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Savlon Solution is largely Trust perceived as an Affordable brand in India.\n

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savlon soap

Consumers are open to the idea of using SavlonSoap when they faced extreme dirt conditions. Hence, it was felt that Savlon Soap needs to be positioned for occasions that are special, but not rare in everyday life. These could be based on exposure to dirt and germs, pollution, heat, sweat etc.

Savlon Soap

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Savlon Solution

All Savlonproducts have a sword on the pack, which is a symbol for fighting germs and infection.

Over the years, the clouding action and the sword have become synonymous with the brand and have been creatively used in Savlonadvertising.

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SavlonAntiseptic Liquid is a versatile product, which has many uses for protecting your family from germs.

Use with bathing water for a completely germ- free bath.

Use with mopping water to disinfect floors completely.

Use in washing laundry to disinfect your clothes.

Savlon Solution

Protect Your Family From Germs With Savlon

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Why Savlon-

Savlon Solutions provides expert protection against harmful bacteria on your homes surfaces and can even be as an antibacterial skin cleanser.

Savlon Solution

  •  Use & Benefit
  • A general Antiseptic Liquid.
  • Perfect and stronger formula for first aid and personal use.
  • Helps to prevent skin infection.
  • Efficiently cleanses the affected area.
  • Helps to heal minor injuries.
  • Efficiently kills a range of germs.
  • Effective on wounds, minor cuts and bruises.
  • Does not sting.
  • Safe to use without any side effects.
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Savlon offers many products like Savlon Antiseptic Liquid , Antiseptics And Disinfectants , Savlon Antiseptic Soaps , Liquid Hand Wash etc. Purpose of all the products are to keep you and your family Healthy and Fit by giving full protection against Virus, Bacteria.

Savlon Solution

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