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Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments

A combination of 2-3 non-surgical hair loss treatments could work effectively as the surgical treatments. Here are top 5 non-surgical treatments - Medications, LLLT, Derma Roller, PRP Hair Treatment, Mesotherapy!

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Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments

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  1. NON-SURGICAL HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  2. In most of the hair clinics in Mumbai, the doctors offer non-surgical treatments for hair loss for 2 reasons. • One of the main reasons being the fear for surgical and operational treatments. • Post-surgery Look: Patients do not want to show that they have gone through surgery. - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  3. 1 MINOXIDIL Minoxidil is in the form of solution or foam, used to help hair growth in male and female pattern baldness. MEDICATIONS 2 FINASTERIDE Finasteride is a tablet to reduce DHT, to treat male pattern baldness and it should be used by adult men only - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  4. MICRO-NEEDLING DERMA-ROLLER FOR HAIR - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  5. LOW-LEVEL LASER THERAPY LLLT Hair Treatment - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  6. PRP HAIR TREATMENT Platelet-rich-plasma Therapy - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  7. MESOTHERAPY Mesotherapy for hair loss treatment involves the injecting nutrient-rich solution in the mesoderm of the scalp. - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  8. NON-SURGICAL TREATMENT @ NUBELLO PRP HAIR TREATMENT MESOTHERAPY Every Week MICRO-NEEDLING Every Week Every Month A combination of Mesotherapy + Derm roller + PRP Hair Treatment. This combination works equally effective as that of hair transplant. - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

  9. See you on social! TWITTER @clinicnubello In case you are looking for hair loss treatment in Mumbai? INSTAGRAM @nubelloaesthetics call us on 09324507495 for a free consultation! FACEBOOK @nubelloclinic - www.nubelloaesthetics.com -

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