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  1. SHAPING YOUR WORLD General Presentation

  2. WE ARE PART OF THE TETRA LAVAL GROUP 29,000 employees 9 billion euros • Backed by a stable, long-term oriented shareholder • A strong position to build Sidel future (R&D, services) • Sidel as a Separate Industry Group, dedicated to plastic packages

  3. SIDEL VISION “ • Become the world leader in Plastic Packaging Linesfor Liquid Food by offering the most competitive and reliable technologies and services to our customers  ”

  4. WE FOCUS ON OUR CORE BUSINESS Conveying Overwrapping Barrier Treatment Services Palletizing Filling Engineering Turnkey Blow-Molding

  5. WE ARE A MAJOR ACTOR IN A FAST GROWING MARKET 2001-2006 CAGR for plastic containers Bottled water RTD beverages Milk Juices CSD +10% +11% +23% +15% +6% TOTAL +10% per annum

  6. WE ARE DEDICATED TO PLASTIC PACKAGING SOLUTIONS • >For foodstuff manufacturers • > Forconverters

  7. WE ARE AN INTEGRATED COMPANY FOR PLASTIC PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Come to us with your plastic bottle project; you will get the complete line solution

  8. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World DESIGN ME A BOTTLE Bottle Design 3,000 new plans each year and 15 designers, on 3 continents. Computer Generated Image Design Technical experience and the most powerful computer tools support your customer-oriented approach. Structural Analysis A forecasting tool, the simulator is developed from our worldwide database, materials, and bottles.

  9. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR BOTTLE IS IN A GREAT SHAPE Mold Design 25 draftspeople who draft 1,400 mold designs annually. Mold Polishing 15,000 blowing molds produced every year by 240 people at 4 locations (Europe, USA, Asia). Feasability tests 400 blowing tests annually. Dedicated resources: 3 testing centers, 6 blowing machines, 3 bottle control labs.

  10. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR PROJECT IS IN GOOD HANDS Your Project Manager defines, arbitrates and monitors your project until the technical acceptance of your installation. Quality We guarantee the technical performance. Timing We deliver on commitments. Cost We offer the best value solution.

  11. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR BOTTLE GOES ON LINE Process Engineering 200 project engineers for beer, syrup, juice, water, dairy beverages, and wines. Aseptic 20 aseptic lines. The result of 20 years of experience. Complete Lines Our experience as an integrator: 900 people building 40 bottling lines annually for food liquids in plastic packaging.

  12. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR LINE KEEPS THE PACE After-Sales A worldwide network of 500 technicians. Wherever you are, Sidel representatives who understand your culture are always nearby. Training 2,500 students per year in our 5 training centers. Global Parts Organization 25,000 stock items in inventory, delivery 7 days a week in 140 countries.

  13. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR ONLY AFTER-SALES CONTACT: THE CUSTOMER MANAGER Technical Support Network

  14. We Offer Integrated Expertise in the Packaging World YOUR LINE GOES THE DISTANCE EIT Service The EIT, Efficiency Improvement Tool, is a service that is 100% dedicated to packaging. Options & Upgrades 1,500 O&U performed. Engineering Projects 230 audits for upgrades already performed by our 30 auditors.

  15. WE INNOVATE TO LEAD Barrier Enhancement ACTISTM COMBI Blow-molding SBO Aseptic Filling FMi Line ENGINEERING EITTM Overwrapping TS & DSI REMOTE VISION

  16. Container blow-molding conversion cost 100 - Output: +30% ; - performance: +3pts - Maintenance: -50% - Changeover time: -30% - Air consumption & Heating power: -20% -44% 56 1980 2003 We Innovate to Lead BLOWING All major technological breakthroughs introduced by Sidel shaped the SBM industry. Standard process HR process WM technology Preferential heating Dual cavity technology Applications: all types of PET bottles, from 1,000 to 60,000 bph

  17. We Innovate to Lead BARRIER ENHANCEMENT Exclusive process that deposits a very thin layer of amorphous carbon inside a PET bottle. CO2 barrier: X 2 to 3 times O2 barrier: X 5 to 10 times Shelf life extended to 6 months Applications: sensitive drinks (tea), carbonated soft drinks, beer Installed base: 21 ACTIS 20 (Europe, Asia, North & South America)

  18. We Innovate to Lead ASEPTIC FILLING Start of operations: 2001 Applications: flavored water, milk, fruit juice, tea, CSD...Isolators protect sterile area Outputs: up to 65,000 bph Can be integrated into a Combi system Aseptic guarantee, modular design, reliability, accessibility

  19. We Innovate to Lead COMBI PET bottles Blowing - Filling - Capping Start of operations: 1997 Installed base: 100 Combis in 30 countries 90% market share Applications: water, CSD, milk, sauce... Improved efficiency, Reduced production costs, improved up-times

