wireless networks b2b e commerce l.
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Wireless Networks B2B E-Commerce PowerPoint Presentation
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Wireless Networks B2B E-Commerce

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Wireless Networks B2B E-Commerce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wireless Networks B2B E-Commerce Rui Li Shamit Mehta Srinath Nagarajan Theo Nicholas Preethi Parameswaran Wireless Tomorrow!!! One-click transactions navigational aids event-driven transactions online auction stock trading travel reservations 2002 Mobile eCommerce 2000 Email

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wireless networks b2b e commerce

Wireless NetworksB2B E-Commerce

Rui Li

Shamit Mehta

Srinath Nagarajan

Theo Nicholas

Preethi Parameswaran

wireless tomorrow
Wireless Tomorrow!!!

One-click transactions

navigational aids

event-driven transactions

online auction

stock trading

travel reservations


Mobile eCommerce



Instant Messaging

Travel Updates

Yellow Pages

Mobile information



Mobile voice communication

growth of wireless technology
Growth of Wireless Technology
  • Increase in revenues from $600 M in 1999 to $4 B in 2000
  • $60 B will be spent on wireless services by 2005 (Forrester)
  • 20 million wireless patrons by 2003 – U.S Dept of Commerce

Growth in wireless subscriber base

- Source: Forrester

major industry players
Major Industry Players

Wireless Handset ProvidersCarriers

Qualcomm AT & T

Nokia MCI WorldCom

Ericsson Sprint PCS

Network InfrastructurePortals and Content

Ericsson Lycos

Motorola Yahoo


B2B Online Wireless playersHardware Providers

Aether systems Hewlett Packard

Aloha networks Intel

Infospace.com NEC

dual focus in wireless b2b
Dual Focus in Wireless/B2B
  • Wireless equipment/service providers selling to businesses online
      • OUR FOCUS!
  • Wireless Technology enablingE-commerce transactions

Wireless is revolutionizing corporate communications – both internal and external!

top industry players restricted to our focus
Top Industry Players (Restricted to our focus)
  • Qualcomm
  • Nokia
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
exclusive sample pages
Exclusive Sample Pages

QUALCOMM - We like ideas

NOKIA - Connect with masses and reach individual lives

MOTOROLA - Consumer catalog

“the power in your hands”

b2b wireless customers
B2B Wireless Customers



  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Military
  • Universities
wireless value added services
Wireless Value Added Services
  • Automated network assembly procedure using e-commerce
  • Unified customer service
    • ability to use one billing system to deliver multiple communication services
  • Easy to track, manage and bill mobile services
  • Bundled technologies to get into IP world
    • E.g. Motorola - Cisco partnership
  • Instant messaging
    • Provide store & forward functionality
  • Interoperability between multiple platforms
    • Message anyone,anywhere,anytime,any device,on any network
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Extended warranty services
  • Security features embedded in wireless equipment for secure transactions
attracting retaining customers
Attracting & Retaining Customers
  • Incentives to existing customers
    • Reduced prices, Broaden coverage
  • Simplified buying process
  • Enhanced personalization features
    • Premier pages for online customers
  • Additional product features
    • Caller-id, optional minute plans
  • Ability to switch providers due to shorter service contracts
  • Personalized buying experience through new retailing strategies
    • e.g. suggestion of phone & service package to suit user’s needs
  • Ability to reset phone’s interface from professional to personal mode
  • Better customer service
some existing strategies
Some Existing Strategies
  • Providing bundled services such as mobile data and voice integration
  • Differentiate product offerings and increase customer retention rates through personalization
    • e.g. Email notification on wireless equipment
  • Tailored product for specific user groups
    • e.g. Samsung phone with Palm Computing interface will attract business customers
  • Convergence of various technologies
    • Messaging/multimedia conferencing allow people to work faster over time
  • Provides corporate volume discounts
competitive advantage of wireless companies
Competitive Advantage of Wireless Companies
  • Control over location based technologies/databases
    • “This will drive subscriber growth as new customers flock to wireless networks for personal and safety reasons” – Forrester
  • Superior Technology
  • Linking existing website to call center
  • Computer Telephony Integration enables call center to perform at peak efficiencies while delivering the best in class service
  • Integrate systems to simplify operations and create smooth transitions for consumers
  • Emerging technology – very uncertain where it is heading
    • WAP, 3G, cdma2000, W-CDMA
  • Challenges in moving towards wireless Internet
    • Pricing and billing high-speed data services e.g. per minute or per kilobyte
    • Basic business model – whether to develop wireless portal or establish partnership with Internet companies
  • Recognizing market niche within each business service with different communication needs
proposed strategies
Proposed Strategies
  • Present – voice switching
  • Future
    • Bundle voice and data services
    • Provide high speed internet access and transactional web based services
    • Present customized content and interactive services to customers on user’s mobile equipment
    • Develop new partnerships and pricing models in order to deliver highly relevant content to users
    • Fixed wireless for homes, offices and other net connected control points
      • e.g. operating appliances through wireless
proposed strategies continued
Proposed Strategies (Continued)
  • Future
    • Should target businesses such as American Express, biztravel.com to co-market and distribute WAP phones and develop travel focused content like flight updates, driving instructions etc.
    • Update customers continually about coverage
    • Provide customers with easy access to data.
      • Form partnerships with interface companies (e.g. Nokia with Geoworks) to provide simple and flexible interfaces
    • Integrate wireless phones with existing landlines
      • e.g. mobile phone while at home becomes a land phone