly adding lighting

General and local market presentation


  • Markets are a lot of hard work but they can be very social too. When setting up introduce yourself to your “Neighbours” and try and meet other stallholders at the market.

  • Other Stall holders can give you valuable information on other markets that have worked for them and other ideas about promotion.

  • Promote the market through social media

General and local market presentation

Money & Customer Services

  • The change you keep depends on the pricing of

    your goods and be confident with your pricing

  • Be prepared and have a lot of change, keep it in a safe place at all times.

  • Have a receipt book and order sheets handy

  • Stand up, make eye contact and don't use your phone and try to talk to your customers

  • Have Business cards with easy to reach for customers

  • Have a calculator and packaging ready

  • Every person is a potential sale !

General and local market presentation

Worst Case Scenario

  • Always be prepared for the worst, as one of the below will sure to happen.

  • Weather, you can and will get extreme weather conditions, be prepared and check the weather conditions before leaving home.

  • Customers, there will be markets where you have rude, happy, angry and even no customers. Remember you are the face of the business so always be professional with your customer service

  • Sales, or lack of sales, keep on persisting, every market is different and surprises will happen.

  • Issues, go and see the Market Co-ordinator, they are there to help and would have encountered your problem before.

General and local market presentation

Major Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations I suggest you do.

  • Do a trial stall at home, work on your layout, visual merchandising, where you will pack your items and have your change.

  • Bring as much product as you can, you never know, you could have a fantastic turn out and you don't want to be turning customers away.

  • Bring some snacks and water for yourself, you may be stuck at your stall for a long period of time.

  • Have fun !