  20. We Innovate to Lead INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: EIT EIT (Efficiency Improvement Tool) A powerful, reliable and strategic service to help you: - increase efficiency - evaluate return on assets - improve decision-making - reduce costs Application: Packaging lines Installed base: 220 EIT systems

  21. We Innovate to Lead INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: REMOTE SUPPORT • Managed and secured internet access • Real time reactivity • Remote support (Sidel by you) • E-monitoring - troubleshooting • Alert – Alarm workflow • Reporting, data analysis, benchmark

  22. We Innovate to Lead INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: VISION SYSTEMS • State of the art technology to monitor bottle production • Track the defects through correlation features • Increase productivity • Strategic alliance with Pressco, a world leader in vision and intelligent sensing technologies to the container industry

  23. We Innovate to Lead LINE ENGINEERING • Productivity Architects • Optimize operations, expand capacity, restructure • Study of all aspects of a project (industrial, technical, economic, financial and corporate) • Site supervision, managing contractor, complete lines, line audits, productivity assurance, training programs • 230 engineers and technicians in 3 continents

  24. We Innovate to Lead SHRINKWRAPPER • TS & DIS system • Maintenance control and maintenance by PC Quick format change over system • possibility to put the products onto carton support • high output up to 86,000 bph • DIS (Dual Injection System): reel changeover without stopping the machine and without the presence of an operator • Installed base: 100 TS machines


  26. WE ARE A KEY PACKAGING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER • SBO Stretch blow-molders • Start of PET operations in 1980 • Installed base: 3,500 SBM that represents a capacity of 40 million bottles per hour 71% of worldwide production capacity

  27. WE ARE A KEY PACKAGING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER • Fillers • Start of operations: 1950 • Installed base: 3,000 fillers • Technologies: level, volumetric, flow meter, gravimetric, weight filling • Applications: still products, carbonated beverages, sensitive beverages, food products...

  28. WE ARE A KEY PACKAGING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER • Cap Feeder and Conveyors • Began in 1964 • 50,000 m of conveyors per year for 260 customers in 40 countries • Air conveying • Mechanical conveying • Cap feeder

  29. WE ARE A KEY PACKAGING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER • Overwrapping and Palletization • Began in 1972 • Unique end-of-line packaging know-how • All case-packing solutions • All shrink-wrapping solutions under retractable film • Palletization

  30. WE IMPLEMENT A CUSTOMER-ORIENTED ORGANIZATION • “a strong commitment • to top quality service”

  31. Strategy & Marketing Blowing & Coating Sales Total Quality Management Industrial & Purchasing Cermex Engin. & Turnkey Services Financial, Legal & IT Filling Systems Sidel Conveying& Cap feeding Human Resources & Communication L. CHEVALLIER P. BARTISSOL M. KRAUTH G. STRICHER G. RUCKSTUHL M. DELAIRE A. SITZLER M. AURY P. HOLDERITH H. KERBRAT J. AZANCOT L. CHABANNES A. DE MAS LATRIE Sidel Solutions P. HOLDERITH WE IMPLEMENT A CUSTOMER-ORIENTED ORGANIZATION CUSTOMER

  32. PRODUCTS, OPERATIONS & INNOVATION DIVISION • Optimize and ensure consistency of Sidel product offering • Quality • Innovation • Efficiency All along the line… • Optimize industrial resources • Multiproduct manufacturing facilities • Design Departments • Core capabilities (automation, kinematics…) • Boost innovation • R&D = 250 people

  33. INDUSTRIAL AND R&D OPERATIONS Canada Italy France Portugal USA China India Philippines Malaysia Brasil Chile 18 industrial facilities in 11 countries

  34. Need for WE OFFER A SINGLE GATEWAY TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS • Designing Investment strategy? • Preparing New Packaging Projects? • Engineering Bottling Line? • Optimizing Production Capacity? SidelSolutions™

  35. WHAT IS SIDEL SOLUTIONS™? • The most comprehensive PET solutions provider • Sidel integrated expertise: from concept development and implementation to commissioning and upholding of system performances • A global and multilocal organization Sales Sidel Solutions™ Engineering & Turnkey Services

  36. WHAT IS SIDEL SOLUTIONS™? Your single gateway to simplify relationships

  37. Sidel Solutions™OUR COMMITMENTS • We provide Solutions guaranteeingworld-class quality and enhanced productivity of your operations  through the entire life of your investment We act proactively to open door to new opportunities for your business

  38. Germany United Kingdom Russia Canada Austria France Beijing Spain Japan Hong-Kong Portugal Dubai USA Italy Shanghai India Mexico Thailand Venezuela Philippines Malaysia Singapore Brasil Australia Argentina Chile Sidel Solutions™GLOBAL AND MULTILOCAL


  40. GLOBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT On Line SupportProducts experts Blowing, Filling,Packaging Global PartsOperations Continental platforms Octeville Atlanta Shanghai Customer Satisfaction Opportunity (CSO)Web-based applicationCustomers’ complaints automatically addressed

  41. THANK YOU !