spongebob s halloween shindig l.
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Spongebob’s Halloween Shindig

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Spongebob’s Halloween Shindig - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spongebob’s Halloween Shindig. By Hannah Gelb and Eir Nordeen. It was a pale eve in Bikini Bottom In October the month of Autumn. The fish-folk there were gathering For some serious partying To celebrate All Hallow’s Night With crazy costumes of delight.

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spongebob s halloween shindig

Spongebob’s Halloween Shindig

By Hannah Gelb and Eir Nordeen


It was a pale eve in Bikini Bottom

In October the month of Autumn.

The fish-folk there were gathering

For some serious partying

To celebrate All Hallow’s Night

With crazy costumes of delight.

Under the full moon did they assemble

Faces flushed and bodies trembled

With excitement for the night’s events

At Spongebob’s place of residence.


Among the guests, Sandy Cheeks stood bold

In a flapper’s gown of glittering gold.

Covered in sequins and jewels she danced,

Whirling, twirling to the music she pranced.

Eventually she had to rest

Saying, “A glass of punch would be best.”

But the feisty squirrel was not done

She busted out the karate just for fun

And terrorized the others until

Spongebob told her to be still.


Squidward was late-no surprise there.

Trying to hide that he had no hair,

Dressed as Satan was he with a toupee of black

No one had the heart to tell him it looked like crap.

He shamefully brought his clarinet along,

And was just about to burst into a song

Of terrible sound, there can be no doubt

Luckily Spongebob knew enough to shout

Just as the instrument touched Squidward’s lips

The sponge yelled out, “Anyone want chips?”


Now, Mrs. Puff was a curious sight

Masquerading as a mermaid was she that night

Quite small was her costume of shimmery green

With her large bod she was not quite fit to be seen.

But in self-confidence she was the master

And not one would deny that she could dance faster

Than any while grooving to the YMCA.

Clearly however, it was not her day

For she accidentally was tripped in the room

And puffed to the ceiling like a hot-air balloon.


Standing by the platters of food

Patrick Star was in a good mood.

Scarfing down snacks as fast as he could

In a garment of orange he sure did look good.

For as a pumpkin he was aptly dressed

He did all he could to looks his best.

After a while his stomach was hurting

So scared he was it was gonna be bursting

Running in circles all in a panic

He finally passed out in Spongebob’s hammock.


Mr. Krabs, the lover of money

Appeared in a costume that was quite funny

Although a bit plain, it read boldly on the chest:

“Hello! I work for the I.R.S.”

Slyly he did pick up dropped and loose change

After a while he had quite a large range

Of pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes

However, he later would pay for his crimes

When the tricked party-goers examined their pockets

They screamed they would rip Krabs’ arms from the sockets.


One guest came through a crack in the wall

Plankton of course, for he was quite small.

But an inch high, the one-eyed villain was scheming

Not a day went by when he wasn’t dreaming

Of how he would make the Krusty Krab his own.

But since for the night his cover was blown,

He ventured to ask a dance of Sandy

Who unfortunately mistook him for candy.

And threw him into a bowl of starbursts

So stunned was Plankton he simply cursed.


When Pearl arrived, everyone knew

She was roughly the size of a three ton canoe.

But she was not going to let her girth get in the way

Of shaking up the dance floor at spongebob’s partay.

The hip young whale led the electric slide

While showing off her sparkly dress that was dyed

A deep purple, as most royalty wear

For she was robed as a young princess most fair.

Sadly, she was in such an excited state

Crushed she some guests with her considerable weight.


And now the host! What was Spongebob doing

While all the trouble amongst his friends was brewing?

Dressed as a present with bright color strands

The sponge had grown tired of his own party plans

And retired to the pastures of jellyfish fields

To see the number of jellys the night would yield

With his trusty jelly-fishing net in his hand

He could not for the life of him understand

Why he hadn’t thought of making the party here

Under the sea-sky with the stars shining clear.


Late next afternoon the party-goers awoke

After some coffee they languidly spoke

Amongst themselves about the night’s affairs

And eventually left in threes and pairs.

Upon returning home Spongebob found

His home empty but with plenty of trash on the ground.

He decided to shirk his fry-cooking duties

Just one day to find any leftover goodies.

As he was cleaning, he couldn’t help but worry

If the others expected him to host the Christmas party.